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  1. I'd not heard of Rumble. I did, however, create an account. I can see not harm in adding my videos to the platform along with YouTube. I have not had an issue with censorship on YT, though - except for the occasional copyright violation. At the risk of going off-topic, a lot is happening with the internet at the moment. I've been poking around in some of the AI generation tools, like ChatGPT and Dall-e. I'm impressed. I write newsletter content for my EAA chapter and the AI tools will certainly save me some time. Anyhoo, one of those Mooney collections won't be upgraded to XP12. I believe it is the M20 collection, which I own. However, I seem to recall that a newer XP12 collection is in the works. So unless you plan to fly XP11 for years to come, I'd suggest waiting a bit. I gotta run, but if I can located the blurb I'll post it for you.
  2. I love that plane. I use to fly it a lot. Maybe I'll pull mine out of the hanger and get the carbon out of the cylinder heads. I enjoyed flying is so much that I got a second one.
  3. Speaking for bush flights, I've brought down 2 Beavers attempting to fly from Norway House Airport (CYNE) to Pas Airport (CYQD). My failure to do proper fuel calculations led to a ditching (the first time I was forced to make a water landing). I underestimated the headwinds I would encounter en route. The 2nd time, I was brought down by a bird strike. My virtual insurance company is not happy.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see anti-icing fluids modeled in XP12. However, I'm looking forward to seeing icing modeled first. XP12 already has rain effects. I hoping that will be followed by snow, ice, and the good de-icng effects. XP12 is in it's infancy. I flew the Donier 228 (the freeware version) a few times. I enjoyed it. My journey into the airliners will probably emulate real-world flying. I am considering buying the Dash Q4 800. I do own a couple of airplanes the are regional carriers. I hardly fly 'em. I'm planning to acquire the classic 737 when the new version drops. I have heard a lot of new sim pilots actually start with airliners. Thanks for the feedback on modding, @scooke7. I am gonna keep advocating for the mods.
  5. Here is why I think you should take all the time you need... Empirically, there seems to have been an exodus of developers and, I think you know why. Those who have chosen to stay on the X-Plane platform are excellent developers, IMO. Most of you (devs) have decided not to rush your products to market, but to take the time to redevelop your products so that me and others can get products that's realistic and take advantage of the XP12's characteristics. With that said, you (tkyler) and a short-list of other devs are expanding the envelope of what aircraft should be capable of in the sim. This is where I believe the X-Plane community will differentiate itself from the other sims. Developers who actually model those little things, and allow those little things to have a cascading effect, while maintaining the realism of the aircraft, will certainly make XP's aircraft THE best available. Simply put, XP12's aircraft needs (I don't like the word 'need') to be better. The aircraft should be the best. Your aircraft, I believe, will be among the best, if not THE best. So take all the time you need. I didn't mean to rant, but I am passionate about the horse I picked.
  6. I'm with you, man. Let's talk about flying. I, too fly almost daily. However, I only have a couple hours to get in a short flight most days. I'm one of those guys who'll attempt to fly almost any GA airplane - thus; I support a lot of developers. My favorite aircrafts before XP12 dropped were the Challenger and the MU2. Since I'm not flying XP11 any more it's now the Challenger and the default Citation X. The X is a blast. LR did a good job modeling that aircraft. Now it needs to really come to life through modding. I have been wondering if one needs permission from LR to publish extensive mods to it. Unfortunately, I my skills are too limited to mod it. I'm willing to be an advocate to the X-Plane community for modding it though . Nevertheless, I expect that the MU2 will become my 2nd favorite aircraft, once it drops for 12.
  7. Sorry, I'm unable to point you to the exact video you're asking for. There is Rob Hammer, AKA Foxtrot Alpha. Rob is a real-world, proficient, Challenger 650 pilot who goes deep into flying the CL650. He's shown us how to fly various approaches, and continues to churn out new informative videos. He has deepened my understanding of approaches, and corporate aviation overall. I've learned more from him than from any other Youtube flight sim content provider. Highly recommend. https://www.youtube.com/@foxtrotalphaaviation
  8. You might want to hang out in Hotstart's Discord Channel where you can get near real-time support. Discord.com search for Hotstart
  9. I had a similar problem with XP12 and the CL650. It wasn't until I update my system BOIS that I resolved my issue with CTDs. I see that you're running XP11 which should be pretty stable. Hope this helps.
