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  1. Hi I uninstalled Sky Maxx Pro ( latest update) from my PC last night. This morning I am unable to start Xplane without an imediate CTD. Checking the Log.txt the last line states Xplane crashed caused by Sky Maxx Pro plugin. Sky Maxx Pro was removed using the add remove in windows. Any advice gratefully recieved. Sorted. Deleted Silverlining from Plugins. Will reinstall SkyMaxx Pro after next update.
  2. Good this was sorted by the update. All thats happened is Xaviation have alleged they have responded to customer service request, when other than ticket numbers nothing received. Now had to write off nearly £200 worth of purchases as they refuse to respond in a civil manner to request. Fortuantley other developers are not like these people.
  3. I flew the Toliss A321 Neo today with Both Sky Maxx Pro 5 and XPRealistic 2 and had no fps issue at all. I flew the Bell Helicopter and had fps at LOWI. Its odd that this only seems to happen somfar with the Bell. I will see if this is a problem with other aircraft.
  4. Ditto Had forced stop of all instances but had one on the desktop. Now installed. Thanks Cameron.
  5. Thanks Cameron. Installed but got message re file mismatch. Ignored and installation continued.
  6. Now no file available to download. Installation deleted ver 4.7 but install downloads fails as there are 0 kb to download. Looks like file removed by developer ?
  7. Installed on previously stable Xplane 11.30 b7 and now Xplane CTD. Installed on 2015 Retina Imac 27".
  8. Although I have sort out VNAV, as I had to descend manually.
  9. Arrived Prestwick. Tomorrow Iceland. Flight plan and Approach worked well.
  10. Why do you start off each post complaining you are not getting help. I am sure you can sort this yourself.
  11. Tarbe to Prestwick, flying now. Can anyone make out the name of the Iceland airport ?
  12. I do not do online. Havent had the nerve to try.
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