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  1. Here is your beloved airplane and the entrance of the base which is the most visible on approach
  2. I am so sorry it has taken me this long to even reply. For personal reasons, I had to put this project in lower priority and was not able to complete. However, I have reopened the files and see what needed to be done and I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I started this in Sketchup, and I pretty much got the good'ol Sketchup to the limit of its capabilities. Being unable to create PBR textures within the software got me a bit disillusioned, and left it almost for good. But this is a project of love, really. I know the market for scenery is not like in other platforms but still. I really want to get it done and share it with whoever want to enjoy it. The good news is that I have ported it to Blender and I'm learning Blender as I go. Now that XP12 is in the horizon, I want to release it before XP13 comes along. The Covid situation allowed me some extra time to revisit the project and I have started working on it again. Still a lot to do, mainly all the ground and vegetation, but I want to wait and see what the XP12 has to offer. New work on the whole military base done in Sketchup still. I find modeling in Sketchup a lot easier and I don't need to learn new skill, once the modeling is done, I'll move it to Blender for texturing and export, the X-Plane plugin for Sketchup does not compare to the one for Blender. So stay put and I hope it doesn't take another decade to complete this baby.
  3. Yes, old file. 2d panel. Would not even bother
  4. Thanks guys. All three gang members plus Ben via Messenger responded immediately and got it running... Kudos My day job is keeping me away from the computer lately, and don't have as much time as I have enjoyed in the past for XP related activities. One of these days I'll do a full flight and will check the sweetness of MaxxFX. keep up the good work.
  5. I'm not on the same boat since I am trying to install the MacOS version and I get the following error message right after the X-Aviation logo pops up I submitted a support request on October 1st, but have got no replay yet (Ticket #BNJ92)
  6. You need some of this: Very nice!, thanks for sharing.
  7. I tried it wu=it expander and worked fine. I burnt an additional download though. before using my last I came to check is somebody had the same experience and voila. All is good now time to test
  8. I made an update to the NML maps but will hold cuz it needs refinement. Will post the update when I figure out what the hell I'm doing
  9. Aeromexico (Current) XP11 default 737-800 View File AeroMexico Current livery for X-Plane's default 737-800 Submitter scubajuan_new Submitted 12/03/2016 Category Liveries Livery For Click Here For Aircraft X-Plane Version(s)
  10. Version 1.0.0


    AeroMexico Current livery for X-Plane's default 737-800
  11. I know this is an old post started more than 2 years ago. I recently revisited this scenery to check the status and evaluate weather to continue with the project or not, and I was happily surprised of the state in which it was left off. Looking at it with fresh eyes, after close to a year without opening the files, and an intense year of skills refinement, I decided to reboot the project and push it it all the way to release. There is still a lot to do starting with a custom mesh to add underpasses and adapt the terrain for all objects to look right, leaving the slopes on the runways, plus all the city (autogen and custom). Once XP11 and the documentation for the new scenery system is out , most likely a new UV mapping and retexture will be necessary. This will certainly not happen this year, but 2017 will be the year for this and other mexican sceneries I have in the works. Here is just an overview of the whole airport scenery at the current status.
  12. Here are a couple of X-Plane screen shots, not the most recent version since i have to export the whole thing again since i made changes
  13. Here are a few pictures of the WIP. Now I need t wait for the XP11 scenery documentation since this will definitely will be released for XP11
  14. This are my references for the Aerodrome with some other pictures a friend shot for the entrances and details https://www.google.be/maps/uv?hl=en&pb=!1s0x8f4e514745ae82dd%3A0x2142477f94cc37b1!2m5!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!3m1!7e115!4shttps%3A%2F%2Fssl.panoramio.com%2Fphoto%2F46896548!5scapitan%20eduardo%20toledo%20-%20Google%20Search&imagekey=!1e4!2s46896886&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiBx8e-xOTOAhXJWRoKHa3QC-cQoioIYjAO
  15. I loved the Cozumel Airshow. I had the opportunity to attend several times, but living in Belgium now, is complicated. Is a very nice little airport, and many amazing pilots have performed there. I used to work at Chankanaab Park and very time they were practicing I would stop doing whatever it was that i was doing to watch closely the performances. For the aerodrome I only have one of the buildings modeled no real textures yet, I want to complete the airport and military base first but could not resist to attack the club house. And now that I know that there will be someone paying special attention to those Trojans, will perhaps spend extra time making them look like the real thing It'd be fun to meet someday in Cozumel, have a few beers, go scuba diving and enjoy hours of aviation conversation.
