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  1. I just had a conversation with Goran_M and it's apparent to me now that the issues are being looked at and will get fixed. I defiantly could have been more proactive in the way I dealt with the issue. Like I said it's such an excellent representation of the real world aircraft the disappointment of been unable to fly the TBM in X-Plane was rather frustrating. I'll upload my log file and details around the setup next time I encounter a crash or degraded performance. I've canceled my refund request for now. Thanks for the awesome customer service! James
  2. Hi Goran_M Thank you for your response I understand these issues are complicated. I'm glad that the majority of the users haven't encountered the same issues. I wouldn't wish for anyone else to experience your software the way I have. Again it's an excellent representation of the real world aircraft which only adds to my disappointment of being unable to use it. I believe that everything I said in my original post is fair but you are entitled to an opinion of course . I can assure you that the Hot Start TBM 900 software affects X-Plane 11 to the point where the software
  3. I understand that performance will vary depending on a number of factors however when I purchased the product my setup matched the compatibility requirements described for the product being - "Comaptibility: Mac, Windows & Linux. X-Plane 11 only." How is the consumer to know any different from what is described at the time of purchase? If there are known compatibility issues they should be made clear to the consumer before purchase.
  4. Regarding the FPS drop after a nondescript period of time. When I load into a flight in X-Plane 11 with the TBM 900 the simulator will be operating at around 40 FPS. After a nondescript period of time (I normally encounter the issue after an hour and not before) the FPS will drop to around 15 FPS and remain there until I turn off power to the aircraft at which point my FPS go straight back to around 40 FPS. 15 FPS in X-Plane 11 is unusable.
  5. **UPDATE** The team at Hot Start has been really helpful and I'm confident the problems I'm experiencing will get resolved. When it's working it's one of, if not, the best add-on aircraft for X-Plane 11. ************* Dear Hot Start, I purchased the TBM 900 and have suffered from two major problems with the product that if I was aware of would have stopped me from buying it. Major problem 1 - When using the TBM 900 software it negatively affects the operation of X-Plane 11; - Frame rate deteriorates to unusable levels after a nondescript period
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