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  1. Rdtcmttsa

    Power bar

    Hello folks, I seem to have a problem with the power bar to start power. when I go to lift bar to get power, the landing gears retract, causing plane to lower to the ground. i don’t know what it’s doing that all of a sudden. there is no key assignment. the gear handle is down and there is no assignment to the g key is working. what am I missing. thanks .....RobertC
  2. Thx for the quick response, hhhmmm im wondering though can I use the mixture axis and the flap axis and not just the keys or buttons. I can move the flaps a notch at a time by just moving the flaps axis a little at a time. Seems like I should be able to assign the mixture axis to move the lever from lo to high. So let me ask is it possible to control the tbm throttles solely using axis only and not buttons. Thx....RobertC
  3. Hello Folks, I must say that I have been simming for about twenty plus years, and I have to admit that most of it was using a moving map to help guide me from here to there. Not really utilizing tools that real pilots use. Now that im flying the Tbm 900 from HT. I want to be as real as I can get. My moving networked map stop working for some reason. I decided to see how hard its to fly without the crutch of the map aid. I find myself absolutely paying more attention to the planes moving map, and learning more about the functions of the g1000. So as a simmer versus a real
  4. I must agree, I have been flying sims for twenty plus years. Most time with Fsx. I have most of all the great planes. The TBM 900 is the best GA plane out here. Its for real . That plane also made me convert from FSX to X plane. Trying to figure out what took me so long. FSX 32 bit and old. Steam , FSX 32bit old, Prepar3d FSX 32 bit old. X plane 64 bit and new, I did the math. Once I went to X plane I knew then I was not going back. X plane does the TBM 900 true justice. My system is : 6700k, asus z-170 MB, GTX rgb 1070, two tere HD, 32 gig ram. All water-cooled f
  5. Rdtcmttsa


    Hello folks, great plane, I'm just wondering when you file a flight plan in X plane , they ask for the aircraft manufactures. I'm puzzles as to why Daher- Socata or is not on the manufactures list. Is there a way to add the manufactures If you can add your manufactures your aircraft model will appear in the model pull down box. But for some reason those two aircraft don't show up. Am I missing something. Thx...….RobertC
  6. Hello Folks, I just want to say that this plane is the best GA plane ever in my 23+ years of simming. I owned most planes, all the great birds , but this plane is one of the best if not the best. With that said, this is a simulator, not a game or arcade type environment. It is set up to simulate real aircraft. That means all rules apply who ever can make that happen. The more advance the sim the harder it is to fly. Why, because its like jumping in a real TBM-900 and starting it up and then try to fly it. No way, unless you are a real pilot and know your way around, an
  7. Rdtcmttsa


    Hello folks , Hot Start your TBN 900 has become my all time favorite plane to fly , in fact its the only bird I fly. And that's twenty plus years of simming, had em all , this is one of the best ever. Question, on my MFD screen five red X,s blocking out the Prop, NG, ITT,oil p., oil c, can anyone direct me as to what is happening. THX...……...RobertC
  8. Well my friend, from what you are telling me , it sounds like computer issues. I run 6700k , Asus Z170 MB, 1070gtx/rtb, 32 gig of ram, 2 tera hard. All water cooled . Monitors My just bought 49"Samsung curved gaming monitor( it spans my whole desk) with two 27 "for support. Ch Eclipse yolk. I come from the FSX world of twenty years, and I decided to switch to X plane. And the main reason was I was tired of the old FSX and I was chasing the Hot Star TBN 900, and the only way to get it was switch over. After twenty plus years of simming, I must say it has never been
  9. THX.…...Folks......RobertC
  10. Hello folks, love this bird. But im wondering is there a good fuel planner for the TBN 900. Most fuel planners don't recognize the 900. THX>>>>>>>RobertC
  11. Thx for he fast reply I will do that next time and use .325 , if asked to use .320. Thx.....RobertC
  12. Rdtcmttsa

    possible bug

    Hello folks, this is a superb plane. However there seems to be a problem with the com radio freq. Its just one freq. that is giving me a problem. !26.320, its not the first set of numbers , its the second set that's the problem. I cannot dial in 320, it will only allow 315 below or 325 above but not 320. Atc is asking me to call 126.320. but I cannot get the last digits 320, only 315 below it or 325 above it. I have been using the default atc and 124thatcv2 , and I cannot dial in that one set of numbers on the back end 320. Is that a bug , or am I missing so
  13. Sorry for the spelling, I meant Hot Start. RobertC
  14. Well folks I solved my problem, before x plane I was a fsx user and I was running four monitors. I'm finding out the use of monitors with X plane. I decided to revamp my system and go with a single monitor, why because monitors and computers are much more advanced. my specs : 6700k, 1070gtx, 2tera, And two monitors. one monitor is 17" and my main monitor is a new Samsung 49" in curved . that monitor takes up my entire desktop. I have never seen my graphic's better . this one 49 inch gaming monitor changed the way I fly. Don't need three monitors, just the one an
  15. Ok folks, im feeling that im not getting any help on this expensive software,. MY system, 6700k, 1170 tgx, 32 meg ram, 2 tera . The plane seems tp load fine but the PFD and the MFD shows up in a muted green color and not a clear screen. it also flikers. What am I missing here. if I click on the PFD or MFD the pop out is clear, but if I return to screen its a washed out green muted color and not vivid. please help. THX...……………………..RobertC
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