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  1. It's funny to see you with the "Newbie" moniker! Maybe Cameron could update you to "Super Experienced X-Plane Developer" ... or something .
  2. Hadn't noticed the "m" on your processor before. Laptops/Notebooks can run usually X-Plane OK, but they are not great for it. As Chris says, they concentrate on low power consumption, sacrificing performance to do so. There's a bit on X-Planes CPU usage here : http://forums.x-plane.org/?showtopic=55346
  3. I find I can't run clouds at 52% - kills my system too. Try lowering that. The CPU and general RAM are somewhat second to GPU and video RAM, and you'll need at least 2Gb of video RAM on any graphics card to get thing happening. 20-30% CPU usage sounds about right.However, you GPU is probably running at 100%. I don't know what OS you have, but you can get a tool to monitor GPU usage (like gpu-z for windows https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/). This might help find where the bottleneck is.
  4. In flight movies? I'm downloading it now ...and if I can get it to integrate with WhatApp, I'll be able to order a coffee too (or a night on the couch depending on how it goes). It might be a nice way to deliver flying lessons.
  5. My translation is "Great video! Is that Honeywell fms?" Yes and yes.
  6. @Ben, I sure the "only girls" comment was tongue-in-cheek. I usually go by the adage "when all else fails, read the manual" - not something I would recommend to pilots however X-Plane libraries have deprecated autogen objects that exist as placeholders, so if you use those, you will see nothing. Make sure you choose from the non-deprecated libraries. Exclusion zones cannot be rotated. X-Plane only handles rectangular exclusion zones oriented north-south, so there is little point in rotating them. The good thing about WED (besides all the point Chris mentioned) is that you get a project fi
  7. I have to say, this aircraft is pretty dang awesome. Texture, performance, options - all fantastic. Glad to have this one!
  8. Avast AV has decided that the Saab340 windows installer exe contains malware, and quarantines it. This may well be a false-positive, but is there an MD5 for the exe so that I can verify it is what you intended to deliver? Cheers.
  9. I've managed to avoid facebook so far Maybe I'll get the newletter.
  10. Where do you announce sales on at X-Aviation? Does one need a email subscription? I missed the Saab340 just now because by the time I found about it, and then having to wait 3 business days for transfers to PayPal, it was all over This forum section (X-Pilot → Commercial Vendors → X-Aviation Branded Products → General Discussion) ...would seem like a good place for such information.
  11. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=86179&page=3 By all accounts, a fine character and a great contributor to X-Plane. RIP Heinz.
  12. Wow, another awesome must-have. Thanks Andras!
  13. I find myself wondering who is braver...yes, I believe those are jets...
  14. I'll give it a shot, since I once added some objects there
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