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  1. Hey, that is pretty slick! The developers are going to hate it, since they've held fast to no pop outs, not even the FMS, saying it destroys the immersion. I like that script a lot. Nice work. Even though I'm at work, I just snagged it, in case they remove it....LOL!! Tim
  2. Steep Descent with LVL CHG

    What's this VNAV you speak of.....LOL. Flight sims are already nothing more than button pushing simulations. For me personally, I use LNAV, and the MCP for forward velocity, and vertical velocity. The funny thing is there has never, and I mean never, been an add-on aircraft that has been developed, that flys an acceptable VNAV profile. That's why I don't get whipped up over the VNAV shortcomings of every add-on. Tim
  3. Saab V1.5 Status

    Looks good. I'm 99% sure this is my next purchase once 1.5 is released, and I can see some youtube reviews. To the AP issue: It seems that the oscillation, or porpoising at altitude, is an XP11 "feature" at this time. That issue has cropped up in other aircraft too, so it may not be the SAAB's fault. When you are satisfied with the progress, and send it to the store, will you be publishing a change log so we (as in prospective buyers...) can see what was done to make the XP10 version, a XP11 version? Tim
  4. Funny stuff right there. I'm glad you are giving a choice on the throttle and beta behavior. That is appreciated. Looking forward to the improvements. I really enjoy this bird. It's become my go to GA aircraft when I don't want to jump in an airliner. Tim
  5. Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    The sun visors are magical. They let you see through the clouds. I don't use the beta's...running XP 11.05 Tim
  6. I bit at the 40% off coupon, and figured for $19, I couldn't go wrong. It was a good purchase. Really nice airplane. Always been of fan of the MU-2. Like the Mooney's, it's one of those GA airplanes that looks fast, just sitting on the tarmac. I've been doing some flight testing to get a feeling for it, and creating a cheat sheet with some quick and dirty operations info, and power settings. When you fly it by the numbers, she is a pussy cat. When you don't fly it by the numbers, she is a tiger! There's a well known streamer that was very recently bashing this bird because he couldn't fly a stabilized approach with flaps 20, gear down, at 105 knots. He said he falls out of the sky trying to do it. I don't know what his shortcomings are, but I've been tooling around at 105 knots all morning with gear out, and flaps 20. Just like you can do in the real bird. Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this plane. It fits a hole in my inventory of fast turboprop/turbojet GA executive mover. This is certainly going to be my VATSIM go to aircraft when I want to make that 1 hour long GA flight, and don't want to deal with an airliner. Tim
  7. The documentation is for XP10. There are more fuel tanks listed in XP11 than shown in the docs. Which is which in XP11? Thanks, Tim
  8. Altimeter reset at transition altitude

    I don't use any LUA scripts. I noticed it during a couple of VATSIM flights. I also did a quick offline departure just to see if it happened offline too, and sure enough, it did. I'll have to nose around and see what add-ons/plugins I have that could influence this. Tim
  9. Do the altimeters auto set to 29.92 at transition altitude on climb out? I just now realized this is happening, and was wondering if this was part of 1.2, or some hidden X-Plane function I may have accidentally turned on. Tim
  10. FMC Operation

    I've had mixed results. Changing the landing runway/approach usually works, but has broken the route on occasion. Changing the STAR often times breaks the route beyond repair, or there are waypoints missing. Closing discos in the RTE page also often leads to a breakdown, so I avoid that at all costs, and try to square things away with the LEGS page only if possible. I still don't have much confidence flying this bird online, especially in the northeast corridor where approaches get updated frequently. Tim
  11. Unable to shut off VNAV v1.1

    I'm not claiming victory, but I just made the KSDF to KMDW flight again, and this time VNAV behaved, and stayed in it's cave. Prior to starting X-Plane, I deleted any HOTAS buttons assigned to VNAV. There were two of them in my .prf files. This is really, really, really strange, because other than A/P on and off, I've never, and I mean NEVER assigned any advanced A/P functions to my controller. I have no idea how these became programmed to my HOTAS. While I'd like to suspect those darn Russian hackers, I'm at a loss to explain it. The bottom line is I think the HOTAS button that got assigned to toggle VNAV on and off was noisy, and would randomly turn on the VNAV. That's the best I can come up with. Unless it happens again, I'll consider the issue resolved. If it does rear it's ugly head again, I'll report back. Tim
  12. Unable to shut off VNAV v1.1

    How dare you impune my flying skills sir! I will continue to try and sort it out. I've just removed all VNAV button commands from my controller viat the .prf files, and will see if that works. If it doesn't, I'll dig deeper. Thanks, Tim
  13. Unable to shut off VNAV v1.1

    That's why the creator has to be careful what he creates. One day, you may be enslaved by your creation....lol Here's a clip. https://clips.twitch.tv/ResourcefulBovineAntelopeDBstyle Tim
  14. Unable to shut off VNAV v1.1

    Cycling the AP and FDs did not help. I actually did a second flight, and had the same thing happen. The VNAV came on with A/T on, but everything else off. I even tried to bind a button to the VNAV toggle, in an effort to stop it, but no joy. The only thing I've done recently is update the FlyJSim 727, but that is an SASL aircraft I think, and doesn't use Gizmo at all. Quite the mystery at the moment. Tim
  15. Unable to shut off VNAV v1.1

    That's good to know. Thanks for the response. Tim