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Announcing Douglas DC-3 v2 - Previews!

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We are pleased to announce the Douglas DC-3 v2 is near release! This has been in development for the better part of a year and a half, and it will be a significant upgrade to the current DC-3 that LES has had on the market since 2012. In comparison, it will be multitudes more realistic in systems simulation that you have come to expect from Leading Edge Simulations, and further, the 3D modeling and texturing has huge upgrades as well.

For those of you that have purchased v1, we will be extending a special upgrade discount to you and will announce the details of this soon.

Now, let's go over the feature list and then some screenshots! The following is what you can expect out of v2.

    a. Accurate flight characteristics.
    b. Accurate engines performance.
    c. Accurate weight and balance model.

    Complete simulation of all aircraft systems including:
    a. Electric.
    b. Hydraulic.
    c. Pneumatic.
    d. Custom Sperry A-3A Automatic Pilot simulation.
    e. Custom fuel mixture logic for Auto-Lean and Auto-Rich functions. 
    f. Custom lighting.
    a. Accurate reprecentation of the DC-3 aircraft.
    b. Full use of PBR materials with extreme weathering effects.

    a. Complete FMOD sound package by AudioBirdXP
    a. Full custom effect package including:
        i. Engine exhaust smoke and heat blur.
       ii. Props vapor condensation depending on ambient humidity.

6. UI (User Interace)
    Modern X-Plane 11 type User Interface for:
    a. Maintenance: Keeping track of aircraft and engines operating hours and execute maintenance as required.
    b. Options: Hardware options for differential braking and/or throttling during taxi, external power connection, and more.
    c. Aircraft Loading: Adjust number of passengers per compartment, cargo weight per loading area, fuel loading per tank, with repspective CG diagram.
    b. Checklist: Complete checklist for all flight phases.

And of course, screenshots!














We plan to have consistent preview updates with loads of information leading up to release from here on out...and we'll soon have this in your hangars too!

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8 minutes ago, con7inuum said:

Exciting times, your DC-3 was the only one I haven't picked up yet. Soon we will have more Daks than we can poke a stick at! I look forward to purchasing this product! 

Well, we look forward to you finally giving ours a try and seeing you in the virtual skies! :)

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Do you have plans to offer a Super DC-3 version of this lovely bird? 

That would really differentiate your work from all the other Flight Sim DC-3's out there. A gorgeous straight tail with bigger engines turned it into a very capable bird vs the underperformance characteristics of the original. The daytime picture is at Opa Locka (OPF). Night picture it at Miami (MIA). We picked up luggage in Nassuage dropping it off at MIA for an airline with mechanical problems on one of their scheduled passenger jet flights.



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22 minutes ago, Capt Pearson said:

Do you have plans to offer a Super DC-3 version of this lovely bird? 

Definitely no for the v2.0. Let me explain why.

Super DC-3 has different engines, airframe, wings, etc, and for what we are doing this is, almost, a different aircraft. Doing a just few "cosmetic" changes and declared as an extra model is not something we do. Could be added in the future? Can't tell right now. 

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