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  1. JohnMAXX

    Real World Weather in X-Plane on a Mac

    If it installs, I would check that you are using the X-Plane root folder during installation. If the plugin isn’t in the proper location it will not load... Please provide us with a log.txt also
  2. JohnMAXX

    i think the problem is SMP

  3. JohnMAXX

    Predefined sky colors SkyMaxxPro

    The sky colors need to be refreshed from the XP dialog.... I don’t have XP in front of me but the manual has instructions on how to do this...
  4. JohnMAXX


    No problem Steve! Just a little annoyance with the X-Pilot installers.... if you search for “font size” in the start menu it should take you there....
  5. JohnMAXX


    Set your windows font to 100%
  6. JohnMAXX

    Rain - any solution

    A couple things to consider.... SMP does not provide windshield effects Rain is positioned accurately via metar interpretations when using rwc , you may be in an area of light precipitation Inside The SMP dialog you can make adjustment to the precipitation to make it more visible Finally what aircraft are you using? Maybe an unknown issue we aren’t aware of?
  7. Sorry Fabio I haven’t had time to fire up xp to give you a good example. Im dealing with the end of year rush, an extremely busy time for me. I’ll follow up once I have time.....
  8. Oh geographical location too, an example would be The artic during the winter where the sun may hang out under the horizon for a long time....
  9. Actual time and moon phases do affect cloud brightness at night.... I going to assume you have those factors at play....
  10. JohnMAXX

    IXEG 737

    Adjust your windows font 100%
  11. JohnMAXX

    TBM 900 v1.1.10 Update Released!

    You also know know you can add an exception which keeps security in place.... And you’re probably aware that false positives are common.....
  12. JohnMAXX

    X Activation SAAB 340a

    Search in the control panel, I think it’s under the display settings
  13. JohnMAXX

    X Activation SAAB 340a

    Change your windows font to 100% and run the installer...
  14. JohnMAXX

    Sun_Glow_socked.png . Critical error.

    Something is definitely off here first step, please provide us a log.txt file....
  15. Terramaxx integrates with the default airport textures yes.... Some developers have even integrated their 3rd party airports for use with TM...