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    The new version has been uploaded and waits approval.
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    This is being explored, and a fix on our end may be in a future update.
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    I think the best demand will be for a high fidelity glass cockpit business jet. It doesn't exist yet. Cheers.
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    Hi Devs, I cant stop flying this beautiful plane, its amazing! I had a severe icing yesterday flying in a storm system, and I had to change the flight level to avoid the ice, (first time ever since "Flight simulator 95" that it happen to me hehe, the drag of the ice and the capacity of the deice systems is perfectly modelated) As a real world pilot, I can say that the aircraft has one of the more accurate flight models that i ever saw in a flight simulator. I have logged more than 40 hours in FSE since i purchased it, and one thing that I would like is to access the payload screen after FSE flight start. I am interested only in the CG graph and the weight numbers, maybe you can show that info disabling access to the payload and fuel inputs. I know that this is not a priority, but I think that more than one FSE pilot will appreciate it. Thanks for your time! Best Regards Fernando- PS: Excuse my bad English, my native language is Spanish
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    I have just downloaded this aircraft and it is unusable in multi monitor setup, frame rate drops and the avionics and ipad have a green hue and also flicker. The rendering also messes up on the spinner and the view through the glass is also off. I have seen other people have this issue also. Please fix asap!
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    Hi! Please see video attached This issue is with Xp 11.26, and latest TBM (1.1). Setting up 3 screens for a wider view perspective. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the TBM, (deleting the TBM900 output folder as well). Please advise. Freddy VID_20181107_090403.mp4
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    Try to turn off the option for "show vertices", please. Let me know if that works for you, Thanks, Jan
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    Today, almost 15.000 downloads!
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    You guys crack me up! First it´s "The plane is falling to the ground, I can´t keep the nose up, help help help!" Now it´s "The plane is floating, how can I get it onto the ground? Help help help!" I personally think the plane flies a lot more realistic (with regard to the flare) in 11.30 - and I can land it just fine. So I would say get used to the new dynamics. The only thing changed was the force needed to keep the nose up - no changes to wing lift, ground effect etc. Can´t say how the Zibo flies - and I couldn´t say if it is realistic or not, as I have never flown a NG. That is for Zibo to determine. Cheers, Jan
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    same problem here, fine in single monitor.
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    Same problems here with multiple monitors.
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    Hi, I've found that the vortex option is responsible for the same bug with 11.30b. It's fine once it's switched off.
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    The above screenshot is all the information I have. I assume a future xplane update will resolve the issue. Possibly even 11.30.
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    FYI we do seem to have finally cracked the nut on VR support for SkyMaxx Pro - at least it's working here with our Vive Pro. We're waiting to get a build into beta testers' hands. Stay tuned!
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    same here, so I am waiting for fix
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    Also note that in the current (11.26) version of X-Plane you need to pull A LOT to avoid the nose dropping when you get very close to the ground. Watch your pitch very closely and be ready to pull ca. 75% of your yoke travel when about to touch down. This is more than in the real plane but a by-product of some new aerodynamic code we got in one of the recent updates. I have been working with Austin on this and he said that he tweaked the code again for 11.30. So we are waiting for that - along with some other aerodynamic changes 11.30 brings. I will revisit the 737´s flightmodel once 11.30 is out and - if warranted - incorporate some tweaks in an update. Cheers, Jan
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    One thing I've noticed that I think is critical is that the "Top of Decent in 1 minute" warning and the "Vertical Track" voice alert aren't functioning. This makes it difficult to be sure VNV is armed much of the time. I'm really hoping they'll be added at some point. [emoji41] Thanks! As always I love your aircraft. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Ok good to hear and hopefully a fix for the duplicated cockpit issue also?
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    Good find, Chris - we really have to get rid of that option soon! Cheers, Jan
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    Thanks for sharing! It's been added as one of my "coming soon VA" ferry routes
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    Do you also experience a green color on all G1000 displays? Do you see the MFD flicker soon after all the auto systems finish testing? Does the iPad appear normal when you use 3 monitors? Just curious.
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    Make sure you have the com/mic button turned on in the audio panel!
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    The next project will be .... [censored]. Don't worry folks, we'll announce the next project as soon as we have something to show you. At this point, it's all just a bunch of ideas floating in our heads. Besides, like @Goran_M said, we need to catch our breath and collect our minds before we dive back into development mode. Until then, please fly the doors off that TBM! Nothing brings us more joy than seeing you guys have fun with it!
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    Sure Ben. Here you go...