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Let L-410 UVP-E4 Turbolet


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As some of you noticed that I'm working on a Let L-410 in the past one and the half year. The development slowed down a bit in the beginning of this year, but in last few months I had enough time to care about the plane :)

Here you can find the history of development: http://x-plane.hu/cms/blog/1 - it's Hungarian, but google translate makes a more or less acceptable translation.

Lot of small details needs to be fixed and/or worked out, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel :) I hope I can release the plane before Christmas with 2D panel, after that comes the cockpit and passenger cabin's design.

The Let L-410 UVP-E is kind of mongrel plane. There are lot of variants: with or without wingtip tanks, with or without "bubble side windows", cargo/passenger version, etc. There are no two equal L410 on earth. So I choose one of them: the HA-LAR. Because it's Hungarian, and because it's crashed on 27. Jan 2005 in Romania, Iasi Airport, giving respect for the crew members.

The last state of this plane was without the wingtip tanks and with black propeller nose-cone.

And here comes the images:

post-598-0-54799100-1315516670_thumb.jpg post-598-0-68505500-1315516667_thumb.jpg post-598-0-60786700-1315516663_thumb.jpg post-598-0-75418700-1315516660_thumb.jpg post-598-0-26971800-1315516658_thumb.jpg post-598-0-57898400-1315516653_thumb.jpg post-598-0-39215600-1315516655_thumb.jpg

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@derek: yep, and there will be passengers too - which displayed by the payload weight. The idea was born when made the An-2, but never implemented:

And here is little movie about the new prop animation. Made with custom prop disc plugin. Somehow the side of the prop disc won't show in windows, but works in linux.


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Allright, here is my decision about the liveries:

There will be a

- Cargo version -> HA-LAR - Farnair: no seats but boxes, etc: visibility of each box depends on payload

- Passenger version -> OK-UBA - manx2.com: seats and passengers. Passengers visibility depends on payload

And here is a shot a half-painted manx2.com livery :)


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