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  1. skiselkov

    librain plugin and Gizmo

    The issue is that when librain is a plugin, X-Plane can load it after your custom aircraft systems plugin. So you need to make sure you delay librain init until the first flight loop run. Don't do it from XPluginStart or XPluginEnable, as it librain might still not be loaded by that point.
  2. skiselkov

    TBM900 and Terramax conflict

    @Jakob Ludwig I'm afraid we're still trying to figure that one out. It's "Gizmo related" in the broad sense that it has something to do with licensing (which involves products talking to Gizmo), but I can't say anything with certainty beyond that. I'm sorry we can't give you a more concrete answer beyond that. Rest assured, I'll be screaming it from the rooftops once we have a fix in hand.
  3. skiselkov

    My TBM issues

    Thank you, great pictures! I'll get in touch for the rest of the stuff. Just kinda tied up in other work right now.
  4. skiselkov

    My TBM issues

    This is a known messup in the X-Plane 11.30 engine model. They changed some constants and that messes up how the engine behaves during start. We've got a completely custom engine model on the chopping block and that'll resolve all of the startup, peak ITT, cruise power and NG issues. If you wouldn't mind sending me some of your ETM data from the G1000 data card, that'd help me get a more complete picture of the fleet. So far, all the data we have is sourced from one airplane, and a set of one can have various biases or quirks existing in only that one unit. As part of the new engine model, I'll be reimplementing the manual override lever. If you could forward me some scans of the testing procedure, that'd help figuring out the exact behavioral model. We don't have the audio samples for the warning. If you could record those, that'd help a lot. Interesting, staring at ETM data I have I can confirm that the NP seems to climb with TAS. Never noticed this trend. Will implement. Could you send us pictures of the modified stall flapper & boot for the built-in AoA indicator? It's easy to make it a toggle in a settings menu, so you'll be able to switch between the G1000-integrated AoA and the addon unit. The more info you give us, the more accurately we can model it. Thanks for the data, I'll use it to retune the reverse power settings. I didn't have ETM data for the reserve mode, so I just kinda eyeballed it until the testers stopped complaining. Having hard data on this will help a lot.
  5. skiselkov

    TBM 900 v1.1.4 Update Released!

    Quick question: were you trying to click&drag the course knob, or use your mouse wheel? We are using stock X-Plane manipulators and I've noticed an odd behavior in the CRS knob at times. When I click & drag and I have a wide FOV with if the camera is sufficiently far away and off-axis from the knob, it sometimes only moves by a single degree, no matter how much I drag. Then all I needed to do is right click and reposition my view by a few pixels and suddenly the manipulator came alive. This is squarely a bug in X-Plane's handling of manipulators and short of writing a completely new manipulator set, we can't really do much about it. (I mean we can report it to LR, but something tells me this is the kind of issue that they've heard about before...)
  6. skiselkov

    TBM 900 v1.1.4 Update Released!

    Although I could resolve the issue on my test machine (where the issue was reproducible) and we've had beta users reporting it fixed as well, there is some chance we might have missed some corner cases, or some other factor that might apply specifically to your setup. We'll keep at it and try to figure out what the matter is.
  7. skiselkov

    TBM 900 v1.1.4 Update Released!

    @CYUL900 Should be available shortly, we were doing some hotfixing. Give it 10 minutes.
  8. skiselkov

    [SOLVED] Failed installation of TBM900 on Centos7

    Apologies, completely missed that attachment. I'll have a fix for you shortly.
  9. skiselkov

    [SOLVED] Failed installation of TBM900 on Centos7

    Please attach your Log.txt @dirkdej It's probably some missing library, and it should be listed in the log, so that makes it easy to figure out.
  10. You can trigger failures using the IOS, sure, but you won't be able to see the few custom ones we have (things like fuel leaks, etc.).
  11. skiselkov

    MFD Pages Groups

    This is unfortunately a limitation with the stock G1000 integration. We can't quite freely organize the page groups and need to work within the confines of the stock avionics. As for the airport info page, that is a feature request that should be submitted to Laminar, as it's them who controls the contents of that page (this page isn't customized by us).
  12. skiselkov

    Synthetic Vision Not Working, Sometimes

    @Greaser Please make sure you have stock X-Plane scenery, or hd-mesh-scenery installed underneath any ortho tiles generated via Ortho4XP. Ortho4XP doesn't include a DEM (Digital Elevation Map) segment in the generated DSFs, which is what the synthetic vision needs to construct its terrain view (and also the GPWS and WXR read this to determine the terrain shape).
  13. skiselkov

    Plugin problem (Linux)

    I believe I've got this understood and figured out. It seems to be a libstdc++ incompatibility between Ubuntu (which I build & test on) and Debian. Fix is on the way to the reporter to verify the problem has been addressed.
  14. skiselkov

    What framerates are you seeing on the TBM900?

    Thank you @giaco and @Ricardo Pallavidino!
  15. skiselkov

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    If you are running on XP11.30b5, then that's an issue that got introduced in beta 5. They changed the way monitor coordinates are represented, which confuses the sidebar window positioning code. Waiting on their response to see if they'll revert it back to the old behavior, or we'll simply have to re-implement that piece for XP11.30 and later.