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  1. Tim013

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    Great news that the AP will be tweaked. That is much appreciated for sure. Only other thing I'd like to see addressed are the annunciator lights on the instrument panel. They glow dimly at night, and are not visible during the day. Not a need to have, but would be a nice to have tweaked as well. Either way, version 2.0 will be a first day buy for me. Tim
  2. Tim013

    Version 2.0 feature request.

    A single joystick button assignment to toggle both CTOT arming switches. It would be nice to be able to activate both CTOT's with one joystick button, without having to look away from the runway. I've seen a few videos online where they don't activate CTOT until takeoff power is set on the takeoff roll. It would also help during landing as well. Just a thought for the next version Regards, Tim
  3. Tim013

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Nice! That is so good to hear, and every SAAB driver is going to appreciate that a lot. I'm kicking myself for sitting on the fence way too long before buying this addon. It is such a fun aircraft to fly, and reminds me a lot of a baby MD-80, with all of the quirky procedures. One last thing, that's not as important as the autopilot, would be a fix for the system status annunciator panel lights that don't illuminate during daylight. (L BETA, AUTOCOARS ARM, etc...). Certainly not a deal breaker, but the light show during start up and departure is unique to the 340, and would be fun to have working. Finally, you have a definite customer here for version 2 whenever it comes out. I absolutely love these "transition" aircraft; not quite all steam gauge, not quite electronic display, and just automated enough to make things interesting. Thanks again for updating the autopilot. Regards, Tim
  4. Tim013

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    After gaining more time in the SAAB, which I'm really liking a lot, I too feel the autopilot bank angle is too shallow. It's typically turning at 15 degrees maximum, which is undermining itself when it comes to course intercepts. I get a lot of course scalloping and bracketing, to the point where I manually fly a lot of the sharper intercepts, rather than let the autopilot struggle. This isn't ideal when flying single pilot, in a two pilot certificated aircraft. I know version 2.0 is in active development, but I'd love to see a small tweak to the autopilot bank angle. Tim
  5. Tim013

    Saab340 strange behaviour.

    Not just you. I bought the SAAB over the past weekend, and flew it a lot. It's a very enjoyable airplane. But, the audio issue you described is kind of annoying. With other default or addon aircraft, it doesn't matter when or how you plug in your headset, and it doesn't matter if it's jacks or USB. Only with the SAAB does it take one or two restarts of X-Plane to get all audio coming through the headset. Tim
  6. Tim013

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Thanks for pointing that out. Tim
  7. Tim013

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    This is what I'm talking about. Anyone else have this happen? tim
  8. Tim013

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Flew online today. The pilot and first officer side altimeters were reading 300 feet low. I was level at 13,000 feet. Both captain and first officer altimeters displayed 13,000 feet. The standby altimeter was reading 13,300 feet. Yes, all the kollsman windows were set to the same barometric pressure. Vatsim ATC showed me as 300 feet high from my assigned altitude, indicating 13,300 feet on their radar displays. Anyone have any insight for me? Just bought the SAAB yesterday, and would love to fly it online more. Thanks, Tim
  9. Interesting. When you press it, it displays "ENGAGED", so I wasn't sure. Thanks, Tim
  10. The button is on the center pedestal on the floor, on the autopilot panel. The button is called "TRIM", and is located next to the button called "soft ride" What is it's purpose, and when should/can you use it? Tim
  11. Good to hear. I don't fly it as much right now because of this. With that said, since you mentioned 11.30, I've flown it in 11.30b1, and noticed the %torque gauge needles are jumpy when you set the power. Fore example, set the torque at 80% and the needle sits at 80%, then starts to randomly get jittery, and bounce around between 85% and 75%. (NOTE: I was flying with the mouse, so there was no throttle hardware hooked up at the time) BTW, this will be a day one buy for me when you release v2.0......I'm loving the wip pictures you're posting! Tim
  12. Glad to see there is a new version in the pipeline! With that said, will there be a patch to fix the power issue for the current 1.9? Thanks, Tim
  13. I messed around with the sound settings, and also tried the setting you posted, but still get the same behavior. I spoke too soon. I can't park v1.9 in the hangar.....LOL. It's too much fun to fly, and is my favorite non-airliner prop. For now, I'm just turning the master volume down. The MU2 is a beast to slow down. You certainly have the inside scoop on how the real one flies, but I wish there was just a bit more drag at lower power settings. Is it really that slick, and hard to slow down, even in level flight? There's a real satisfaction though, in getting it configured for landing, staying within published limits for gear, flaps, and even landing lights extension, and bring it in, over the fence at 110-105kts, and then greasing it on. Loads of fun for sure. Thanks for the continued work on it. Tim
  14. Glad it's not just me. I've noticed too that sometimes one goes to full max sound, and the other stays as is, and other times one goes to full minimum, while the other one goes to full maximum. I'm being intentionally vague here without identifying whether it's happening with the exterior or the interior sound slider, because it's randomly happening to both. There is no trend. Unfortunately, this is a no go for me, and she's going back into the hangar for now. It's too irritating to have to keep going into the main sound menu and fix this everytime you look at an exterior view. Tim
  15. When I switch to an exterior view, my sound levels get changed. Either the 'exterior sound' or the 'interior sound' slider goes to maximum. Seems random which one blows out to max. I then have to go into the X-Plane sound settings and reset them to my preferred level. The next time I go to an exterior view, one of the sounds maxes out again. Tim