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  1. what a great job!!!! that will look spectacular!!!!
  2. I'm looking forward to this! I'm leaving you an incentive
  3. Incredible friend!! Great job!!! Thanks for all this!
  4. great!!!it will have added effect of icing fuselage- tail -wings and rain windscreen? or something like that?That would be great.
  5. Of course, it's just a question. You can develop a great product and have new projects in mind for the future
  6. a great job the socata , have thought about making Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner ?
  7. hello friend fairing is about to launch its b90! I think on some other machine! metroliner II - III or merlin example
  8. very good job! I'm preparing my credit card, when will be released approximately. thanks
  9. very good news! thank you very much to all of you for working time.
  10. As information do some tests with HDR on and while I kept my eyes straight in the cabin stable fps, turning left or right head fps drop dramatically , day and night
  11. did not know that, do not use x plane 9 never! I have to go to my church to confession for this!
  12. ok, thank you very much for everything! . the truth that saab is wonderful! very good job!. Do not take it as a complaint simply as a report. here again thanks and have a happy buyer who will continue to support your product. you deserve it !!!
  13. Landing and Taxi lights do not illuminate the track with HDR off
  14. for me the answer to fly without hdr no sense.no offense. I really like the saab and Felicitos for work but my flights have to be hdr on
  15. Today I tested and modified. very rudely fps 20-12 -15 to 18 is almost impossible to fly hdr on / 2x and 4x SSAA saa. not stable at all hope not to upset anyone with the comment but it's realities I would like a solution if there is one.thks
  16. forgiveness is right ustedes.mis apologize for the comparison!
  17. hdr off, gain of 10 fps in cockpit!
  18. no offense ,reference only! -with another aircraft! same setting! http://www.subirimagenes.net/i/130922070533413005.png http://www.subirimagenes.net/i/130922070627238984.png
  19. http://www.subirimagenes.net/i/130922064801678471.png http://subefotos.com/ver/?e335790ab6db26d600bafdeffde823c5o.png
  20. in my pc the same very low fps!!. recommendation setting please! my specs : Intel Core i7 3770K oc 4.5ram :16gb 2400mhz video :zotac gtx 780 3gb win8 x64
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