  16. Yes indeed there are two T-28C Trojans and one T-33A Shooting Star at the military base entrance right under the Rwy11 approach path, imposible to miss if you are landing on Rwy 11. The airport was built during WWII as a look out for german submarines. A submarine sank a mexican ship in the gulf and Mexico entered the war sending a squadron of planes to the Pacific, the squadron was the "Escuadrón 201" which base was (and still is) Cozumel. I believe the "Aztec Eagles" flew P-47D Thunderbolts and not the Trojans during the war though. Recently a monument was built in Cozumel in memory of those who fought. Proudly an uncle of mine was a captain in that group who fought in the liberation of the Philippines. He later died when the DC-3 he was flying crashed in the mountains in Chiapas. Unfortunately during the second day of activities during this year's edition of the Cozumel Airshow, the acrobatic pilot Juan Miguel Garcia Salas from Guatemala crashed in an Extra300L, and in 2013 Fred Cabanas also crashed (not during the show) in a Bellanca Decathlon. Also have the intention of modeling and painting their planes with their registrations and colors and place them in the aerodrome's ramp as tribute for them.
  17. In this case MMCZ does not depend on anyone but be, I am committed to complete, so No, is not the same case. MMMX, originally was the T2G version. I have redone a big portion on my own. Still there is a lot to be replaced and when done will, not include any of the T2G version. I also have good resources to make a Mérida airport (MMMD). Is close to Cozumel and is my preferred flight. Along with Cancun and perhaps the small fields at Playa del Carmen and Chichen Itza, but is too far ahead to even talk about it. I am working as much as I can in Cozumel and progress is steady. Will post some in sim pictures when the International section of the airports complete. Then the Air Force base. This is quite small and uniform, although there are a few items that require special attention, like static aircraft both on the ramp and at the entrance. I'll try to make them with as little polygons as posible but need to make them look right:
  18. Is technically illegal to share, besides, is at Z18 which takes a lot of space. somewhere in the vicinity of 60GB, don't remember now but is huge. Goes all the way to the Gulf of Honduras. Is not perfect since some areas are in poor quality, clouds and other artifacts. but I get to see all the landmarks that I'm familiar with and is great for VFR around the area. You could generate it your self either with G2XPL or Orthos2XP
  19. A friend of mine is working on an amazing Cancun scenery, airport and city. At least the hotel zone. I'll let him do Cancun, and when Cozumel is done, I might do Playa del Carmen and perhaps all the way to Tulum to have a nice Mayan Riviera. I have an old Merida scenery which makes a nice short flight from Cozumel. In the old days Mexicana was the only airline flying to Cozumel from Mexico City, and did so with a stop over at Merida. I did that flight so many times and continue to do in X-Plane. I've done the entire peninsula with G2XPL and would love to have all the scenery to go with it But hey! Cozumel first and then we'll see
  20. Well well well. This topic is more than 3 years old, and a lot has happened since originally posted. I embarked in other projects, some solo and other in collaboration with others. I have learned a lot in the process and there is still a lot more to learn. But all along my heart has always remained in my second home, the Cozumel Island. Is my favorite destination and my first choice for flying with X-Plane. VFR just around the island, short jumps to or from other airports in the area, longer hauls anywhere on the US East coast or the Caribbean, and even Canada. I converted an old scenery which has served me well until now, but at this point I can't stand the low quality and inaccuracies of the old conversion, so I decided to resucite the initiative and make a full scenery of the entire island, The International airport with the airfforce base at the heart of the project, but it will certainly include a perfectly detailed and accurate Aerodrome Cap. Eduardo Toledo, home of the Cozumel Aeroshow. Also will embark in the creation of all major landmarks, Marine terminals, marinas, shopping centers, plazas, churches, light houses, hotels etc., Full orthophotos with water to depict the beautiful sea that surrounds the island and of course my old house Here is a preview of the international airport, Is still a long way to go but this part is almost complete. All the vegetation and airport grounds are still a WIP and ground textures are just a place holders so bare with me, there are bits and pieces that are not complete, this is just to show what I'm going after . Any comments and feed back is welcome, but refrain to ask for a release date, at this stage not even God knows
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