  10. Good to know. I totally intend to support you and your projects going forward. Luv the Moo.
  11. Yeap. Just as on most XP12 forums they bash MSFS. When will we realize they are different sims? Do we really want the exact look and feel from both sims? X-Plane is my Sim-of-Choice, but I also occasionally enjoy the "other" sim.
  12. Hi guys. I too have an arm and most of a leg in XP11. While I have both sims on my PC (11&12) I don't think I've flown XP11 but a couple (maybe a few) times since XP12 came out. Granted, XP12 was somewhat tough to deal with in early access, with its constant crashes, in my case. However, it's worth the upgrade if your hardware supports it. Even though I have a ton of GA aircraft for XP11 that I hope will get updated, I've found that LR's new default GA aircraft are pretty good. Of course, systems are not deeply modeled, but they fly nicely - which is more that I can say for the competition's default aircraft after 2+ years. Rick, why don't you try the RV10 or the Cirrus SR22 in the demo? You may be surprised, as Cameron mentioned, BTW you're only a couple years my elder and I expect to have to purchase a couple, three, or perhaps four more machines before I meet my maker. Moore's law, which basically says computing power doubles every 18 months seems to hold true (albeit these days, the emphasis seems to be on making them run more efficient). For me, the life of a new computer is around 5 years. Like @Charles Wetterman, I build my own. Hobbies can be expensive. Charles - The MU-2 is awesome and I miss flying it. I've been watching Tyler's forum and am waiting for the XP12 version to drop. As for payware, the MU-2 is the 2nd most immersive aircraft following the Challenger, IMO. MU2B60 has graciously offered to give me pointers that I hope to add to my YouTube channel, once I'm back in the cockpit of the MOO. Anyhoo, I know it seems like it's taking forever for them to port our aircraft to XP12. I rather get a solid, tested product than one that's half baked any day. For @Rick310, XP11 is still an awesome sim, and as long as you're enjoying it, that's what counts.
  13. Did you try clearing the fault in the APU panel? There are a couple ways to do it. Walk outside to the APU panel open it and reset the fault, or; Open the APU Fault from the Popup Panels pull down menu. Hope this helps.
  14. St. Barthelemy (- Gustavia) (SBH / TFFJ) in St. Barthelemy has always been a challenge favorite for light aircraft.
  15. In the real world, is auto-pilot required equipment for airline operations? The auto-pilot is one of those systems that uses humans for redundancy, right? If it fails, is it legal to continue to your intended destination? Just curious. Thanks,
  16. I should have mentioned that it's shows up in the Challenger menu rather than the Plugin menu. Maybe this tidbit of information may help someone else down the road.
  17. It does. I'm using it with XP12 with no problems whatsoever.
  18. Thanks... I was being facetious. . I've actually seen the show.
  19. Whaaah? ... Gotta book some lessons with them.
  20. No problem. It dawns on me that I saw/heard somewhere that the Challenger does not use FMOD. I believe I saw that in one of Totoritko's (Hotstart's) streams. Anyhoo, here's mine taking off. Oh... at the end of the video I show you where you can adjust the external sounds. That may have something to do with your issue.
  21. My log shows the same fmod errors as yours, yet my sounds are perfect.
  22. Awesome. I'm looking forward to climbing back into the left seat of the Moo in 12.
  23. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just what I needed. I'd seen Reflected Reality do something similar in one of his videos and I asked him how I could do it. He responded but I could never figure it out. This addon solves a problem. I hope you'll continue to add features to it. One additional thought. Once the MU-2 is upgraded for XP12, it too, could benefit from this (or a similar) addon.
  24. I suspect this is on the LR's roadmap: Rework lightning
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