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  1. Version 11.0.2


    This is a conversion from v9.60 to v11.41 of the Ilyushin IL-14 made by Andrey Kozyaruk (Felis, felisleopard@gmail.com but he doesn't care answering) and Alexaner Babichev (Asso). This plane has a fully functional 3D cockpit, interiors, static elements, working doors and complex avionics. It comes with 7 additional liveries and the paintkit. The original plane has been released as freeware to the public domain. Here follows the text of the original license file that comes with the plane where there is no restriction to update the plane to the latest release of X-Plane: This pack
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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Following a request from a SEM fan, (He will recognize himself, I'm sure). I adapted, with the authorization of the FSX SEM authors, The SEM for x-plane 11. It is a 3d model, with now a quality 1K texture. The 1k texture is converted to 4K, but I have to improve these textures soon to make real 4K, also PBR. The plane is therefore not finished, it is a first raw model. There will be automatisms with lua files. I still have to model the 3D cockpit and several improvements. The plane is fully animated and VR in version 3d cockpit. Good flight t
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  3. Version 3.0


    Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay. With GroundTraffic animations and Marginal's Autogate. Libraries suggested - not required. CDB LIBRARY FJS_Scenery_Library_v1.7 ff_library_extended_LOD MisterX_Library OpenSceneryX R2_Library ruscenery Visit: http://axplane.blogspot.com.br/
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  4. Version v1.0


    Space Odyssey 2040 Space Odyssey demo movie Installation Liftoff Tutorial Rendezvous Tutorial MMU EVA Tutorial Power Sat Module EVA Tutorial Starlifter SPS Departure Tutorial Starlifter Atmospheric Re-Entry Tutorial Starlifter Crew Emergency Escape System demo (mission provided – use JATO button) REQUIRED ADDONS: Florida KTTS Shuttle Facility http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=20590 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ADDONS: International Space Station (ISS) – required for ISS EVA bonus mission http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=14361 I
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