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Very strange. Gizmo is showing an error that looks like it cant read from the ACF file but everything else looks in order.

Did you use a different user account to install the product?


Unfortunately I'm going to have to patch Gizmo a little to provide extra data to tell me what actually went wrong.

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Hi afcad,

I am really sorry that you are experiencing problems and can´t fly the 737 yet. Your problem is very unique and most likely some sort of special combination of your hardware or software setup, mistake during installation or activation hickup.

But let´s try to find out what is going wrong.

What is the hardware specification you are using? What is the type of operating system, your CPU, your graphics card?

Please remove all other plugins for X-Plane from the resources/plugins folder (except for gizmo and pluginadmin). Then reboot X-Plane.

Please verify that your activation works and that you got the "your addon was activated" popup window after you activated?

Did you report your problem to the X-Aviation store support system?

Thanks, Jan



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hi, my cpu - core 2 duo e 6600 2.4

my gpu gtx 960 4 Gb

os-windows 7  64 bit

remove all other plugins for X-Plane from the resources/plugins folder (except for gizmo and pluginadmin) 


There are no messages after installation. Plane not active. Help me please.

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We had a case like this before:



The guy installed the aircraft again into a different folder - now had two aircrafts sitting in X-Plane, both trying to run at the same time (that would also explain your bad framerate in the screenshot).

Make sure you uninstall the aircrafts, and also make sure that you install the aircraft into the correct folder: X-Plane\X-Aviation (NOT INTO the aircraft folder)!



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7 hours ago, Rodeo said:

Aircraft/X-Aviation is the default install folder; also, if you install it outside the Aircraft folder, how is the plane supposed to show up in X-Plane's open aircraft dialog???

You can install aircraft wherever you want to - just navigate to the folder in the aircraft selection dialog.


6 hours ago, afcad said:

Install a new sim. Install a new plane, nothing has changed!


I am sorry, I am out of ideas.



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You are not helping us alot so it is very hard to help you...

- Either you have some unusual setup that no-one else has, plugins, scenery etc

- You are doing *something* wrong, antivirus on, more than one aircraft installed, wrong folders etc

We need more information... one sentences reply is not enough.

Also you said you have windows 7, but your log says v 6.1?  Also you appear to load some polish airport.  We had reports that they may cause problems, so remove those. You still have not confirmed that you have DISABLED any antivirus software or that you do not have more than ONE aircraft installed

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I would try following:


1. Grab you X-Plane DVDs and make a fresh install to C:\X-Plane 10 with just a small part of global Scenery.

2. Download the latest X-Plane Installer/Updater from http://www.x-plane.com/downloads

3. Update X-Plane to the latest stable release

4. Start that fresh installed X-Plane version and check that it loads correctly with a default plane.

5. Quit X-Plane

6. Add an Exception for C:\X-Plane 10 in Windows Defender and/or your Anti-Virus Software. 

7. Redownload the IXEG Installer (without using any download manager) from X-Aviation

8. Install the IXEG with that Installer into the fresh C:\X-Plane 10.

9. Start X-Plane as administrator and check if you can activate the IXEG.

10. Do not add any plugins or custom scenery until you have verified if the activation works.

That's how I would try to get that topic solved.




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Hi all, I have fulfilled all the items and jet activated,  probably mistake was  here  X-System folder:'E:\Х10/X10/', case sensitive=0

I  install to C:\X-Plane 10  and the problem went away. 

Thanks to everyone who helped me!



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