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  1. Considering Skymaxx Pro

    We tie into the default weather and further improve upon it with Real Weather Connector so things like ATIS, 3rd party weather radar and rain effects work seamlessly across the board....
  2. carenado low fps

    Let's just say certain Carenado aircraft are very unoptimized begin with... Very possible you are simply pushing your system to the limit using them in conjunction with other add ons including smp....
  3. Unfortunately Florida just got slammed by a hurricane, XA is based in Daytona beach..... Please exercise some patience until everything is returned to normal down there......
  4. SMP is independent of Replay's speed

    It's a limitation of xp, even outside of replay mode the clouds will continue to move. Processes are still running even when it's paused, this has always been this way.... Secondly, to be upfront, although there isn't much we can do it isn't a priority for us either.....
  5. A humble question

    Ole, I've been keeping an eye in this and I guess the best way to sum it all up for you is to say mental illness isn't always apparent to those going through it. It seems your questions have been answered. I can't even wrap my head around your constant badgering...... Take a step back for YOU, it's not heathly.... Best, John Resident psychologist
  6. How to temporarily switch SMP off?

    Just goto the plugin admin dialog and check it off.....along with rwc....
  7. SkyMaxx Pro v4 installation problem

    very strange but ok I'm glad it is sorted....
  8. SkyMaxx Pro v4 installation problem

    I'd try and download it again, it sounds like the file might be corrupt.... Or make sure an anti-virus isn't keeping you from opening up the .exe
  9. Skymax 4.5 issues

    That looks like a missing scenery tile to me......
  10. Skymax 4.5 issues

    A fix is coming in the 4.6 update soon
  11. SilverliningV3.Clouds + IXEG

    Awesome glad you got it sorted
  12. Xplane 11?

    It never ceases to amaze me how acute some of these comments are....... The statement that you guys are semi-professional really made me laugh, hard! It's almost an admission that this individual would like you to be less personable and more corporate.... Let's reel it back in, this is a niche hobby, which should be fun. My opinion is don't change a thing, not that you would. What got me involved in X-Plane was how approachable the community is..... What I am seeing is just more verbal diarrhea spewing, I bet there is medication for that.....
  13. Ground fog when there's no fog

    I'll let Frank chime in since he's the RWC guru....
  14. Ground fog when there's no fog

    SMP doesn't touch the haze in xp11, are you using real weather connector also? My guess is FSGRW is using a different metar than the xp default weather which displays a different result.... If you are using RWC look at the documentation to set it up to properly work with FSGRW.....
  15. Re-buy?

    No lol!