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  1. I don't seem to be having this issue either. I have never used the COM button on the MFD but did just give it a try when in pop-out mode. Knobs spin fine. The only weird thing is that it was tuning the COM 2 frequencies even though the cursor is set on COM 1. That being said it's somewhat moot based on the way the Cirrus functions (no COM on MFD). COM button on PFD works fine.
  2. Awesome thanks. Looking forward to the updates!
  3. Agree with you. Power settings are off relative to the real life plane.
  4. Works when starting without engine running. Thanks!
  5. I agree with this. Need to hold the trim button down much longer than you do in real life to re-trim the aircraft for different flap / speed settings.
  6. The one persistence issue I am having is the cabin LED lights and then the ice lights / pitot heat switches. I start with engines running. When I restart the sim, red cabin LED lights, ice lights / pitot heat is always on even though I turn them off before exiting. I also tried manually changing the persist.cfg file but as you start plane it defaults back to the switches being on. If I re-load a flight, the persistence will maintain its status. However, as soon as I exit x-plane, all settings are lost. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Doesn't seem to work for me. I tried manually set "disable_persist" to 0 in settings.cfg. However, the aircraft always loads with all switches on (e.g. nav, strobe, pitot) as well as the red instrument backlighting.
  8. Can we use this for the NA version as well or is it customized for the Turbo?
  9. I know we are all friends here. I've got about 100 hours in the SR22 in the last year so I've got a somewhat decent feel for the aircraft. The only thing I am pointing out is that the autopilot will not hold altitude when deploying / retracting flaps. That unequivocally does not happen in the real aircraft. I was experimenting and even if you increase yoke pressure forward (while on AP) to prevent plane from ballooning for ~5-7 seconds, the plane will still balloon the second you release pressure. If you at the same time manually adjust the trim, it seems to alleviate the issue. Hence, my not so very scientific conclusion that the underlying issue may be how the AP interacts with the trim. I know the early B58 Laminar G1000's had a similar issue and it was fixable by editing a few settings in the plane maker. For some reason I can't get that application to load anymore and apologies but lost my notes on what you had to adjust on the B58 to fix this issue! The other thing I would highlight is just around the power settings. The NA plane often seems to need about ~10% more power than real life during instrument procedures / patterns. Per the Cirrus book (at least for G5/G6 NA I am not as familiar with G3), in level flight 37-40% power will get you about 120 knots and 30% power will get you around 100 knots. 40% power with 50% flaps gets you around 100 knots. May just be the G3 vs. G5/G6 airframe differences, but wasn't sure if perhaps there were other drag type settings that perhaps could be tweaked to get this as close to real life performance as possible. Look at page 3-61 as an example in the official cirrus flight operations manual - http://whycirrus.com/safety/23020-002_RA_Std_FOM.pdf Last comment - the throttle in the NA also seems a little jumpy in mid level settings. It's just not smooth when fine tuning. Both using joystrick throttle and more precise keyboard shortcuts. p.s. This is all in the spirit of making what is already awesome even better. I have been waiting for a proper Cirrus for years! Finally can have the Cirrus functionality as well as pop-up windows, switch control, etc. Great work. Always willing to help test out adjustments as well. Will soon be pairing this with the realsimgear equipment.
  10. I think the issue may be that the trim seems to take to long to adjust. Is there a setting somewhere in the airplane config that can be adjusted to perhaps speed up the trim? e.g. rather than one mouse click equate to [1] click of the trim wheel, it accomplishes perhaps [3-4] clicks?
  11. I've also tried under version 1.0.1 with and without experimental flight model. Still seems to have an issue holding altitude on autopilot when deploying/retracting flaps. Is anyone else having this challenge?
  12. I have spent some more time flying instrument procedures. ILS seems to sync appropriately - e.g. GPS will fly to FAF and then switch to ILS/Nav as well as load the GS. However, if you select an RNAV procedure, and then click vectors to final, the GP does not load on the PFD. This usually works on the standard Laminar G1000.
  13. I was using experimental mode. I just tried with it unchecked and still having same issue.
  14. If that's in reference to Gizmo - I did select the beta one in the install if I remember correctly. Let me know if there is somewhere I can check a setting. I am using 11.50 X-plane
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