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  1. I purchased the handbook earlier this week somewhere else in anticipation of the release. If only I knew it was going to be discounted here...oh well
  2. Thank you very much for the response, I will give it a go.
  3. Good day, I have been out of X-Plane for a while and came back recently. I purchased SkyMaxx Pro a while back and really love the clouds that it brings to X-Plane. I also wanted a mod that will offer atmospheric scattering settings to X-Plane and found that Real Terra Haze mod is very good for that. In the RTH mod manual however it states that it is compatible with SkyMaxx Pro, but that cloud shadows will not be displayed if SkyMazz Pro is installed together with RTH. Is there a way to get around this or can anyone please suggest an alternative to RTH that will not break cloud shadows? Thanks in advance.
  4. Best way would be to give the demo a go and test it for yourself - performance is still better on Macs compared to PC's if I'm not mistaken, and it is not because Macs are better
  5. No issues here with TrackIR in beta 6, nor did I have problems in any of the betas. Under hardware, is your TrackIR still enabled? Do you run any plugin that can potentially conflict with it?
  6. Wakfu! Excellent! (whatever that is, it sounds funky) I assume you are referring to MS Flight that is slated for the 29th Simon?
  7. It is a good read, but something most X-Plane users are familiar with, and it is not a secret. If X-Plane was perfect, it would rule all entertainment and commercial flight simulators, and Austin's biggest customers would be Boeing, Airbus etc. etc. Each and every simulator has its constraints and limitations - it is good to be familiar with these. A good author with a methodic approach can get a flight model out of Planemaker that is "close enough". To get it to hit the numbers may take the help of algorithmic curves to push the model past those constraints and limitations.
  8. I love the new King Air C90B in X-Plane 10, but I cannot disengage the autopilot once activated. I have figured out it should be engaged by pressing either HDG or NAV and ALT or VS, but deselecting them does not turn off the autopilot. Am I missing something on the panel, or do I need to assign joystick buttons for for autopilot and flight director engage/disengage? I also cannot find the parking brake, and may have lost it on my last landing when I accidentally enabled beta stage on short finals
  9. Hampster, you do bring up a valid point in that there are some very good older assets in the registry. Maybe it would be worthwhile for newcomers that want to build aircraft for X-Plane, to perhaps undertake a "modernization" exercise on an older resource rather than just starting from scratch (with approval of the original author of course). I am unfortunately a virtual cockpit snob - I would love to fly the x737, but I'm not touching anything with a 2D panel only. Once you've switched to HDTV, it is hard going back (even though the content is the same, or even better).
  10. I just found a post made by PMDG on another forum, here is the snippet by Robert Randazzo, PMDG developer:
  11. This is a sad day for one of the oldest flightsims for the PC. It reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited 2, just with aircraft. If you don't believe me, look at their latest video.
  12. Yeah right, you took a leak in the river again Simon didn't you!?
  13. Arti, you are reading what you want to read. Did not say no objects or bad shadows, nor was I comparing the looks directly with X-Plane 10. I was merely stating the limitations in their engine, not taking away from it. It just seems that you are looking for everything and anything you can use as an argument to downplay X-Plane 10, which you have the fullest right to do if you so please. I use many different simulators, and all of them does something great that another one cannot, but there is always a trade-off somewhere. I'm merely asking that you compare apples with apples when you do go on these rants. I am a potential customer for AeroflyFS, but I am not blind to the fact that it will not fill the shoes that some of my other sims can, and that is my objective approach.
  14. Just remember, this engine is currently very limited when compared to X-Plane or MSFS. Very low object count, no autogen scenery, no time of day really (all scenery shadows are baked if I understood correctly). The current focus is on eye candy, and not about expansion/ability to mod etc. I don't want to detract from the beauty of this sim, but take a step back and get some perspective of what you're looking at. I would like to give this a go as well as it looks real pretty to fly, but it I suspect one will soon get frustrated with the limitations (read everything on their website, the clues are there).
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