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Add ons that are not compatible with 11.50

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We've received a list confirming what is not compatible with 11.50 b17, and could potentially cause CTD's when run together with the TBM.


Ground Traffic

Pilot Edge (yet to fully confirm)








If you have any of these installed, and you crash when running the TBM, please remove the offending plugin and re-test.  

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3 hours ago, Cassio said:

Hello, Since I bought TBM 900 I notice a problem with Anti-aliasing. When I use a valeu higher than 2x FXAA + SSAA I get stutters, mainly at night conditions. is there a solution for this?

This is almost definitely a GPU problem.  Are you perhaps running an AMD GPU?

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On 9/26/2020 at 11:49 PM, Goran_M said:

This is almost definitely a GPU problem.  Are you perhaps running an AMD GPU?

No. I`m runing in a RTX 2080ti. I noticed there are some conflict between airport`s light and AA (anti-aliasing) on TBM900 and IXEG 737 (less stutters than TBM). During day period it doesn`t happen. Despite that I have to say this aircraft is very well optmized.

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I experienced a crash to desktop for the second time, so I'd like to give some information about it. Maybe it helps. I was running the TBM9 together with XPRealistic Pro and xswiftbus. I was informed those two can cause CTD's, but the first three legs it did not happen. I see experiences are mixed on this forum. From now one I'll skip using XPRealistic, but I really would like to use xswiftbus, because I'm flying online on VATSIM. (fingers crossed).

I attached all log.txt's from the last event in this reply FYI.

log.txt macosx_crashreport.txt TBM900_Log.txt

All the best,

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Good day,

Indeed, your swift install is wrong.

Is it a 0.9.5.xx release (Mandatory for XP 11.50)?

If your are in trouble, join the MacOS chanel, users and devs will help you.


Aside notes: Your simHeaven_X_Europe is may be not correctly installed, or outdated.

Your Sam plugin (AOS) must be 2.07 or 2.10 for XP11.50.

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