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Bank Angle Saab 340

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Re the LCD - there is a direct replacement for the CRT, only change is the actual screen tech itself, and the bezel has Thomas instead of Collins. Certified in pretty much every aircraft that used that Collins CRT back in the day. Its a retrofit, All saabs left the factory with CRTs. Dont think its the upgrade the others where hoping for..

Chase i reckon we could get it up to 5, pass the plate around and possibly scrape enough money together to buy an hour or two of his development time. Might not be enough to walk away with a B model :P

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5 minutes ago, haskell99 said:

Is there any fix for the bank angle issue? It's really hard to fly properly on AP when the plane only banks 12-15 degrees. Flying through all my vectors. 

Otherwise, love this plane. Once I stop overcorrecting it on approach!



This has already been fixed and will be included in the 1.5.2 update.  And, before you ask, we do not have a definite release date for the update.

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20 hours ago, haskell99 said:

But MAY... I'm dying to pull her out of the hangar!:(

Anticipation is half the fun.  Just think how sweet it's going to feel when the 1.5.2 update drops in..................................... August.  :P



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