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  1. Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    Sorry you feel this way..... VR is in beta, vulkan isn't even implemented and there is still a ton of VR hardware evolution moving forward... It's yet to see if VR will even become a standard for simulation in general. If that time comes rest assured hardware and software will evolve to accommodate the new market. This includes add on developers to boot..... The XP market is still pretty small and we don't run with a ton of resources to roll dice on emerging technologies... I'm an enthusiast turned developer in cooperation with Sundog who, although Frank has an appreciation for aviation, is mostly all business.... I'm sure LR will publish vr usage in the future and after 11,20 goes finsl I doupt it will even be 1% of the total market.... See nobody is being dismissive of your concerns, there is simply a market dynamic we adhear to in order to stay in business..... To sum up some feelings here, I will say SMP is doing fine and we are certain it will continue to do well in this small market.....
  2. SMP 4.6 still worse than default XP11 clouds

    Version 4 is already optimised for XP11 it has been for quite awhile.....
  3. SMP 4.6 still worse than default XP11 clouds

    Looking at the title my answer for you is you need to explore your rendering settings and the SMP UI to gain the performance you desire. Many customers are very happy with SMP in this reguard. Looking at the body of your post I get the feeling you are happier with the look of the default. All I can say to this is, we strive to being the best representation of weather to XP, many are extremely satisfied. Hopefully one day we can accommodate your expectations....
  4. Need lower res overcast

    Says you John, I'm the defense of XA nothing here is a secret and it's common practice to not issue refunds on digital goods. Any badmouthing at this point is by individuals who think the EULA doesn't apply to thier situation. Sorry but this is an intitled attitude. On my end, I'm sorry you didn't have a positive experience with our product. We're constantly updating and improving our offering based on customer feedback.....My hope is you can revisit our offering in the future and enjoy what we've brought to X-Plane.
  5. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    News to us I'm not in front of my of can you post some screenies?
  6. Sharp-cut cloud

    Well we do employ 600 individuals who's job is to perfect SMP for the I'm serious though why be down on us for creating content for X-Plane? Why go after a group of 2 individuals who's goal is to advance our hobby? You took initiative to inject your artistic license into SMP and I think it looks nice...You have my support 100% Why hold onto it? This leads me to think you have no desire to do anything positive, but only to serve your ego..... Lemme be blunt with ya buddy, nobody thinks you're elite......Cloud textures are a small part of the overall engine that is SMP....... Grandstanding on a mediocre topic....tisk tisk tisk
  7. Sharp-cut cloud

    Huh well you got us......Were part of a huge cloud clipping conspiracy.... There were a few edits i made to try and quell clipping in the cloud files, either 1. Somehow it didn't make it into the update or 2. I missed a few of them Your edits look really nice, it's absolutely in good form to share those to the community if you feel so inclined......You got my support....
  8. Would be great to avoid this situation

    I see, when I developed the cloudatlas.tga there was a ton of time spent trying to limit the amount of repeating textures.... 90-95% of the time I think I did a decent job..... My advice would be try either quick or alternate the HD sets and see what one you like more. Or since you seem to be on the artistic side try creating your own. Maybe you'll hit on something I couldn't. Look at the cloudatlas.tga's in the resource folder of silverlining..... OR get a ppl and hire a chase plane to take photographs LOL Problem is until we can get ray casting with decent performance there will always be a limited set of images complied using an algorythim to present clouds. I'm not aware of any other Flight Sim third party or default cloud set that doesn't have this limitation.....
  9. Would be great to avoid this situation

    Right by the aircraft?
  10. Maxx FX and VR FlyInside

    I'm fairly certain it isn't an issue with VR itself but how Flyinside renders as a third party plugin.....I vaguely remember reading that there are some rendering tricks they use to provide VR... Native VR is on the horizon, we will be on a holding pattern until then.....
  11. Gizmo64 causing frame drops up to 15 frames

    Steven, Take the time to read Ben's last post again......His explanation is spot on and thoroughly explains what you are seeing... Furthermore you may need to take the time to configure SMP to work with your installation of XP and your hardware....There are no free rides.... Performance highly depends on what add ons you are using in conjunction with SMP along with drivers and xp rendering settings..... It's a process for sure but one that's nessary and unique for everybody....
  12. Gizmo is break after install beta 8.

    May I chime in? Well I will anyway, I don't think any forum can present the "tone" from a post.....Knowing Cameron as I do I don't feel he was posting sideways just being direct.... With that said I've given him a hard time in the past about his web presence ......But rest assured his intent is good LOL
  13. Maxx FX and VR FlyInside

    I'm not using Fly Inside, I'm courious what do you mean it doesn't work?
  14. Maxx FX does not work in XP11.10

    You need to set your windows font to 100% it's a limitation of the installer. Also you may need to restart windows. Once you do this you will be able to type in your email and password