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  1. Jakob Ludwig

    New CSL models to xSquawkbox/VATSIM

    You need all parts.
  2. Jakob Ludwig

    Librain support

    Looks promising. Nice
  3. Jakob Ludwig

    Librain support

    Well Carenado and AFM use it already in a few aircraft, so I would say it's free to use on some licensing matter. You can ask the dev directly. It's @skiselkov aka Totoritko from Hotstart. And great you are considering it.
  4. Jakob Ludwig

    Librain support

    Great aircraft. I really love doing some old school stuff with it. How ever; are you planning to support librain library for windshield rain effects in future? Cheers Jakob
  5. Jakob Ludwig

    Deicing on the ground

    Well I flew around Norway some week ago and were sitting around 20 minutes on the ramp doing flight preps. That was sufficient at that time to see a icing on the wings. I had freezing rain at that time temporarily. There is a good script available at the org to conquer this meanwhile https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/49312-universal-de-ice-tool/
  6. Jakob Ludwig

    Sound issues on 1.1.6

    No issue here. Are you guys all windows or Mac os?
  7. Jakob Ludwig

    TBM900 and Terramax conflict

    Thanks for clarification. I wasn't really aware in what part Gizmo plays with the TBM and how they are connected. Appreciate Yep I am using discord as well and I am in contact with Saso. He's looking into it... Despite the communication on discord, I prefer to highlight important things at the forums as well. A lot of people even don't know discord or simply neglect to use it. Personally I favour to streamline support into one or two channels. But looking at the distributors and developers of the growing X-Plane community, it gets more and more wide spread and sometimes it's hard to follow on. Thanks for the good communication from all of you.
  8. Jakob Ludwig

    RealityXP support

    Hey guys, Are you considering supporting the RealityXP GTN units with a proper panel implementation? Cheers Jakob
  9. Jakob Ludwig

    TBM900 and Terramax conflict

    Hmm. Thought Gizmo isn't Saso's area of responsibility... But I don't know on what and who does what at X-Aviation. Just know Saso and Goran making the TBM. This issue is nearing to be around for six months, in which TerraMaxx has been not usable for me at all. I favor to fly the TBM, over flying only other aircraft to have TerraMaxx running. I must say I am disappointed that it takes so long to trace the error. You are risking customer's trust in your brand and all over quality add-ons throughout the years.
  10. Jakob Ludwig

    TBM900 and Terramax conflict

    @Cameron @sundog hey guys. Is this still "not" resolved? I won't install it again, because last time i did, it took me about 20 minutes to stop terramaxx from loading seasonal and default texture back and forth with the TBM.
  11. Jakob Ludwig

    Maxx FX 1.0 Problem installation

    You need to set font size in Windows OS display settings to normal or 100% . The installer doesn't cops with enlarged font setting.
  12. Jakob Ludwig

    Baro Selector in HPA

    Yeah kind of annoying thing for me to. Don't know why three klicks are needed to change it by one increment. But guess it's on Laminars side. Maybe @skiselkov can alter this?
  13. Jakob Ludwig

    TBM900 and XPRealistic CTD

    Yeah headshake just offers the movement of force and touchdown effect. Sounds and turbulence effects are not present. But it does it job flawlessly... Sad XPRealistic isn't developed any further.
  14. Jakob Ludwig

    TBM900 and XPRealistic CTD

    Contact the XPRealistic developer. This plugin in a Flywithlua bomb... I don't use it because it was always tending to crash X-Plane in some weird manner. It also causes trouble, if you use other Lua scripts at the same time. So maybe reduce the number of Lua scripts. And provide a log.txt just to verify its XPRealistic and not something different. Meantime you can try Simcoder's headshake plugin. Works perfect here.
  15. Jakob Ludwig

    flight model changes of 11.31 affects TBM-900

    no. not really noticed a diffrence...