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  1. Flew it for 2 hours in Windows 10. Everything went well. I also received the virus message after downloading the setup. Very nice update much appreciated.
  2. I am eager to fire it up and experience the new ground handling tweak for t/o and landing. Many thanks again for continuously tweaking the TBM. Thanks for listening to your customers. We can finally put these types of posts to rest
  3. I own it and I confirm that it still does not include all of Greenland. When crossing west to east there is still missing mesh scenery.
  4. I agree, it is a real shame. I also could not find anyone who created mesh for all of Greenland. We should ask Laminar
  5. Thank you for all the updates. I will thoroughly test 1.14b and see there is still a conflict with terramax. So far by selecting Deep Winter as opposed to Auto I have not had any issues while on th ground with engines off. I will report back later this week and do a flight test by selecting auto. Cheers!
  6. Just some information from Jason Miller (beta tester & RW TBM 900 pilot) regarding the real TBM rudder trim setting vs the HotStart TBM trim setting. Hope this helps.
  7. This will help put this topic to rest. The Sim does not correctly simulate the proper rudder trim requirement, but that is seriously not a big deal as long as everyone knows where they should set it to avoid swerving left and right.
  8. anyone test the new 1.1.3 release on 11.26?
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