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  1. Yes, I'm using XPRealistic and PilotEdge with no issues, either. That said, I haven't tried Comm 2 on PilotEdge yet.
  2. What part of PilotEdge doesn't work? Comm 2?
  3. Great, thanks for the clarification. Your TBM sim is hands down the VERY best, most detailed and realistic aircraft I've flown so far. I'm actually afraid to crash it and hope I never do! Keep up the great work!!
  4. Ok, thank you, will do. Just curious, why SCIP?
  5. Ahh, right of course, sorry about that. I previously posted about this problem over at the X-plane Forums. Here's the link. Files are attached there. Thank you for looking at this!
  6. Ok, thanks. So how is that setting different from the TBM? Is it that the TBM setting produces wear and tear, and therefore if you don't keep up on maintenance you'll have a failure?
  7. Oh shoot, sorry! Please see attached. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  8. I've been experiencing X-plane crashes for the past week since purchasing the TBM. I've attached my log file and some other files for reference. Question: I'm using XPRealistic. Should I disable this when flying the TBM? Or is it compatible? Thanks.
  9. Sweet! Thank you! I just found it and bound it to Alt + F, in my case. I'm looking forward to trying this out. I've noticed at cruising speeds its easy to over-torque the engine because the throttle isn't sensitive enough.
  10. So I answered my own question. In case anyone else has trouble with this, you simply need to wait a few seconds after pushing forward or reverse for the tow to actuate.
  11. Thank you, Goran. I must have missed the QuickStartGuide.pdf" and indeed a number of my questions were answered by reading it today. I do have some additional questions as a result, which I'm posting separately.
  12. According to the provided manual, there is an implementation of the friction knob for finer throttling purposes. However, the diagram in the manual is not matching what I am seeing in the sim. Is this not implemented? Please see screenshots. Thanks.
  13. I'm just wondering what the implications are if I select both of these options. I really the idea of simulating wear and possible failures. I'm just unclear if both features work together in the case of the TBM. Thanks for your help.
  14. Yes, thank you, I know. But it's very incomplete, at least what I've seen. What is the title of the document you had in mind?
  15. Awesome, thank you. I really LOVE how detailed this plane is. And that it's actually difficult to fly! Bravo!
  16. Thanks very much! It will be fun to read through this and use what is available in the sim. And it looks like not all of what I am seeing is available, correct? For example, is it actually possible to ink a SiriusXM account for weather? Thanks, DRC
  17. Hi, Can someone please link the manual for the specific implementation of the G1000 in the TBM Hotstart? Rather than pester everyone with numerous questions I'd like to see if I can find answers to my questions on my own. Thanks!
  18. Ok, what is the "CB Light" on the left and how do I see it in action? And what is the thing on the right with the cover? https://imgur.com/YRjwuvd Thanks.
  19. Ok, thanks guys. I have a few more to post so I'll just use this same thread. Be back in a bit with another.
  20. https://imgur.com/0m1U5Ve I can't find anything about this in the POH or model documentation. What is it called? I know what it does but mine doesn't seem to be "on". And I can't figure out how to turn it on. Can anyone tell me? Thanks for your help.
  21. Thank you! What a God send! X-plane is almost unusable at times because of the mouse wheel scroll!
  22. I can't seem to move the TBM with the tow. Every time I try to go forwards or backwards using either the +/- on my keyboard or increase throttle/decrease throttle on my joystick nothing happens. What am I msising?
  23. This might be more of an X-plane question but I was wondering if there is a way when flying the TBM 940 to disable the mouse scroll. I ask because Ceranado's TBM does have that capability. And since I'm using a TrackIR it is SUPER annoying to the point of being unusable when I have to twist knobs in the cabin. Thanks for your help.
  24. Hi, I just purchased the TBM hotstart. Man! Wow!! I mean, truly WOW! I can already tell this is going to be the most emmersive plane simulator experience to date. I love how I have to treat it like a real plane that will and does have problems from time to time. Anyway, onto the newbie problems: 1) I can't find a manual. Does one exist? 2. What keys do you use to actuate the tow? I can put it into reverse and forward using my joystick or keyboard but nothing happens. Thanks for your help!
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