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  1. Guessing you didn't make a backup of your 1.0.9 install or save the 1.0.9 installer?
  2. Issue fixed! Hey @Attitude this isn't a @Christoph_T livery... This is my work. If you like you can keep it posted here... Don't mind it at all. But please edit the author of the livery. Thanks ChefRob
  3. Lesson No. 2... Know your aircraft.
  4. ChefRob

    Log file errors

    Have you tried reinstalling the TBM? See if that fixes it. A wav. file is a sound file... Have you tried adding or changing any of those files in the TBM? Do you have some kind of plugin or script that could/would change these?
  5. This could be caused by a hard landing or even a hard turn while taxiing to fast not to mention a few other things. Don't think this had anything to do with it.
  6. Why would you start a new air frame... That's what the maintenance system is for. I have over 300hrs. on the only air frame I started when I purchased the TBM... I've had not one single issue (outside of normal wear and tear and one admititly hard landing) with my TBM or it's maintenance system yet. What issues are you seeing with it?
  7. Downloaded this a little bit ago... Have to say great job!!! Must have fix for the TBM!!!
  8. ChefRob

    sounds panel

    With the real life GMA 1347A units the "music" button allows you to pipe music from a phone, tablet or MP3 player that you have hooked up using one of the USB ports. As @Goran_M stated it is not modeled in the TBM or any other XP aircraft using the same unit. Just fire up your GoogleMusic, iTunes or what ever streaming service you use... Music in the cockpit.
  9. It does state in the manual about setting the (1.) ignition state and to check that the (6.) throttle is in cut off... On page 33 section 5.2 "Initial Cockpit Check" And (4.)fuel introduction is stated on page 35 section 5.5 Here's a great video done by Dasher on the TBM 900 startup.
  10. Same as any other LR/G1000 equipped aircraft ".fmc"
  11. @2Fat2Fly... It's there and has been from release as far as I remember correctly. When the MFD is powered on and on map mode look in the bottom right hand corner. You'll see three active softkeys... "DCLT-x", "SHW CHRT" and "CHKLST". Click the SHW CHRT softkey and it will bring you to the charts section. From there you just enter in the ICAO code of the airfield(US only) you want to bring up and the G1000 will download it and display it. You can also choose from any available information and a small weather readout as well using a few other softkeys that become active.
  12. Good to hear... Beta builds are tagged "Beta" for a reason.
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