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  1. Jakob Ludwig

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    Apply the new skycolor with the SkymaxxPro settings, than in the X-Plane menu open the Developer menu, select show sky color and hit the reload or apply button. That should reload the skycolors instantly.
  2. Jakob Ludwig

    Free Airport Charts

    Good resource. Thx for highlighting...
  3. Jakob Ludwig

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    I would like to punch in here quickly @sundog. I am comparing all combinations and find SMP+RWC+FSGRW by far the most convincing, but it looks that choosing different cloud types for cumulus or overcast has no effect for me, on that particular combo. When FSGRW loads the weather, I am always experiencing a drop in frames for a few seconds and the new weather conditions are being rendered quite abrupt, despite RWC being set to never change the visual weather. SMP+RWC+ASXP is also fine, but the clouds base height is very far off in altitude. Sometimes a few thousand feet, regardless of refreshing the cloud options or switching settings in RWC back and forth. But all around it's the best weather plugin I have ever used. Cheers Jakob
  4. Jakob Ludwig

    Typical cruise climb to FL280 or FL310?

    Well I usually climb out 140-160 to 10000ft, thereafter 170 and than finally change to Match 0.4 at around 24000ft to final altitude. In most cases I cruise between FL250 and FL310, depending on upper wind, temperature and route length. Initial climb speed depends on weight, possible icing conditions, inertial seperator conditions and finally ATC demands. I don't like flying out at 124kts, unless terrain requires to reach obstacle clearance fairly quick.
  5. Jakob Ludwig

    FS Global Weather / weather.txt file

    Indeed. The manual is not covering the essentials very well. And sorry, no clue of PFPX.
  6. Jakob Ludwig

    FS Global Weather / weather.txt file

    Just set up the weather to manually and select CAVOK. Than start your flight, open FSGRW and transfer the weather to X-Plane. FSGRW will now take care of it. It will select the correct weather mode and automatically reload the weather, to render to loaded weather information. Setting the wx to manually and CAVOK at first is just to see the loaded changes, once FSGRW injects the weather data. Actually it is unimportant, as FSGRW changes the stuff for you during weather injection. You just need to configure the weather mode within X-Plane, if FSGRW fails to set it by itself. The metar.rwx file is located inside the X-Plane root directory.
  7. Jakob Ludwig


  8. Jakob Ludwig

    Night Sky with SkyMaxx looks "pixelated"

    @linkito87 are you running some sort of modified skycolors, Lua scripts which affect atmosphere scattering or some x-vision stuff? If so disable them, revert to default skycolors and compare.
  9. Jakob Ludwig

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.1 Update Released!

    I recognized that's the shadows are a bit thin with the default skycolors. Try a different skycolor set and see if that helps. I am using Eddie's Skycolors from the org, which give me quite good results with the slider set to 0.85
  10. Jakob Ludwig

    FLC mode - always 3 knots less?

    Bug is confirmed with the developer a few weeks ago. Will be resolved with the next update of the aircraft.
  11. Jakob Ludwig

    TBM900 1.1.9 and x-plane 11.34 dosn't work at all

    Do you use X-Vision and changed some X-Plane default shaders?
  12. Jakob Ludwig

    Does RWC require an update?

    It might be that you're maxing out your GPU VRAM. Try to reduce the cloud draw distance and/or change overcast cloud textures and monitor the loading stutters. Could be that the new textures need a bit more memory in certain wx conditions.
  13. Jakob Ludwig

    Never change visibile weather

    OK. Thanks for clearing that up for us... This should be pointed out in the manual, or if a future update may change RWC's behavior at that point or FSGRWX allows to send the WX data to X-Plane prior launching the sim.
  14. Jakob Ludwig

    Never change visibile weather

    But let's say I startup the sim with the option checked on, after quiting the sim some hours ago. Skymaxx and RC will read the weather file, which is some hours old at atartup. FSGRW will inject the latest weather after forcing it to transfer it after the sim has started. Will than RWC change the weather to the current condition in the direct area around me or do I need to fly out the area to see the changes?
  15. In the German Mil AIP LCH is a TACAN. This is only receivable by aircraft equipped with a TACAN radio receiver. Otherwise you will only receive the DME value of the station and no direction/radial information. What navaid information is available from the X-Plane database? Lookup the map.