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  1. Hi all, I still remember from old 767 sim time that there is a prefered sequence for loding different fuel tanks and also a prefered sequenz using fuel in flight from the various tanks. I think ist was wings full, than center an d so on. The reverse when flying. How is the SOP in the CL650? Thanks a lot Peter
  2. Hi, just purchased Maxx FX and installed it. I have a curved screen with 2 projectors and Immersive Display PRO for warping. Unfortunately only the left projector picture is affected by Maxx FX. This is in XP graphic settings the main monitor. How to get the 2nd monitor (right projector) included to Maxx FX? Otherwise I can't use it. Thanks a lot Peter
  3. Hi, Out of 10 flights 5 crashed, always with Access violation from Gizmo. Usually after 25 to 40 minutes into the flight. I have several log files from the past, all with the same violation. Attached is the latest log. Once I got suggestions from Discord to use a Gizmo beta, but no change. Also Goran helped me once, but no success. Please have a look into the log. Thanks in advance Log_LOWW.txt
  4. Ist this called demonstrated max crosswind? Otherwise you are completely right! Peter
  5. Hi, since we have no System Setup page in the AUX page group, is it possible to change the 4 data firelds in a file or somewhere? I really would like to have other data shown like GS, TAS, FOD and ETE. Any help? Thanks, Peter
  6. A PC24 would bring an interesting aircraft to have. Would be a nice job for Toto to design the Honeywell Epic and get rid of the LR1000 shortcommings A versatile plane for a wide range of roles. Peter
  7. Works now in 1.0.9 perfect. Can see rocker pretty good with overcast and evening. Ice and environment panels down could also be a little bit better. If not it is ok for me... Thanks a lot for this @Goran_M Peter
  8. usually the proc turn is coded in the approach when it is listed in the FP. Just manually delete. Peter
  9. TOGA button will set TO on the ground and GA in flight. Be aware the SUSP will only be available after minimums WP (I think)
  10. then press the TOGA button and the FD will set a predefined pitch you should follow and after established gear and flaps press the SUSP softkey and NAV. Then you will follow the missed part of the FP. Peter
  11. VNAV is different in enroute and approach! You have to activate approach/vectors to final before entering the approach. Inside the approach the altitudes are followed automatically when in VPATH. Before the FAF or sometimes earlier you can activate the APR on the AP. YT video from Philpp Ringler (LR): VNAV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2chCP1XObek Approaches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNwoDDpy9Iw Peter
  12. Toto has coded something for better ground handling, but yaw stab augmentation has to be OFF! Each aircraft has his own profile, so no need to change it every time. Just find your prefered settings and have a profile for each plane. That is how I do it. Peter
  13. Just want to bring it up for @Cameron Thanks for ideas to get into the activation dialog again. Peter
  14. wodyfox


    Yesterday also had my 1st CTD. I was at FL260 and changing something in the G1000. Forgot to save the log.
  15. Hi Cameron, yes this message. I can not click it away. I once ticked in an activation dialog the checkbox for something like "Always check activation when loading". From that moment on I have this permanent msg mentioned above and offcourse never get asked for activation again. Is there a way to come back to the activation dialog to uncheck "Always check activation....."?
  16. I have no prob with this update procedure. But just can not get rid of the small info window "Activation is done " or something like this. I had once checked the "Always activate" in the activation process. Now can't find this anymore. Any help? Thanks!!!
  17. Looks like it is XP issue. I have it with all planes. Unfortunately could not try it with the TBM since my brakes are permanently engaged. Erasing the yoke preferences as suggested in another thread did not help at all (1.03). No idea what to do. Did not come to taxi or flight since beginning. Engine start goes pretty well already . What would be of interest. @skiselkov (Totoritko) mentioned in one of his streams, when doing crosswind operation at SCIP, he changed the ground handling behaviour in his TBM. Is there something else to check or load? Thanks Peter
  18. left/right it is rudder, forward/backward it is elevetor trim. Aileron trim is on the TQ
  19. same here. Checked all settings for double axis or keystrokes. Should be ok. No movement of brakes/pedals seen in the 3D, only yaw works. When selecting full rudder left and right suddenly the plane starts to roll, but no chance for braking, they don't work. Have 1.02 and XP11.26 on Win10 Thanks, Peter
  20. It is indeed of great use also for the sim! Peter
  21. In the doc you will find the recommendation for ruddertrim: Trim right betwenn the blue and green mark for take off. That will help. Peter
  22. One can feel Your and Totos passion just following Discord and Twitch. Outstanding!
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