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  1. JohnMAXX


    You're probably using a third party airport enhancements....
  2. JohnMAXX

    Recent SkyMaxx Pro update

    I haven't downloaded the RC yet but it's worked well through the 10.30 run....
  3. I dont think that is necessary in order for it to work......I would contact FSGRW directly for conformation
  4. JohnMAXX

    terramaxx cannot be turned off in 11.30b7

    Thats an XP Beta id start by reporting it to LR....
  5. JohnMAXX

    SkyMaxx Pro Ver. 4.7 and textures

    Skymaxx is a complete weather engine so any textures used with the default clouds wont work because we turn off the defaults.... And yes you configure ASXP the same way....
  6. JohnMAXX

    Skymaxx Pro v3/XP11

    It may work, but i think you'll potentially run into some graphics annomolies...It couldnt hurt to try... V4 was developed for the changes in xp11
  7. JohnMAXX


    I see nothing "smartass" about his comment, and you're attempted rallying cry for the "TBM Community" is very sad..... Some personal advice, try being more positive instead of trying to head up a witch trial..... Admittedly the high road is much more difficult but the rewards are also greater....,
  8. JohnMAXX

    No seasonal textures at KEGE

    Aerosoft has been TerraMaxx friendly in the past hopefully they get it sorted soon...
  9. JohnMAXX

    No seasonal textures at KEGE

    I'm pretty sure LR isn't using ortho and that's ortho in each shot, id make sure you uninstalled them properly and reboot the sim.....
  10. Hello community, If you use VR and want to participate in a beta program contact Cameron here on the forums.... We need beta testers and our current crop haven't gotten involved.... If you're not a VR user please flood Cameron's inbox with beta requests anyway..... We need motivated people to get involved with this fantastic update.....
  11. JohnMAXX

    graphic distortion sky max pro 46 & x-plane 11.30

    Chris I remember when you had this issue before......Im doing well BTW Few things, Being that it came back up points to a hardware issue.......As a hardware guy, medical device repair, I run into graphical errors often on our standardized workstations, its very unlikely a software issue would pop up like this.... If there was an issue on our end , due to how MAC's are standardized, we would see this very often.......What I mean is your iMAC has several identical versions out there running X-Pane 11 with SMP that do not have this problem. Nor have I ever seen this on my MBP..... As far as it only popping up with SMP, best guess would be SMP does something different than the core program that your GPU cant handle due to some sort of defect.... With all that I have been proven wrong before, life is a learning process, but Im really confident this is outside of SMP.....
  12. JohnMAXX

    graphic distortion sky max pro 46 & x-plane 11.30

    Chris, This is most definitely a GPU issue, try updating drivers or rolling them back........ Also be careful if you are overclocking......If you are, try running XP normally
  13. You should reach out to the developer, integrating TM into that kind of package would be easy