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  1. Hello @captainpicard98, The details above along with your logs have been filed for review. Thanks,
  2. Hi lads - this has been fixed in the newest release. If you haven't already done so check your e-mail or log into your XA account to update.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Boeing MSA Demonstrator, based off a real Challenger 605.
  4. View File Hot Start Challenger 650 - N614BA (Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft) Boeing MSA Demonstrator, based off a real Challenger 605. Submitter oisin650 Submitted 01/23/2022 Category Hot Start Challenger 650 Livery For https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hot-start-challenger-650-p-212  
  5. Thanks POM, I tried a 1000ft save today and didn't have this issue so possibly is fixed for 1.2 but I'll repro a few more times just in case.
  6. The door won't magically open when you pull out the handle. You must rotate it and then pull down on the top of the door. At the end of the flight, make sure to give it a good push, clicking or pushing for a second won't be enough to open it. KR
  7. Hello, The co-pilot is referring to the N1 target. This is set through PERF -> THRUST LIMIT. Brgds,
  8. Sounds like you don't have an altitude selected. Without an altitude selected the airplane will climb in pitch mode only. KR
  9. Hello, That's unfortunate, do you know what caused it? The Challenger is a very capable airplane with one engine inoperative. Kind regards
  10. To be honest, 12 seconds isn't a very long time. Acceleration cannot be applied to a key like it can be applied to a scroll wheel.
  11. The 650 does not obey "the law of X-Plane" - it obeys the laws of physics. The entire systems simulation occurs outside of X-Plane, only the flight model, weather, visuals etc. are dependent on the base simulator. There is something else going on there, check out Plugin Admin to see what's actually slowing you down.
  12. Hello EGT, Servicing bottles, engine oil etc. is all available through the Ground Services menu. Fixing parts à la TBM isn't going to be a feature, but expanding the maintenance side a little bit is under review. KR
  13. I think my response has been misunderstood. Quick turnarounds and fuel stops are a thing (obviously). Flying multiple sectors with different pax each time like an airline is not. No need for "doubt" memes and piling on here. Keep it professional please, "dlrk". KR
  14. Hello, Typically corporate jets will not turnaround quickly and take new pax like an airliner would. After pax are offloaded at destination the airplane is either positioned empty or shut down for the night. KR
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