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  1. Have not posted in a long, long time. So here's some random stuff from past weeks.
  2. Thank you. I will try to get that python script started on my Mac . Anything else out there? Just doing a check on scenery pre XP10 I found a hundred old sceneries that now have at least some lego brick gateway alternative. That's a lot already, wich shows a nice development for X-Plane.
  3. Hi! I've been away a while and try to catch up. I want to avoid any issues updating my X-Plane. Until now everything seems fine. But one thing bothers me: How to compare what scenery is there twice? Because since the launch of the scenery gateway I am sure I have a ton of old stuff installed that I could get rid of. Any ideas how to manage this? btw., we're talking more than 2500 scenery packs … Thanks, Markus
  4. crossed the alps one more time, down south, via Albenga in italy to Nizza, France
  5. High above the western alps in a C185
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