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  1. Terramaxx integrates with the default airport textures yes.... Some developers have even integrated their 3rd party airports for use with TM...
  2. JohnMAXX

    Clouds seem to be more natural now?

    Not in 4.8.2 but in 4.8.0 depending on which overcast layer you select, it may be lighter or darker....Not in front of my pc at the moment but if you look at the thumbnails you can see the progression... Frank made changes in .2 maybe he adjusted the lightness and I’m not aware... Additionally the fast or soft options for the cumulus representation seem more natural and have more depth....
  3. JohnMAXX

    Clouds seem to be more natural now?

    We made some major changes in 4.8.0 to many of the cloud files which look more natural, in 4.8.2 we made some adjustments to the vertical representations which look far better. i think you are seeing a combination of both changes impacting the overall look to SMP. Im glad you are enjoying it!!
  4. JohnMAXX

    Unable to install

    You may need to restart your pc
  5. JohnMAXX

    Any Terramaxx News?

    I've had a few things rolling around in this crazy brain of mine... Give me time, it may not change the functionality but graphically I'm working on a few things.... Courious what are your expectations?
  6. JohnMAXX

    Is it raining over there?

  7. I'll look into it, this is the first time I've seen this.... 4.8 will have this fixed..
  8. The link is back up, sorry for that...
  9. I'll keep you posted apparently it got deleted somehow.....
  10. JohnMAXX

    Wow got a warning from x-plane.org forum

    Nobody is infringing on your thoughts here, just offering up theirs which is contrary.....
  11. JohnMAXX


    You're probably using a third party airport enhancements....
  12. JohnMAXX

    Recent SkyMaxx Pro update

    I haven't downloaded the RC yet but it's worked well through the 10.30 run....
  13. I dont think that is necessary in order for it to work......I would contact FSGRW directly for conformation