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    There are a couple of issues with the Flight Performance function that I need to deal with. Added to the things to do. Thanks!
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    I hope your assumption comes true. We really do enjoy this, though. I've wanted to do an aircraft like this (single engine turboprop) for a long time, and totoritko and I really do enjoy what we do. Hopefully the passion comes through in the final product.
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    With the exterior of the TBM 900 all but completed, Cullen Chandler (Cessnarox on Twitch) provided feedback and specifications for a user friendly paint kit. He started painting the TBM a couple of days ago. Eventually, the paint kit and these repaints will be made available to the community. Here's a gallery of the first repaint he made. And these are his latest images.
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    Hi Jan, Thank you for quick reply, and suggestions to solve the issue. I have solved the issue now. As you mentioned, I started backtracking my changes. I have found that XPUIPC prevents the throttle to respond. Apparently XPUIPC monitors the throttle to output information to 3. party apps. In my case I use ProjectFly and XPUIPC to feed the data. When I removed XPUIPC from the plugin folder, everything worked as it should. Best regards Michael
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    There is a new bind on the X-Plane controls called "nosewheel steer toggle", you need find it on yours controls and click it every time you want to switch the steering on or off. Edit: command name
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    Ben is correct in that a Windows update can trigger this, I think. I recently had to re-register my laptop computer - it surprised me because I hadn´t changed anything hardware-wise, but other than that posed no problem. Cheers, Jan
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    I like to post somewhat complete images in the forums. When the exterior is closer to being done, I'll post more in here.
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    I also use X-Camera but use a map a key to the custom command to toggle XCamera on and off. I do this to take advantage of the TrackIR support in XCamera while still allowing myself to use x-plane’s quick look feature.
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    Thanks for reporting back. The "many monitors" feature that X-Plane 11 brought has indeed some pitfalls - and they seem hard to troubleshoot, since the results vary from monitor to monitor... The thing I hate most is that there is no way to exactly specify the size of the window I want to run (i.e. exactly 1920x1080). Sure, you can set that up in some preference menu, but you must use a calculator to specify the start and end pixels... really? Cheers, Jan
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    There is a deliberate delay on the outboard ground spoilers in real (1,25s). The reason is that airliner wings (supercritical airfoils, or aft loaded wings) have a larger portion of the lift on the wing trailing end (further aft than a conventional wing). So when the spoilers deploy, center of lift moves significantly forward, this will cause an UP pitching moment that *can* result in a tail strike. So by putting in a delay, the nose will be on its way down when this happens and reduces the chances.
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    Just a small update, playing with rain again Also, finally finished the CG calculation, so if you're not careful, you can easily tip-over the L-410
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    Make sure that you're not flying near to a nuclear power plant. (Serious: I can confirm the shimmer when the shades are removed)
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    The red autopilot disconnect button on the yoke will silence it.
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    If you are doing a fresh re-install of (for example) Windows 7 to "go back" the System ID will be new to our servers and will pose no challenge to re-register. If that's not what you're trying to do please restate your needs more clearly. "of bo back to the previous one" makes no sense. I assume you meant to type "I've got to go back to the previous one." - Even this is not clear. "Previous one", previous what, exactly? Previous OS, previous machine, previous disk image?
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    This is normal. The machine ID is generated from the OS install. Not your hardware. Positive: You can change your hardware freely. Negative: Windows update triggers a new machine name about 3 or 4 times per year. An acceptable trade off in the quest for decent user friendly DRM.
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    Date shown is the date the machine was registered to the system. Probably correlates to installation date for most people. They're probably from Windows Update. X-Plane version has no effect. It's an OS fingerprint.
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    Perhaps all I need do is make it explicitly clear that it doesn't solve the "HUB problem".. I have other obligations to resolve before I can release this though.
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    Please feel free to link to some actual air warfare history that's anything remotely like what you describe. There isn't any since Vietnam or possibly Korea. You're talking about Tom Clancy bullshit. Modern ops is basically "blow up the radars with HARM(?), bomb the shit out of infrastructure with stealth" It's 99% radar avoidance. 1% story book glory.
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    I cannot reproduce this bug on my 970m. I'm still searching for the pattern of what causes it. It seems to be related to 1070 and 1080 cards but some users do not see a problem. I've made contact with Laminar today to see if we can gain any insight into what might be happening but without a consistent set of data as to what causes it I can't give them much solid direction either. For now, use a non beta install of the sim. The VR beta branch is undergoing many changes under the hood to optimize the XP rendering engine. I'm as annoyed as you are.
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    That's a new one.... Will have to investigate. Standby.
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    You should be able to run it after you've copied the X-Plane folder to the new machine. If there are any issues with Gizmo not working install this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=48145
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    Always post Log.txt file form X-Plane folder.
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    Can you name some of the products that support this? I'm curious. The SDK offers poor support for this functionality and I would like to be proven wrong.
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    I'll have a think about it and file a feature request to see if we can get basic SDK support improved. It won't mean that products automagically work with .sit files but it will make it much much easier to integrate our plugins with the X-Plane .sit file actions.