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BetterTBM - Modified Cockpit Textures for Hot Start's TBM-900 1.0.1

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About This File

As we all know, the TBM-900 by Hot Start is hands down the most detailed aircraft for X-Plane (and maybe all of flight sim). But, nothing, not even the TBM, is perfect. That's why I've made this mod. BetterTBM aims to improve the cockpit textures in general and also fix some minor issues, many of them caused by issues within X-Plane.

What was changed?

- Many edits to the normal maps (most of these edits prevent sunlight from peaking through the panel where it shouldn't - an X-Plane issue)

- Many changes to thee ambient occlusion (ambient light shadowing)

- Very slight changes to the panel color to match X-Plane's lighting


Step 1: Place the "objects" folder in your root TBM-900 folder. ("X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM-900")

Step 2: Merge and replace files when needed.

Step 3: Enjoy BetterTBM!

Hot Start's TBM-900 can be purchased here. I highly recommend it.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


- fixed a minor issue with the MFD bezels

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I don; think this works on the latest version of the TBM - Suspect they changed the filenames because these files dont overwrite anything existing.

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