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  1. I've had this happen a couple times. Flying along in cruise, everything nominal systemwise. Engines rollback and the fire is out on both sides. Happened again last night during the ZOB FNO. Sometimes a simple engine restart (engage starter) will get the engines going again, sometimes not. Anyone else have this happen? I should note that early in the flight during climbout, I had the Gizmo text box pop open. I closed it, and everything continued to operate normally, until I started my descent into my destination. That's when the engines shut down. I ended the flight at that point, because I didn't want to be disruptive to the FNO. Tim GizmoLog.txt Log.txt FlyWithLua_Debug.txt
  2. Tim013

    How to open the door from inside ?

    Future Airbus pilot.
  3. Tim013

    Limited bank angle

    Well, there is a work around for the bank angle issue. The fix is a pain in the ass, especially when you're flying online, while operating this aircraft designed to be flown by two pilots. Your yoke/joystick can override the roll function of the autopilot, without the AP disconnecting. So, if you're being vectored to a localizer intercept, you can "help" the autopilot by increasing the roll with your yoke to a 30ish degree bank angle. The downside to this work around is that you're already likely doing 3 other things when you need to "help" the autopilot make a turn. When the update gets released is out of my control, so there's no use complaining about it. But, I can see how people are upset about the AP issue. Prior to the 1.5.1 update, the autopilot bank angle worked. After the 1.5.1 update, the autopilot bank angle doesn't work. I think a lot of people expected a mea culpa attitude, followed by an autopilot fix within a few days after breaking the bank angle function. In any event, the autopilot is usable with some extra effort. Hopefully, soon means soon. Tim
  4. Tim013


    Well, I'm just glad the IXEG is still being developed. I don't fly it much because the FMC scares me. Too many times, it hiccups with a mid flight route, or approach change. I can't take the stress of sweating out the EXEC key. For now, other tubes satisfy my airliner simming. I still have confidence that advances will be made, and pushed out to customers. Tim
  5. Tim013

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    I don't believe the second modifier is accurate. Some where in the vast universe, there will still be a life form, that thrives in temperatures near absolute zero, still waiting for the 1.5.2 patch. Alternate theory: "heat death of the universe" means we will get the update when hell freezes over. Tim
  6. Tim013

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    Anticipation is half the fun. Just think how sweet it's going to feel when the 1.5.2 update drops in..................................... August. Tim
  7. Tim013

    Saab 340A Livery Requests

    Ooooooh. That is a nice livery. Tim
  8. Tim013

    Compatibility with XP 11.3x

    I'm liking the sound of 1.5.2 for sure. The 340 has been in the hangar awaiting this update, and I'm stoked to get it out and fly it again. Tim
  9. Tim013

    Problems with de ice

    Yeah, icing in XPlane is a little messed up right now. I personally have a hot key set up to turn on all anti-icing under the general Xplane commands. This stops the crazy high ice accretion rates. Tim
  10. Tim013

    Small annunciator panel not Illuminating

    Yes, there is a REX training video on YT that shows this sunlight effect, causing the annunciator lights to washout. Unless v1.5.2 is going to include a virtual hand to shade the annunciator panel, I think they should be made brighter to accommodate X-Planes lighting limitations. The annunciators are visible more times than they are not. Tim
  11. Tim013

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Glad to hear 1.5.2 is still in the works. The SAAB hasn't seen much air time since the A/P issue with 1.5.1. Tim
  12. Tim013

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    Great news that the AP will be tweaked. That is much appreciated for sure. Only other thing I'd like to see addressed are the annunciator lights on the instrument panel. They glow dimly at night, and are not visible during the day. Not a need to have, but would be a nice to have tweaked as well. Either way, version 2.0 will be a first day buy for me. Tim
  13. Tim013

    Version 2.0 feature request.

    A single joystick button assignment to toggle both CTOT arming switches. It would be nice to be able to activate both CTOT's with one joystick button, without having to look away from the runway. I've seen a few videos online where they don't activate CTOT until takeoff power is set on the takeoff roll. It would also help during landing as well. Just a thought for the next version Regards, Tim
  14. Tim013

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Nice! That is so good to hear, and every SAAB driver is going to appreciate that a lot. I'm kicking myself for sitting on the fence way too long before buying this addon. It is such a fun aircraft to fly, and reminds me a lot of a baby MD-80, with all of the quirky procedures. One last thing, that's not as important as the autopilot, would be a fix for the system status annunciator panel lights that don't illuminate during daylight. (L BETA, AUTOCOARS ARM, etc...). Certainly not a deal breaker, but the light show during start up and departure is unique to the 340, and would be fun to have working. Finally, you have a definite customer here for version 2 whenever it comes out. I absolutely love these "transition" aircraft; not quite all steam gauge, not quite electronic display, and just automated enough to make things interesting. Thanks again for updating the autopilot. Regards, Tim
  15. Tim013

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    After gaining more time in the SAAB, which I'm really liking a lot, I too feel the autopilot bank angle is too shallow. It's typically turning at 15 degrees maximum, which is undermining itself when it comes to course intercepts. I get a lot of course scalloping and bracketing, to the point where I manually fly a lot of the sharper intercepts, rather than let the autopilot struggle. This isn't ideal when flying single pilot, in a two pilot certificated aircraft. I know version 2.0 is in active development, but I'd love to see a small tweak to the autopilot bank angle. Tim