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  1. Hi NeoLux, this is pretty unusual - can you describe further what you experience? What kind of crash is it, a blue screen, crash to desktop? Can you attach your Log.txt so we can see if there are any error messages? The majority of problems are from incompatible plugins or other add-ons, but X-Plane can also crash from memory exhaustion. Windows 11 is still in beta, so it might also play a role in this incompatibility... Cheers, Jan
  2. When you choose "reboot gizmo" it will reboot it picking the choice you made in the preflight menu that pops out when you bump the mouse on the left screen. There are several ways to reboot gizmo, one is clicking on the option on the blue window that pops out...but you can also bump the right screen for the "gizmo" popout window and click on the little "flash". Or you can set a key or button to that option. So once you get a blue screen with an error - just close it. Then bump the left side of the screen and select the startup state "ready to fly". After that bump the right side of the screen and select the "reboot gizmo". You may want to "practice" it once so you are proficient if it hits you unexpectedly...not that I hope that it does regularly . One problem with this reboot is that the cabin temperature will be set to "ambient" - which may be very cold...in addition to it being unpressurized. So dependent on your altitude, you will have to really work the backup controls (which is a good exercise) to stabilize the cabin in both pressure and temperature... Cheers, Jan
  3. I agree that this would be nice to have! I can´t imagine that it would be too much work...I will put it on the list! Ideally this would be an option in Avitab (like most other options as well)...it should be possible to use all options while in VR! Cheers, Jan
  4. This will be considerably less difficult if you choose "ready to fly" as your startup option (vs. "cold and dark" or "turnaround").
  5. Are you running HDR? It is required for all lighting to show up properly.
  6. There is a position on the switch for the position lights that is labeled "ON BAT" - this means that the external position lights will be powered off the HOT BATTERY bus, even if the battery switch is off. The intention is to make the aircraft being lighted (to avoid other vehicles crashing into it) when it is parked on very dark areas. Best regards, Jan
  7. I recommend using FL CHG as the descent mode for now - V/S for smaller altitude changes. You can also use the "descent calculation" table I provide to view in the avitab, or in an external viewer. It will give you a ballpark figure for range vs altitude in an idle-power descent. Cheers, Jan
  8. The spoilers in flight should only be deployed to the FLT position - above that "buffeting may occur", says Boeing. One of the skills in flying a jet airliner (and especially the 737) is to plan your descent so you don´t need the speedbrake. It is a mean of "destroying energy", so a good pilot will rather start the descent earlier...and save fuel that way. Think of it as approaching a red light. A smart driver will get off the gas and coast when he sees a red light, not speed up to it and then hit the brakes last second. Cheers, Jan
  9. Thanks for the nice offer! Currently the development is halted because Tom (the other team member) is tasked with a lot of work for Laminar Research and the upcoming XP12... no idea when development on our 737 will continue, but we have a long list of things that we still want to add. I am personally already flying version 1.34 with a lot of "small" fixes...but we do want to get some big ones into the next update (whenever that will come). Anything else we can help with in the interim, please just ask! (Also make sure you watch the videos on my channel here: ) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGRsg_6rB1D6f7lKjdw5r9P99swJtryhQ Cheers, Jan
  10. Hi Megaerik, your observations are for the most part correct. There are some deeper FMS functions that have not been modeled (most glaring a well working VNAV PTH mode and the HOLD function) and some things are only working from one side (like WXR radar, EGPWS terrain, POS INIT). Here some remarks on things that are working as they should, though: 4.) The bank angle selector has no effect during LNAV in the real aircraft (although the bank angle is not as steep at cruising speeds/level as it is in our aircraft) 6.) This works as it does on the real aircraft. Arming the A/T while a F/D or A/P pitch mode is active will also activate the SPD mode of the autothrottle. 8.) The real aircraft does accelerate on the ground with engines in idle. Speedbrake performance also matches the real aircraft (i.e. very poor, about 30% increase in sinkrate) 9.) The PROGRESS page is still WIP and does show some data that is not correct yet. We know that there are still a lot of things missing, but you may also notice that a lot of things are working and modeled deeply, so I hope that you can enjoy whats there for now. Cheers, Jan
  11. Hi malenca, sorry to hear you have problems...from your log.txt it looks like it is an incompatibility with another addon - the log is full of errors (Skunkcraftupdater) and also some of your other addons have been known to cause problems before, not only with the 737 (Nimbus Airports, SAM,...). You will need to remove them all - then add them back one by one (make sure you run the latest versions!) to find out which one causes the problem. Cheers, Jan
  12. Hi, maybe not uninstall XPUIPIC but you can disable it (in the plugins dropdown menu)... I would just like to know if it is the problem, or something else. Try to fly in "manually set" weather and select the CAVOK option to try. You can also try to tape a video of it happening and post it here (maybe a youtube link?) so I can take a look, this might give me a hint. Cheers, Jan
  13. Hi Matthew, I would try without XPUIPC first to rule out some interference with that. The only other reasons could be noise joysticks (sending erroneous signals), turbulence (check weather settings) or performance problems (trying to fly too high for the current weight, etc.). Cheers, Jan
  14. Hi Robert, this is really strange! I run on Windows, but the functionality regarding the views and commands should be the same. It sounds like something went wrong with your installation or activation of the software - especially since you can´t even see the ixeg/733/... custom commands. The name for the custom command is ixeg/733/toggle_main_menu - if you type "main menu" into the search bar for commands you should be able to find it. If not...I would suggest reinstalling the plane and possibly troubleshooting your system for read/write access rights problems or the like (not sure how this works on Mac) Here is what the menu looks like, the only problem we ever had was with people running multi-monitor setups...for those we provided the custom command (it only works if the regular way of "bumping" the left screen edge is disabled in the preferences menu).
