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  1. mrogers0547

    Puzzling situation at start

    I've had this as well every time a saved situation is loaded. Upper left, Flight/Edit failures, then fix all systems. Or click the categories to see what is failed. Not a TBM thing, it's X-Plane's menu.
  2. mrogers0547

    TBM Keeps rolling to the left

    Even with all trims centered?
  3. mrogers0547

    X Rojas en MFD al encender el avión

    Same here. Only on starting a saved flight.
  4. mrogers0547

    Weird expanding circle

    Cool. Thanks.
  5. mrogers0547

    Weird expanding circle

    Cannot find this anywhere... What is the yellow and black hashed circle that appears on the MFD map and sometimes expands and sometimes contracts?
  6. mrogers0547

    great airplane except ground handling

    Is the Yaw Dampener switched on?
  7. mrogers0547

    Uncontrollable yaw on takeoff

    I also have a terrible time on takeoff roll; landing roll out as well but not so much as T.O. Could this be a nose wheel steering issue vs a rudder problem? Other X-Plane aircraft have the "toggle nose wheel steering" ability but this TBM does not. Just saying...