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  1. I think I might have found something. The xp update reseted the ai aircraft to its default values (ai handled by X-Plane) instead of keeping that disabled. I’m checking that. and no luck :/
  2. So, here are the logs for the little experiment i made this morning. The first one is a base log without any traffic oriented plugin beside the XP11 one. I installed X-life and got swamped with the handler errors, as shown on the xl logs. I couldn't have a CTD because XL didn't show much traffic and couldn't logs interesting data. I switched back to LiveTraffic and activated the raw data dump and got a CTD. Hope it helps XPCTD with raw data-CTD.rar XPTBM_NoIA.rar XP after x-life.rar
  3. I forgot that information: it came after installing xlife and vanished after i remed it. so yes, in my case at least, all crashes are related to AI planes since the 11.35 update. Is Saso can provide a test/debug build, I will be happy to assist.
  4. Hi Goran, I tried briefly today wit x-live ant the tbm, same crash. the log show tbm900 except.c:282 something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it wit 0 i don’t have that issue with others planes. Logs will be provided once my net is back.
  5. Hi Goran, i flew the boy today several time with, without plugins and was not able to reproduce the CTD I had yesterday. i will post the logs if it happens again and able to reproduce it. eric
  6. Basically a fully loaded battery and nothing happened when you switched the crash bare, and all was off when I left the plane. erich
  7. So far I can’t get a CTD but got something else instead: the first vnav changed worked as expected, all the next ones (4) didn’t got activated once the countdown reached zero. The vnav left scroll vanished and the vnav button switched off like it was executed but no FL changed... i will redo the test tomorrow and recording a video. Thx
  8. Today I tried to do flight between LIPZ and LFPB. At one point before arriving in Pari, I decided to descent few thousand feet from my actual FL and activated VNAV after validating the new altitude and so one. The system worked but within minutes after reaching its new flightlevel, it CTD. I redid the same flight and start playing with VNAV again and got the same result. How to reproduce: select a waypoint and set an altitude. WP turns blue as expected and countdown start. within 5 minutes, activate the VNAV function and proceed. the CTD happens within few
  9. Actually 3 CTD in a raw :/ doing some investigations atm
  10. Seems ok so far. Just some texture issues at some airport but nothing on the plane itself.
  11. Or letting the user choosing if he want that maintenance system or not maybe ?
  12. Hello, the tbm I was using had only 2h of flying, no hard landing. All the systems were “as new” when I started my flight. just before, I got a license update for the plane, so why not.. After landing, while still taxiing, the right gear collapsed out of the blue. what’s going on with this maintenance system ? Thx. Ps: the log show an excessive wear (100%) while being “as new” before takeoff. erich
  13. All is fine, nothing degraded in the log and the battery is new and got enough power. i fixed that by recreating a new airframe... tbh the maintenance system is great but seems having some issues... thx
  14. That one is a bit weird... the boy is at lfbd after and got 2h flight at his counter, grounded and cold. When I activate the crash barre, nothing is happening beside some weird ‘heat effect’ of some kind. no Info, nor warning pop up. what’s going on ? erich
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