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  1. I don't have any good solution to offer, but I'll try myself to find what's possible to be done with that kind of setup. If nothing good turns out, I'll see if I can add some kind of option, in the next update, to help you.
  2. We are planning, for a future update, to add support for controlling the mixture levers via axis. For pitch trim you must assign the mechanical commands. https://airfightergr.github.io/les_dc3_docs/commands/#pitch-trim. If flaps does not operate after take off, most probable cause is that you have exceeded flaps speed limits, and they have failed. Pay attention to the placarded limits on the panel. DC3 has fat, high lift wings, and if you're taking off without any passengers or cargo, and you are light on fuel, takes off very easily.
  3. Wait... I was able to reproduce it and looking into this.
  4. If you hide the Gizmo tool tray, does other plugins menus still flashing? I don't have to reproduce, so I have to ask you to do a few things to understand what's wrong.
  5. Please try also the Modern aircraft to check if this happens to that one as well.
  6. Is this happening only with DC-3? You can disable Gizmo tool tray if you want by the Plugins menu -> Gizmo.
  7. There is a bug in my code, when the aircraft is not yet activated, crashes the sim. The walkaround is to load the default C172, enter your login details, and then load DC3. Then you can load DC3 directly. The bug will be fixed in the next update.
  8. Looks to me that the aircraft is not yet activated, right? In that case, there is a bug in my code, when the aircraft is not activated, that might cause the crash. Please load a default aircraft (like C172), put in you logging information, and the load DC-3. This needs to happens only one time, and it will be fixed in the next update.
  9. If you manhandle the engines, it is very possible to fail. Engine performance is degraded (power output is different in a just maintained aircraft vs one which maintenance is due) as you use the engine. There is a maintenance system, you must follow to keep the engine in good condition. There is an option to enable X-Plane failures, which MTBF depends on aircraft condition. For the discount, it is an X-Aviation matter, but I don't think that is possible now to get a discount as previous owner.
  10. Yes it's 2.0.3, it's a typo. Does this happened once? Can you describe exactly the conditions to try to reproduce it? Like airport, weather conditions, and whatever else you can remember? Also there is something (plugin or setting in X-Plane) that have write almost 30,000 lines in the Log.txt, making it impossible to find the parts I'm interested in.
  11. Not yet. The issue is that running, in my windows machine, X-Plane in debugging mode, is extremely slow. I hope to find the solution as soon as possible, and go for release.
  12. Without describing with details what your issue is, how we can point to the solution? There are a ton of customers that happily fly our DC3 daily, without such issue. So the case that "something is wrong with the aircraft", does not hold water. Specially for the engines start, there is a dedicated section in our online manual, you can find it here: https://airfightergr.github.io/les_dc3_docs/docs/common/engines_start/ If that does not solve your issue, please describe with details what's wrong, according to the support guidelines: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/27109-douglas-dc-3-v2-support-guidelines/.
  13. I'm seeing a .DS_Store in the livery list. If such folder exists (might be hidden), remove it. Also check the liveries_index.les file if has any record with that name. I should add an exception for that.
  14. https://github.com/mSparks43/XTLua
  15. Due to customizations needed to make systems work properly as in the real aircraft, some custom commands and datarefs are used... widely! It is recommended to create a separate controller profile for DC3, since you need to assign some custom commands. For example, for the tail lock you will find it here: https://airfightergr.github.io/les_dc3_docs/commands/#tail-wheel-lock. For pitch trim you need to assign not the "default", which refers the elecrtical trim, but the mechanical: sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_up_mech Pitch trim up - Mechanical, not servo. sim/flight_controls/pitch_trim_down_mech Pitch trim down - Mechanical, not servo. Mixture levers' pads are designed to be operated in the 3D cockpit only. Mixture up/down commands circumvent the need to operate, so you don't need to be assigned.
  16. The "dark cockpits" issue, is a known Laminar's bug which will be fixed some time in the (near?) future. Some aircraft with small windows and dark textures suffer from that the most, like the DC3. I have created a FlyWithLua script, that hacks X-Plane to fight this, as a short-term solution. I'm attaching it here to give it a try. To install it, drop it into X-Plane12/Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts folder. I'm waiting to get 12.1.0 in my hands to see what might will be changed, and see if I can include a more permanent solution into 2.0.4 update. bright_cockpit.lua
  17. Almost everything is ready, but I have a crashing bug(?) on windows that I'm investigating. As soon as I'll fix this, will be released.
  18. I'll try to find some time, to try the minimum to make her working in XP12, but no promises about when.
  19. If has Gizmo, I assume it is X-Avaition product. To amend functionality, where is possible, I will only go with c/c++/rust solution. Not because any issues using Gizmo/SASL/FWL in one acf, but because of performance. Having too many interpreters running at the same time, won't be nice.
  20. I don't know if someone here can help you. Better ask over FF official forums.
  21. As @Pilspointed out, get the right file and either contact X-Plane support (https://www.x-plane.com/support/), or file a bug report (https://www.x-plane.com/x-plane-bug-report-form/). Also make sure that you have installed the latest drivers for your graphics card.
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