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MU-2 for X-Plane 12 status.


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16 hours ago, tkyler said:

The MU2 is "waiting in the wings" at the moment, while I work on the IXEG V12 process.  The MU2 works tolerably well enough in XP12, whereas the IXEG does not work enough in 12 to even fly it....so I need to get those customers taken care of and I'm working towards that atm.  As soon as the 733 goes out the door (more than a week, less than a month), I'll go back to the MU2 and make another series of passes to leverage the V12 features and start improving the performance model.  It won't get left out in the cold.


excellent,I wanted to ask you since I saw the upcoming features in xp12 like ice on the wings and windshield,will it be possible to see it implemented in the MU?

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Hey guys.  Something came up about 10 days ago where I switched my focus to the MU2 very agressively (to the tune of multiple 12+ hour days).  The result of this is the MU2 for V12 release is imminent.   The time frame was aggressive enough that I could not get all of the outstanding items on my issues list into this V12 port, but did get about 80% of them done. That list of fixes and changes are now online here.   These issues are in addition to the XP12 specific features like the rain and ice effects and all the new lighting.  

What did not yet get addressed are the engine stuffs, the EGT and FFs yet, those are the same as now for the moment.   In addition XP12.05 has mismodeled the BETA reverse IMO......it can take up to several seconds to get reverse pitch after moving the levers into reverse.   Laminar has said this is fixed in 12.06, but I haven't got that version in my hands yet so I can't verify if that is the case.  If not, I will work with Laminar again to rectify this.  

So the plan now is to go back to the IXEG and get those customers flying in V12 asap.  Going forward, I'll start looking to fine tune the engine model and performance, as well as add liveries and more fun items.   If anybody is interested in making liveries, but wary of the paint kit complexity, let me know.  I'm thinking about doing a video showing some advanced techniques for making liveries with Blender....but if there's no real demand, I probably won't.   With the MU2 in V12...I can start to pace myself a bit more regularly and start adding more luxury features.

....and for those who are excited to see the ice effects on the windshield....good luck!   I had trouble getting ice to form  and spoke with Laminar about it and found its a pretty complex system.  If the temp is too cold, then wet drops won't hit the window and freeze...if the wind is 'warm"  that affects it also...and wind speed of course...and precip levels.    X-plane, fortunately has a tool for simulating the ice for developers because getting ice to form takes just the right conditions and a fair amount of time, but the effect is in there :)  



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 I apologize I couldn't get to the engine stuff just yet....but there's lots of pressure to at least get these guys flying in XP12.  Once that's done and folks can get a fix on some level at least....then I'm actually looking very forward to taking a breath...and start the refinement process...and indeed some fun stuffs.  I'm really enjoying the work.


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2 hours ago, tkyler said:

I'm thinking about doing a video

How about a video of your regular work? I've found that watching the sorcery that goes on behind the scenes is somewhat interesting, if you tend to talk out loud about what you're doing. I've spent some time watching Totoritko code/test his stuff even though I have no idea what he's doing. Go figure, right? :huh:

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15 hours ago, tkyler said:

If anybody is interested in making liveries, but wary of the paint kit complexity, let me know.  I'm thinking about doing a video showing some advanced techniques for making liveries with Blender....

So far I only used Gimp and Affinity for livery painting. I'd be interested in learning about the Blender method, particularly if it helps better & easier aligning stuff.

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