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MU-2 for X-Plane 12 status.


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16 hours ago, tkyler said:

The MU2 is "waiting in the wings" at the moment, while I work on the IXEG V12 process.  The MU2 works tolerably well enough in XP12, whereas the IXEG does not work enough in 12 to even fly it....so I need to get those customers taken care of and I'm working towards that atm.  As soon as the 733 goes out the door (more than a week, less than a month), I'll go back to the MU2 and make another series of passes to leverage the V12 features and start improving the performance model.  It won't get left out in the cold.


excellent,I wanted to ask you since I saw the upcoming features in xp12 like ice on the wings and windshield,will it be possible to see it implemented in the MU?

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1 hour ago, mirlo1 said:

will it be possible to see it implemented in the MU?

certainly possible and certainly on my todo list to see about getting all that in.  Not too much longer and I'll be back binging the MU2 for a bit.


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