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  1. Ok - tested in various load configurations (front heavy, full load etc) and no change. So far, I've noticed that the AP behaves perfectly the first time it is engaged. If it is disconnected then re-engaged that's when the vertical control goes to pot. No idea why that should be the case. Going to try a reinstall to see if that helps.
  2. Thanks Coop, I'll look at the W/B aspect. As stated above I am arming the altitude. It's the erratic behaviour that's throwing me. i.e. sometimes it works perfectly, others not. Will report back later once I've had a chance to experiment further.
  3. I have no issues with the lateral aspects of the AP, but the vertical functionality is all over the place. Selecting an altitude and VS then arming produces random VS (sometimes climbing when it should be descending and vice versa). AP often busts through an altitude (again both climbing and descending). Seems to be totally erratic. The strange thing is that occasionally it behaves itself and works as it should. Am I alone with this?
  4. I haven’t tried under 1.0.1 but in v 1.0 the plane does balloon, however the autopilot gets it back on to the correct GS quickly enough.
  5. Must’ve been looking at the wrong tables. Amazing simulation though !!
  6. Wow that’s a bit excessive !
  7. I’ve had that but found it doesn’t happen if I increase the take off power slowly so that the oil pressure doesn’t jump into the yellow.
  8. Re point 1 John, if you watch Citationmax1’s stream of this plane https://www.twitch.tv/videos/687677938 (he has 1000 hours in the real Cirrus sr22, I believe) just before it was released he talks about how realistic this pitch up with flaps application is. He mentions an increase of 50’. I tried it and that’s exactly what I got - 50’ increase. Needs some aggressive trimming but I can get it stabilized quickly enough. From your post it sounds as though you also have real world experience of this plane, so it’s an interesting point. JP
  9. I had an interesting situation yesterday in the TN - was flying at FL20 using power settings as per the ref tables (85% - 2500RPM - 17.6 gah) CHT on cylinders 2&3 overheated (well in to the ‘red’) then reduced to 0, ie there were no temps recorded on the engine screen. This was followed by all cylinders reducing to 0 temp, but the engine continued to run without problem? Is that right?
  10. I’ve mapped the TOGA button to my joystick. Works perfectly. It has its own entry in the joystick mapping screen - can’t remember the what the section is called as I’m not at my PC at the moment. *update: you’ll find it in afm/sr/cmd/ap/Autopilot Go Around
  11. *SOLVED*: Totoritko solved my problem! AI aircraft were causing the CTDs. Removed them in the settings and haven't had a CTD since. Many thanks to Totoritko for very quick responses/suggestions and, of course, for solving the problem.
  12. Yep not a great prospect. This is THE best plane on X plane imho
  13. Good spot and you're right Mokeiko, I threw the whole folder out, like an idiot. Unfortunately, the problem persists even after just emptying the contents of the State folder this time. Heading over to Discord as per Goran's suggestion.
  14. Ok thanks, Goran. Did that but no luck - crashed about 5 mins in. 2019-12-12 22:45:40 TBM900[except.c:171]: Caught EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Backtrace is: 0 000001D15FED0884 E:\X-Plane 11\X-Plane.exe+000001D15FED0884 () 1 00000003A0D32C78 E:\X-Plane 11\X-Plane.exe+00000003A0D32C78 () Log.txt
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