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  1. Just dropped the alpilotx NZ Scenery into x-plane so as a test I did my usual scenic milk run (with CAVOK weather because real weather is absolutely pants down there right now) from NZQN across the Alps then up the West Coast to where ever I happen to be when I run out of caffeine. Today it was just south of NZGM so that was where I landed. Decent enough landing but awful taxiing, I got a bit carried away with the beta when I was parking and ended up going backwards, and when I realised I instinctively used the brakes. Doh. Weirdly, even though the prop stopped when the plane tipped back the e
  2. Good thinking ! Will do ... and hopefully never need it Cheers
  3. How though. everything went black and the plane was on autopilot
  4. So after a few flights in pressurized planes I jumped into the PR and stupidly never gave a thought to oxygen ... The autopilot levelled us off at FL150 and a few minutes later everything went black. The flight is about to get reset and this time I'll be more careful, but for next time, is there a way to recover from this without resetting the flight ? Cheers
  5. Have a look at your throttle in the x-plane > settings > joystick, make sure that the lever that controls the mixture actually has 'mixture' selected in the dropdown for what it does. My levers were labelled, which was enough to get them to work on everything else I tried, but not specifically assigned to anything.which this plane needs.
  6. Sorted now with some help from Cooper - all three axes on my throttle quadrant were labelled correctly (as throttle, prop and mix) but not actually assigned to anything. Weirdly, they have been working just fine, the mixture on the SR22 is the first thing that has ever complained about it. Three clicks later they're all assigned correctly and everything works.
  7. Is there a trick to assigning a lever on my throttle quadrant to control the mixture in this plane ? Mixture lever is working fine with other planes ... I tries various searches through this forum and google and the pdf manual but I can't see anything about it. Thanks
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