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  1. You bought an XP11 plane, you can't expect developers to continue to support new versions of the sim till eternity. I do understand what you're saying about updates, but it will be like you describe anyway, since the 733 upgrade to XP12 was already announced as free.
  2. Developers need to eat too and in this world we live in, money dictates a lot of stuff (unfortunately). Like priorities, which differ for all of us. Like, I would like the 733 to fly in XP12, you'd rather have a helicopter in XP12. That's all fine ofcourse, we'll see what happens
  3. I wouldn't mind paying an upgrade fee either, especially if it would mean we could fly it in XP12 sooner In any case, it'd be happy to help in testing.
  4. I recently upgraded my PC and moved from Windows 10 to Windows 11. I own the IXEG. Re-activating was no problem at all. I think it's no problem in general, with normal usage.
  5. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to fly this 737 in XP12!
  6. Congratulations on reaching this goal and milestone. It must be awesome to be able to focus on the things you love to do! I for one am looking forward to the future IXEG updates. It's by far the plane I fly the most, I enjoy it every time I fly it. Thanks for sharing! And for responding to a question we all know we shouldn't ask developers
  7. Thank you for your answer. Not all use cases are the same I guess I understand what you're saying and although I don't agree fully, I really respect the way you interact with the IXEG userbase. So thanks for looking at it anyway and as we say 'no is also an answer'
  8. I understand Jan, and a thing like this should never be the default behaviour (which is also not what I suggested, to avoid confusion ). It would be nice to have the option to enable it, since not everyone is flying 1 hour flights with full focus in the cockpit. Especially on longer flights we have to deal with IRL situations that require attendance (be it in a pandemic or not): kids, work from home, partners, etc. Until I win the lottery, 5 hour focused flights will be rare
  9. Lol - I'd prefer the solution to be in software :-)
  10. Could I post a feature request here? Optionally - Ignore yoke input while A/P engaged I've bumped into my yoke while working on other stuff more than once unfortunately. Things go spiraling down from that point onward (literally ) Still lovethis amazing plane, thanks for maintaining it!
  11. Hi Jan, Thanks again for explaining. I was badly educated to enter the OAT shown on that page, I'll study this more. I made some progress regarding the rollout. I have assigned a left and right brake key and I managed to keep the plane on the runway much better. I think I found the culprit for veering off: upon landing today the nosewheel turned to the left and because of my braking actions and keeping the plane centered on the runway, the front tire blew as it was skidding along at a 90' angle It was clearly visible on the replay this time. So I'll have to check on the toggle for steering.
  12. Hi Jan, I was talking about OAT (see screenshots). Thanks - Sebastian
  13. Thanks Jan, I'll check out your suggestions. One last thing; I noticed that on the FMC N1 LIMIT page negative temperature values are always entered as positives (so you enter -2 and the FMC will use +2). Not sure if it's a known thing, but I thought I'd mention it. Thanks again! - Sebastian
  14. Ah, that clarifies it! Thanks for the explanation. I will map a yoke button for A/P disengage. Just now I (auto)landed at PANC and the plane had a desire to explore the vegetation to the left of the runway What is the proper way of controlling the rollout given that I don't have rudder pedals (only a yoke + TQ)? Or is this where you send me shopping to get them?
  15. Me too, I'll see if I encounter that same situation (or rather: perception) again and take note of the circumstances. Could I ask you another question about autoland? I was wondering if the plane should keep itself centered on the runway after touchdown. For me, the autoland ends up in either side of the runway, as if the input for nosewheel steering is interfering or something alike. I have no rudder pedals installed or in use.
  16. Disabled all plugins and scenery stuff and chose night time in-sim, all gauges were backlit. Re-enabled everything and did the same, the gauges are still backlit so it seems to be working fine. It must have been the time of day and/or lighting in the sim that made me convince the gauges were not backlit. I should've checked the nighttime before posting, my apologies.
  17. Thanks for replying, Jan. I don't have reshade or other plugins like that active. I will try with a clean (no plugins) startup tomorrow to see if it helps anyway. I haven't been flying a lot lately and I have updated to v1.33 a week ago or so. I'll check tomorrow, thanks for the insights so far.
  18. Recently, I seem to be missing the backlighting of the steam gauges in the 733. I am using XP11.50r1 + v1.33 of the 733. The clock and fuel gauges are properly lit, as are all the panels with 7-segment displays. I have HDR enabled in my XP settings. Am I overlooking something here? Thanks and blue skies!
  19. @coolgovind180 this may be kind of an elaborate workaround, but you could join a VA that uses TFDi's SmartCARS which allows you to check the 'pause on TOD' checkbox. Not sure if I can name a VA here, but I'm with an Australian one where 'pause on TOD' is allowed. HTH
  20. Running v1.32 with the Gizmo beta version (the first one without an end date set). I have some feedback about the FMC I'd like to share and run by other people to verify: - When programming the FMC and clicking on a button, sometimes there's the clicking sound without input registration. This means that audible feedback is that a button has been pressed, while in fact it wasn't registered. It might be psychological, but I think this behaviour was different in v1.31. - The FMC's CLR button doesn't make a sound when it is pushed. (E.g. no audible feedback). - At the very beginning of a new flight, I adjust the fuel quantity for new flights in the Preflight menu. Sometimes (more often than not) the new quantity is not registered. What I do to fix this is starting a new flight in XP from another ramp, then it works. Repeatedly setting the new amount of fuel works in the end sometimes as well.
  21. @danhenri, as Jan said, Librain is not compatible with XP11.50 yet. The best ways to avoid triggering the use of Librain are (IMHO): - Removing the plugin (don't forget the plugin folders of the various aircraft); - Disable real weather in XP or disable real weather plugins so it doesn't rain or snow, which in turn won't trigger Librain (this is my workaround for the moment) Alternatively, you could install a clean and new XP11 beta version without any plugins and try the plane in that installation. But my first bet would be that you're using real weather, which imported precipitation and triggered Librain.
  22. I downloaded the installer from my X-Aviation account. It uninstalled the installed version and installed version 1.32.
  23. I haven't experienced this at all, although I have seen some videos about flying in VR. I think the biggest disadvantage would be that you need to attend to your aircraft all the time, even on 4 hours flights - I like to start a flight, do work or other stuff during cruise and come back before T/D. I wonder if that would equally be possible with a VR setup. I guess that's the outcome for most of the projects that are started indeed. It helps to have real live project management experience I think, so there can be some sort of 'projectplan' and budget. I do realise that's not any form of a guarantee for an undertaking like this of course. You're spot on as for the number of moving parts and targets in such a project. In the end there's a lot of dependencies, but a lot can be accomplished. The problem is that for every nice video on YouTube there might have been challenges for days, weeks or months. Those are not seen and easily overlooked I think. All in all the VR path might be one to explore further, before pouring thousands of euros in parts (and still have nowehere near a complete experience).
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