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[FAQ] Cockpit Reflections


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After several months waiting,the ixeg team released V1.2 of 733 and this is the first time I saw the cockpit in XP11 on my pc. I found there is no reflection in cockpit which it use to have on those instruments.  I'm not sure is it just happen on my game, does anybody notice?

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We are still investigating this, but there may have been a last second **** up on our side just before 1.2 went out :(. We had them working at one point in time just before the update and its not quite clear if we missed a setting or if Laminar changed something.

At any rate, we definitely plan to bring reflections back.


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Numerous people have reported the reflections there and working as intended (some have even posted shots on Facebook groups of it). So, either you are not at the right angle to see the reflections and smudges, or we're seeing some kind of a potential bug that may be Laminar or us on some systems, not all.

Please be sure that your reflection setting in 11 is turned on high enough and that you move to various angles around the cockpit as was originally shown in our example photo for XP 11.

If that for some reason does not work please post your video card information here.

The comparative screenshot posted above is not conditions conducive for showing real time reflections.

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It really depends on the angle of the lightening (and the viewing position in the cockpit). So, probably there is no bug, just you have to find the exact conditions to get those reflections. XP11.02r2, linux mint 18.1, GTX980Ti




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