  15. Hi Robert, the menu should be available no matter the operation system. Bump your mouse to the left side of the screen, then the menu will "pop out". Here you can select the desired startup state in the "PREFLIGHT" subsection. There is also a possibility to set up a key or joystick button to toggle this window, go to the keyboard/joystick setup menu in X-Plane and search for ixeg in the search bar for all custom commands available for the IXEG. Let me know if this helped! Cheers, Jan
  16. Go to tab "Standard" then "Viewpoint" then set the long arm, lat arm and vert arm of the "pilot's viewpoint". Let me know if you need further help finding it! Cheers, Jan
  17. Hi, it is offset (to the right) on purpose - this allows you to view engine instruments and also see more of the EHSI. I do not understand why it would make taxiing and parking more difficult - real 737 pilots do not align the taxiway centerline with the center of the EADI or any other "reference point" in the cockit...but I know that this is a habit that some simulator pilots develop . In the real plane it does not work because your head moves around too much, but in a fixed position with a 2D monitor it may. You can judge "offset" from a straight line by judging the appearant tilt - if the line appears to be vertical, you are aligned with it - if it seems to "lean left" you are offset to the left. However - to each his own - if you want to adjust the viewpoint you can load the plane in planemaker and adjust the - tada - viewpoint . Happy landings, Jan
  18. Yes, and the blurry spot above it is the overpressure relief valve that opens to keep maximum differential pressure at 9.something psi, iirc.
  19. Welcome to my world! And thanks for the very nice words, of course. I agree - when I got reactivated after a few months of being at home due to Covid I found that its not so much "pushing AP buttons" that I got rusty with - it was the instrument scan! And this is something that you can only really practice by flying manually - even following the FD isn´t really cutting it, because you will invariably concentrate on centering the needles...which any 6 year-old can probably do better than me . Cheers, Jan
  20. The FLT/GRD switch is moved to GRD with the "after landing items" - as you leave the runway. The outflow valve will drive to "FULL OPEN" very fast, and this "dumps out" the small positive pressure in the cabin, resulting in a momentarily high cabin rate of climb (remember, more pressure -> cabin "descends", less pressure -> cabin "climbs"). Try to open the outflow valve when flying at 30.000 feet and see what happens with the cabin rate . PS: Are you aware of the folder "documentation" contained in the aircraft folder? There is a .pdf in there called: 3-Pilot Quick Reference Handbook. It contains the normal procedures for operation, and may answer a lot of your questions (as it also contains some annotation for WHY things are done). Here is the excerpt for Chapter 6: CHAPTER 6 AFTER LANDING AND PARKING Taxiing the aircraft to the parking position or gate after landing can be very demanding, too. It takes good crew coordination to keep situational awareness, in addition to performing some steps to prepare the aircraft for arrival at the gate. AFTER-LANDING ITEMS: Reversers stow Speedbrake down Landing lights as required • Usually turn off the landing lights and turn on taxi-lights and runway-turnoff lights Flaps up Pitot-Static-Heat off • This removes heating from the pitots during ground operation, they would get too hot without the cooling airflow. FLT/GRD Switch GRD • This will open the outflow valve, depressurizing the airplane so you can open the cabin doors later on. Strobe Lights OFF • They could blind other aircraft/personnel Engine start switches OFF APU As required • Only use the APU if you need it for electrical power or aircondition after parking. Its loud and uses fuel! Single-engine taxi consider
  21. No - but try to open the sliding window after putting the FLT/GRD switch to FLT(with packs operating). Edit: To FLT, obviously.
  22. The reason and explanation is in the post above yours . The reason for the "pressure bump" Hotdawg mentioned is that the outflow valve would be in the "far open" position, leaving a big hole in the aft lower section of the fuselage. As the plane rotates, air pushes against and into that hole, creating (uncomfortable) overpressure in the cabin. If you place the switch to FLT while still on the ground, this hole is almost closed, as the outflow valve is almost closed. Another benefit is that the cockpit sliding windows do not "rattle" in the guiding rails, they are pressed firmly into their sockets by the overpressure. Cheers, Jan
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