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  1. On maintenance --> System Inspections, when I click in one of those options nothing happens. It should work or only works If there is a problem with the systems listed?
  2. Locking fps at a value compatible If your rig this stuttering problem do not bother.
  3. Problem solved! I had to do a complete uninstall to make it work. After deleting TBM900 folder on OUTPUT x plane folder. appreciate your availability, Goran!
  4. Sure. As you can see in the picture the LFE is set (57ft-destination elevation altitude)such as the altitude of 1500ft AGL ((traffic pattern) in the destination. I didn't hit the tail on the ground. There is no alert in maintenance manager for any system or part. I created new airframe, tried a brand new installation but none of those actions worked, unfortunately.
  5. @Goran_M I'm using version 1.1.12 and facing issues with pressurization system. the system is not working, looking to the picture below It seems the cabin rate climb in the same way as Vertical speed and cabin doesn't pressurize. I did a fresh install, created a new airframe (many times) but none of this actions worked. Log.txt
  6. I see. Hope it can be solved in the future by them. Best of luck for us
  7. Is this really x plane issue? because the only addon where I have this problem is TBM900. As Goran said, TBM is not fully supported on vulkan yet. Maybe in a future update it can be solved
  8. No. I`m runing in a RTX 2080ti. I noticed there are some conflict between airport`s light and AA (anti-aliasing) on TBM900 and IXEG 737 (less stutters than TBM). During day period it doesn`t happen. Despite that I have to say this aircraft is very well optmized.
  9. Hello, Since I bought TBM 900 I notice a problem with Anti-aliasing. When I use a valeu higher than 2x FXAA + SSAA I get stutters, mainly at night conditions. is there a solution for this?
  10. Hello fellows, how is it going? I'd lke to know If the next IXEG update (wich I'm following on Development status) will support X plane 11.41 or will reach just those with 11.50 in your final version? Regards,
  11. So there is no slow frame rate but a short and unstable variation that in my opnion are causing this stutters, and when I turn AA to FXAA is way better in therms of stability but not quality. OBS: I use a x vision preset too, extreme real v3.4. I took it off from fly with lua folder. Less stutter but the change was minor. EXTREMEREAL 3.lua
  12. Disregard my last post. I did as you told me but no success, I've disable and delete some plugins. I fly with a high frame rate, but the problem is that my frame rate is unstable in some scenarios such as heavy airports, so on... reducing the AA to FXAA as I told above solve 85% of my problem but it's not nice picture. Regards
  13. Thank you for the rapid reply. There are an specifc way to disable these plugins? I mean, I have to take them out from plugins folder or disable from x plane menu? OBS: I performed some tests with Texture quality from medium to maximum to eliminate the high usage of VRAM but there are no change on stutter intensity, but when I change the AA from 2X FXAA + SSAA to FXAA the stutter almost desappear although I lose some quality.
  14. Hello fellows, I'm facing stutters with TBM 900. I did a test on SBRJ 2.2 global arts scenery. the sutter occour manly when I'm flying at dawn or at evening, but when I set the window of data output graph the stutter desappear. I don't have problem with the others addons (FF A320, DA62, FF 767,etc...) only with this TBM900. I'll attach my log.txt. Regards, Log.txt
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