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  1. skiselkov

    Charts page freezes - Tbm 900 1.1.11

    Must be a livelock somewhere in the multi-threaded charts UI renderer. I'll investigate. Thank you for the report.
  2. skiselkov

    TBM900 crashed X-Plane11.4r1 on iMac27

    @ilankrt Ignore those messages about drivers. You have a Mac. You don't update your drivers manually, Apple manages drivers for you inside of macOS.
  3. skiselkov

    TBM900 crashed X-Plane11.4r1 on iMac27

    I'm afraid this one's not one of ours. It was caused by some other plugin doing something related to "DownloadAirportFiles". I can't tell you which plugin it was, except that it wasn't us. The filename "mac.xpl" is a non-specific plugin name, which means the plugin doesn't use modern v3 fat packages (otherwise you'd see the exact plugin name there, which in the case of the TBM would be "systems.xpl").
  4. skiselkov

    TBM 900 v1.1.11 Update Released!

    We're aware of this one. It's caused by X-Plane UI scaling (set in graphics settings - UI scaling above 100% causes this).
  5. skiselkov

    Display backup button doesn't work

    The buttons are push-on-push-off and are persisted between reloads. Also, the right button is independent of the left, so be sure to check you didn't depress it as well. Display backup mode turns on if EITHER of the buttons is pressed in.
  6. skiselkov

    G1000 Designate Altitude for VNAV

    I'm thinking you might need to scroll the little FMS knob to make the altitude turn blue on the pre-programmed waypoint, then hit ENT. I believe it's a quirk in the Laminar G1000. Nothing we can do about it, unfortunately.
  7. skiselkov

    [SOLVED] Global traffic

    @the_papy I'm not familiar with the Global Traffic plugin. What our TAS computer looks for is the following datarefs: sim/multiplayer/position/plane<N>_x sim/multiplayer/position/plane<N>_y sim/multiplayer/position/plane<N>_z As long as Global Traffic populates these datarefs, TAS will detect these planes and provide traffic advisories. So it's more a question for the Global Traffic authors to add proper traffic position integration.
  8. Hi Skiselkov,

     I now have the TBM 900 and I was just wondering what is the bare minimum requirements for it?  :)




  9. skiselkov

    Crashes to desktop when loading

    Here's the issue: 2019-10-11 10:09:18 xtcas[wav.c:224]: Cannot init audio system: device open failed. You have something weird going on with your audio setup in Windows that is causing OpenAL to fail to open your audio target device. Are you using some kind of software audio router like Voicemeeter?
  10. skiselkov

    Crashes to desktop when loading

    Also, are you by any chance running a debugger attached to X-Plane?
  11. skiselkov

    Crashes to desktop when loading

    What's weird is that only very rarely (once in your logs) do we seem to visibly crash (as in, we actually get told there's a crash). In most other instances, the application simply quits without a trace, truncating the log file. That leads me to suspect something else might be forcibly causing us to exit. Do you have any kind of anti-virus software installed? Thinking if it might be triggering a false positive. If you do, try disabling it and see if that changes anything.
  12. Good point, we'll add the option as well.
  13. skiselkov


    This is an assertion failure inside of X-Plane's FMS code. Please report to Laminar with the log attached. They seem to have a bug in there that is setting the GPS course variable to an invalid angle.
  14. skiselkov


    From the best guess, this looks like a crash inside of X-Plane's core code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION <--- This means X-Plane attempted to read invalid memory Backtrace is: 0 00007FF641E9DA30 C:\Users\GregR\Desktop\X-Plane 11\X-Plane.exe+0000000000A6DA30 () <--- This is the offending code that caused the crash If it were caused by our code, it would say "systems.xpl" somewhere in the stack trace. Since I only see X-Plane.exe there, I suspect it's been caused by X-Plane itself.
  15. skiselkov

    Popup windows

    We'll add this feature. ATM the "random" location is actually given by your mouse cursor location. Popup windows are designed to appear right underneath your mouse cursor. But we'll add the ability for them to simply retain their previous location.