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  1. Jakob Ludwig

    flight model changes of 11.31 affects TBM-900

    no. not really noticed a diffrence...
  2. Jakob Ludwig


    Remove the "GIZMO64.plugin" folder from X-Plane's plugin folder.
  3. Jakob Ludwig

    The TBM, CTD's and XP 11.32

    Seems some people do not even read the thread in detail. Goran thanks and Toto as well. You're doing a great job and offer a very direct support via various channels. In this particular case you may need to blame a bit on Laminar. Because they declare Release Candidates to early for me. Most folks are even expecting betas to be sort of bug free. In my opinion the 11.30 and post beta run was and is bad quality. Laminar should consider stepping a bit away from public beta programs. The normal user just misunderstands it and developers are being bombed with tasks, which they should do for themselves. The devs should test their products against new versions and not we the customers.
  4. Jakob Ludwig

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    Yeah that's really unlucky.. Devs have a fix and I also hope they release an update quickly. Otherwise the aircraft will be grounded for some folks...
  5. Jakob Ludwig

    Sensible pedals

    Well if the aircraft is light, the runway long, ambient temperature low and enough headwind, I'll bet you get here airborne with 50% torque easily. But this is all against safety at the end. If I take-off from a 8000ft or longer runway with medium aircraft weight, I usually tend to apply 90% torque only. And the technique you state for takeoffs is the best working for me.
  6. Jakob Ludwig

    No rain effects ?

    Well at medium precipitation I do have droplets on the windshield in flight, even at higher speeds. Not very pronounced, but they are there. But I must admit that the effect needs to be tuned a bit. And the video shows he's on it.
  7. Jakob Ludwig

    Rain/Ice Effect broken by SMP

    I do have SMP (with RWC and FSGRW) and always have rain/ice effects with the TBM in the correct conditions.
  8. Jakob Ludwig

    LOWI Demo Area seasonal enhancement for TerraMaxx

    Wow.. that is a nice upgrade. Love the Terramaxx compatibility... btw.. wished the TBM will be compatible with Terramaxx soon.
  9. Jakob Ludwig

    No rain effects ?

    The fact that rain will not hit the windshield at all at high speeds and that the freaking windmill on you nose will blow that away too, is basically what you see. It's the same IRL, but yes you are right and the developer is working on improving the effect in an upcoming update...
  10. Jakob Ludwig

    Freezes when using FMC

    Do you run 11.31 already? If yes, revert to 11.30. There is a bug in 11.31 causing CTDs on FPL edit...
  11. Jakob Ludwig

    Caution: Possible CTD with the new 11.31 beta

    Yeah sorry. Overlooked that tiny line... you're right.
  12. Jakob Ludwig

    X-Aviation TBM 900 Low Voltage

    Do you activate the generator after engine start and verify if battery is loading normally?
  13. Jakob Ludwig

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    Not a kernel issue. Just a failed check of a X-Plane relevant navigation data for airport icao codes. Laminar changed some little stuff in 11.31 This line tells ya the cause: 2019-01-28 14:59:21 TBM900[efis.c:2018]: assertion "ref != -1" failed: Assertion check failed. For the time revert to 11.30 until hotstart publishes an update. Hope another 11.31 version won't bork that again.
  14. Jakob Ludwig

    gps1000 tbm900

    Composite mode is used during engine start up. Just press the red round button on the lower right of the PFD. Composite mode let's all three displays show the same data including engine parameters and CAS messages, in case one or more displays fail during the engine start procedure. Thus could be battery or generator fail etc.. The WX radar can be used to display wx or ground replies in particular. Use wx mode to catch precipitation and use ground mode to scan for terrain if you wish. Besides the TAWS system does the terrain awareness for you. And read the documents provided. Will save you headaches and surprises.
  15. Jakob Ludwig

    Caution: Possible CTD with the new 11.31 beta

    Looks like WebFMC causes the CTD. I can't really any critical enty besides that.