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  1. Thank you, Ilias, for your prompt reply and the confirmation that there is nothing "wrong" with my setup and Gizmo As to that speed limit, I shall watch out more carefully in the future and hope to avoid engine burn out. But even if I might not need it, I would still be interested to know the proper way to restart an engine in flight.... Thanks again and σας ευχαριστώ Jürgen
  2. Thank you, Ilias, will do that for sure. So far I had this twice, but today I could fly for about 150 NM without any incident. Will be alert for another one if it happens. Thank you for that video, I will watch it and certainly learn a lot more about this wonderful airplane! Have a good week and take care Juergen EDIT after my last flight: The engines worked flawlessly, only at FL310 the left engine indication showed a jitter when I went above 67%, below that value all was fine. Furthermore after touch down a window opened, triggered by Gizmo with a warning in re
  3. I have experienced twice in the last days the loss of my left engine for no apparent reason. The right engine continued normally. I tried to restart the engine but that did not work. What is the correct procedure for restarting an engine while in flight, please? Thank you, Ilias, for this crucial information and perhaps a hint where i can find a tutorial or checklist for that situation, if you know of one. Otherwise, thank you again for an excellent plane! Cheers, Scorpio47
  4. Hello Ilias, thank you for this quick update! It solves my problem! :-) Yesterday I made my first flight with it and about 10 minutes after take off my lef engine died for no obvious reason.... So, I was looking for some guidance in the form of a manual or tutorial videos, but could not find any particular reference to engine management. In early 2020 you wrote here: "I should apologize because I don't have any documentation covering the aircraft. I might do a "tutorial" like video to show a few things special to Avanti and how you should operate the aircraft." Is that still
  5. Yes, all very nice.... BUT: when can we expect to be able to purchase that long awaited bird? Any news on that?
  6. Generally speaking competition is a good thing, and PMDG will certainly raise the levels in many respects I think. I for one am looking forward to this entry of PMDG into the X-Plane arena, but I do hope that they also will respect our tradition in pricing
  7. Very good, just the kind of plane I like! And PMDG is a garantor for ecellent quality, unfortunately also for high price tags, though....
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