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  1. CTD caused by SkyMaxx Pro/SilverLining?

    It's not a complete log, nor does it say silver lining caused a crash.... I'll let Frank chime in here since it could be invalid metar data.....
  2. TerraMaxx fails to operate

    It will run in 11.11 but aircraft liveries will change when seasons do, yes it seems like something went wonkey with your path or maybe permissions are needed for your xp folder? If try a reinstall and see...
  3. Uninstall Terramaxx?

    To avoid an uninstall you could always set it to off also....this will keep it from loading during startup
  4. Uninstall Terramaxx?

    Run the uninstaller from the X-Aviation folder inside the X-Plane 11 root
  5. Using VR with TerraMaxx

    I'm happy I could help hope you enjoy...
  6. Using VR with TerraMaxx

    Try turning off the post processing in the TerraMAXX UI.....
  7. A couple shots I'd like to share, another early implementation from a third party...
  8. TerraMaax Trees

    Pixelated and just plain ugly, but with that said it could of just been my approach.....I don't recall any shimmering.....
  9. TerraMaax Trees

    I'm very open to anyone who wants to being their own interpretation of trees into TM....... Thanks for the kind words in regards to UM!
  10. Aerosoft is entering the fray 2.04 includes a Terramaxx integration:
  11. Side note, you speak my language! You are 100%, I wanted to enhance the runways and taxiways......Its just not possible using our approach.... But we're breaking new ground I don't expect those issues to persist......its just a matter of when will change be implemented;)
  12. How much VRAM do you have? If you are running normals you may have tipped your rig over the top. 1. adjust your textures to high or medium in the X-Plane rendering settings or 2. Install TM with the less than 5gb VRAM option. But if it persists we may need Frank to look at this one......Hes off the cuff for a few days. Keep any of these logs handy for the near future.....
  13. Phew glad you got it sorted!! Were just going to include UM as part of the installer at this point to avoid that mess! poktry that looked horrible LOL
  14. Install this module: Its been recently updated