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  1. Jakob Ludwig

    I had charts and now they are gone...

    Autorouter charts are working fine...
  2. Jakob Ludwig

    Environment Wind Sound

    Interesting. Haven't experienced this sofar. Could you make a short video of your observation? Do you wear the headset placed on the front right seat?
  3. Jakob Ludwig

    TBM 900 traffic question

    I cannot speak for PE, but it works fine on Vatsim. Sure you have your transponder to ALT mode? I see both traffic targets on the navigational map and on the TAWS page. Check also the range on that page, as it's very short by default. You should also test by setting the operating ALT mode to "unrestricted" on the TAWS page. Thus you will see also traffic which isn't an factor to your aircraft and thousands of feet below or above.
  4. Jakob Ludwig

    fuel planner

    Thx.. wasn't aware its available that way too.
  5. Jakob Ludwig

    fuel planner

    if you have an android phone, look for TBM performance on the Play store. Otherwise you could check simbrief for an available model.
  6. Jakob Ludwig

    Flight Director not turning on TBM 900

    hmmm. do you guys have some hardware setup for the AP? like Saitek panels or so. Maybe there are conflicting somehow.
  7. Jakob Ludwig

    Normal climb speed

    I guess that more or less a recommendation. I prefer (if traffic and departure restriction allow and how heavy the a/c is) to climb out with 124 at first, than speed up to 140-150 and from FL240 upwards to continue with M0.4 to FL300/310. But if you like to get fast onto cruise level, keep it at 124. If wx allows to turn off the inertial separator quickly after departure, you have enough power to climb even with 170 til your final cruise altitude.
  8. Jakob Ludwig

    Strange Bug!

    Whoo. Thats kind of cool artifact. Have you played around with the nvidia control panel or you having an ATI card? I don't see this in 11.30 with nvidia.
  9. Jakob Ludwig

    TBM9 Panel lighting

    I guess he means some sort of indirect light. Maybe the bulps on the roof, which arent adjustable in intensity yet. Think we have discussed this on discord a while back @Goran_M With the current light setup it's really hard to sport some switches at night (especially ECS and Anti-Ice). For the time I turn on the cabin light and illuminate to far back roof light spots. This gives a bet light casting onto the panel, making some switches better to bee seen.
  10. Jakob Ludwig

    Unable to enter taxi / reverse range

    Would you mind making a screenshot of the keys/button assignment for the reverse?! Should be "toggle thrust reverse" as I quite remember.
  11. Jakob Ludwig

    TDM900 conflict with TerraMax

    The TBM looks to block something with the Terramax licence check through Gizmo. Ticket opened... Hopefully seeing a quick solution.
  12. Jakob Ludwig

    Unexpected loading of different season

    Ticket had been opended a few hours back than... Hope it's sorted out soon. Just enjoyed flying around with autumn textures...
  13. Jakob Ludwig

    Unexpected loading of different season

    Will do. Thanks for the quick look at.
  14. Jakob Ludwig

    Unexpected loading of different season

    Hey there, since installing and flying around with HotStart's TBM 900, TerraMax is occasionally changing seasons, despite I have unchecked the auto switch mode. I can't really figure what triggers this, but it only happens if flying the TBM. See attached logs. Log.txtGizmoLog.txt Cheers Jakob
  15. Jakob Ludwig

    TBM-900 Release Date Announcement & Previews!

    Finally.... Yes...