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  1. If you followed the checklists there shouldn't be any problems. If you send a screenshot maybe we can figure out what's going on.
  2. From a 650 operator. CL60/M-SACDE1E2E3FGHIJ1J4J7RWXY/LB1D1 PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S2
  3. My European brain can't fathom routes with discontinuities in them! Direct direct direct with no airways please! FMS-6000 doesn't allow this and the 605/650 manual words it almost identically to Textron's PTM. Filed up for fix, nice one!
  4. After some discussion I think we're gonna put this down to a "vatsim-ism". Though it was nice of Moncton to give you a clearance, that isn't how the real world works and therefore the oceanic clearance will not work. Unfortunately there is a limit to the "vatsim-isms" that the Challenger can accommodate and we recommend that you revert to voice in the event of receiving an oceanic clearance off a non-oceanic controller. "Problem on the controller's end" probably most appropriate!
  5. Can we have the full log please?
  6. Just a "vatsim-ism" I guess Will take a look
  7. Turning the HDG selector and taking off - sounds like correct behaviour. Changing selected altitude shouldn't kill managed speed. Will take a look at this
  8. Autorouter only works for Europe. You'll need to use Navigraph for the Middle East.
  9. That's a problem within the box I guess? Should be routed to the oceanic address. No need for an oceanic clearance if the oceanic controller isn't online.
  10. No backtrace on that latest log but lots of errors associated with custom scenery for Karlsruhe.
  11. Backtrace is familiar, this has been fixed in upcoming 1.6 update.
  12. Slew mode doesn't exist in XP11. You may move the aircraft via the map. I don't recommend moving the Challenger in this way.
  13. Domestic ATC shouldn't be processing your oceanic clearance. The clearance is issued by Gander Oceanic and given to you via CPDLC OR a dedicated VHF clearance delivery frequency OR in the event of a reclearance relayed via domestic ATC over VHF.
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