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  1. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Really looking forward to this. One of the most fascinating aircraft types flying around Europe these days.
  2. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Woohoo. Great stuff. Can you give us an Outlook on the aircraft!? Will it be still freeware? I guess not, looking on the items you are working at. Will it be study level to the last switch and system? And no, I am not asking for a possible release date.... Duck and cover :-)
  3. v4.5 clouds close by shifting with head movement (TrackIR)

    Got it. Set it to dense particles and now the effect is nearly invisible. Is there anything than can be done about in future updates?
  4. Hey there, first of all thanks for the last update. This version comes along nicely and performance is overall better than before. I do fly with TrackIR (via X-Camera plugin) and cloud puffs close by do shift with my head movement. Happens close to clouds base or when within a layer with little holes here and there. See attached video. Is this issue known? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8LUBaX2I8gudEloRzVkclVxdTA/view?usp=sharing Regards Jakob
  5. MU-2 v2 Feature Request

    As Tom has already said, he will come back to the MU once the 737 is finally polished. The 737 is a brand new and highly anticipated product and has a definite higher priority now. These customers deserve the patches and updates needed, for a real high level simulation aircraft. But after that, Tom will certainly wrap up the code in the MU and for my thinking, also suit the MU with some fine updated instruments. His experience from the 737 will help him surely. And I am willing to spend some bucks for a quality update...
  6. MU-2 v2 Feature Request

    Wow! That's a realy nice avionics setup for this prop... Impressive set of features.
  7. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Fantastic news. Thank you for all the time and work invested in this airframe and I am really looking forward to fly it soon...
  8. Cloud shadows with FSGRW

    Using "always" made it a bit.
  9. Flying on VATSIM with FSGRWeather

    If you set XSquawkbox to 0 on weather update frequency, there shouldn't be any weather loading at all. An appropriate warning should display, once X-Plane has finished loading.
  10. 10.50 - heads up

    Yep. Looking forward... But to word about per airport flattening [emoji20]
  11. Here are some user "advises" from me and my god, I don't have a monster GPU. The the X-Plane rendering settings: - shadows to 3d on aircraft or lower - water reflections to low or even to off - texture resolution to very high - objects and other settings to what your hardware can handle, but one notch lower Another good advice from my side, is to use a little script for FlyWithlua called "Auto LOD". Grab it here http://x-plane.at/drupal/node/385 The script adjust rendered objects in distance by changing the LOD level (basically world detail distance in X-Plane) in connection to a preset FPS value.
  12. Cloud shadows with FSGRW

    Will try that. Thanks for the hint...
  13. Cloud shadows with FSGRW

    Thanks for the response guys. I'll check whether there is some possible configuration within FSGRW... Otherwise I will contact their devs. Does RWC forces a cloud redraw, if a metar.rwx is written, despite the relevant METAR for the sector the aircraft travels in hasn't changed? Because on the other hand, redraws of the weather should be reduced to a minimum required. That would make the experience more constant.
  14. Cloud shadows with FSGRW

    I am not quite sure if I have spotted something, but whenever SMP detects a new metar.rwx file, the cloud shadows disappear for some seconds or a bit longer. They reappear once the new weather is rendered, with a little delay. I have 300 MB of VRAM left and FSGRW is running on the same machine (latest build). Log.txt provides no hints, despite the phenomena can be pinned to the entry whenever SMP detects a new metar.rwx file. Otherwise RWC and FSGRW work in harmony and joy [emoji16] I missed to provide a log.txt, but will do that tomorrow of the day after. Just on the pace with family for some ice cream... Cheers , Jakob
  15. RWC and cloud coverage shape

    Reducing the texture resolution one notch down helped me a lot as well. Now even the small pauses on weather changes disappeared. Took a bit of Investigation, but at the end it increased the simulation experience to the good.