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Cessna Citation and other things.


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Not quite yet.  More pressing matters are taking much of our time.


(Quaternion Math anyone?)

Quaternion maths! I was working on that when my plugin inexplicably decided to crash every time I loaded it, no matter what I removed - that was the most recent time my X-Plane dev progress stalled. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's my fault for coding in C++ instead of Gizmo ;) (Is that even an option for non-professional use anymore?)

The Citation looks very nice indeed. Good work all! Do you envisage this as being a 'full-strength' project like the Saab, full of systems modelling, or will this be a lighter simulation, nice 3d and texture work on a mostly Planemaker flight and systems model?

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Hey Goran, its connor hanson.  Do you remember me from posting that long post about how you guys should look to the future and not the past.  The post at xplanenation.com?  I responded below you if that was you but I kind of regret saying that a little because this thing is looking really good and I might have to purchase X-plane 10.  I have Flight simulator X right now and I am in love with it but it seems that you guys are not making this beautiful citation II for both x-plane 10 and FSX.  Do you guys think you will ever make all your stuff compatible not just with X-plane 10 but for FSX, just wondering.  I would just like to see some new Citation Jets out there.  Cessna keeps releasing new jets every couple years and I just get excited about the thought of Flight simulation groups creating the realistic newer versions of the citation jets.  For example this Citation II, the new version is the beautiful Citation Bravo.  I know you guys are busy and you guys really do a good job because this II is looking better than the veneaviones Citation II that I have in Flight simulator X.  But would you guys ever consider the thought of making some new citation Jets like the Citation Bravo with real sound recorded from real airplane (interior/Exterior), also with realistic virtual cockpits, realistic lighting and realistic parts, from the fuselage to the jet engines, to the wings, to the wheels and wheel sizing, and the wheel covers that cover the wheel when the jet is on the ground.  If you or anybody looks up the citation bravo say on google or something, you know what I am talking about when I am talking about the wheel covers.  The big plates that cover the back wheels and in the front a little plate that sits behind the nose gear not on the side like the big plates on the back gear do.  If you guys do decide to make newer versions of citation jets that would be a huge deal!  Say like the Citation Bravo, the Citation Encore aka ( the citation V), Even the Citation X, you got the Excel and XLS too!  Also I see you guys are creating the Saab 340 and it looks great!  Maybe you guys could venture into making a realistic Beechcraft 1900D and C with real sound realistic virtual cockpit and maybe a EMB-120 Brasilia for some good Turboprops?  If you make the Emb-120, you should look into creating the ERJ series like the ERJ-135, ERJ-145.  Just some thoughts that would make X plane really fricken cool!!  But yeah, If you remember that post,  I didn't mean it after seeing the progress you guys have made with this.  Just a suggestion also if you guys are still in progress with the II, you should create the wheel covers to make it look more real because the newer Citation II's have them.  Just a realistic suggestion.  Goran if you could reply back to me, I would appreciate it!  Congrats with the Saab 340 and the Citation II!!


Connor Hanson

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Quite a post.

I did see your comments before and when I see comments that have a somewhat negative undertone, I usually don't reply.

First, it's very unlikely we're going to make more Citations any time soon.  After the Saab and Citation, we have another 2 (possibly 3) add ons planned...1 of which is the 742.  

Modern glass cockpits and systems are extremely tedious and time consuming to make.  A perfect example of this is the Saab 340.  We COULD make a lite version, but we don't want to go down that road anymore.  Everything we make from the Saab onwards will be "procedure level".  

The turboprop market is one we have been seriously considering on exploiting.  In our down time, we have been looking at various turboprops and found some very interesting ones we would like to create.  With 1 in particular that caught our attention.  (Don't ask, coz we ain't telling!)   :P

As for developing for FSX or any other platform...that is extremely unlikely.  

We have our own reservations to not develop for FSX and I don't really want to go criticizing it on certain points.  I'm sure it is a great platform for users and developers alike, but for us, based on what we know about it, it lacks certain features that are readily available in X-Plane.  Weather radar being just one example.

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I can't imagine how great it's gonna be to fly B742 in X-Plane.

One of my best sim experiences over past 15 years was flying Ready For Pushback 742 in FS9. Considering you're gonna focus on study sims from now on, i can't wait to hop into FE seat with real performance charts at hand :)

We need more talented developers doing classic steam gauge airliners (L-1011, DC-10, DC-8, B732?). I'm getting seriously bored with all those glass cockpits everywhere ;)




Yup, that calculator is handy on this plane!


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That dosent sound like the Goran I know......nothing is difficult for him :)

What ever you guys come out with will be the cutting edge of XP design, and I will need to digest teh damn manual for days before even getting into the cockpit!!!!


Ever thought of making a Percival Mew Gull???? That should take a few days including coding ;)






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