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  1. After some more searching i think, this is intended in the 733. I would assume the ALT INTV in the NGX does exactly that and in the 733 i would have had to reset the alt in the FMC. If you think about it more it kinda makes sense because if the plane needs to climb further it would need to pitch up significantly to reduce the speed to the CLB constraint and then accelerate again. in that regard it does make sense.
  2. ahh thank you, so i guess my confusion was caused by a wrong assumption but just to understand what you wrote in your example. if you level off at 3000, would the plane accelarte to cruising speed or use the constraint set in CLB page ? I guess that was my question in my case because i was on the assumption that when you level off the plane accelerates to cruising speed (.75) and not use the 280/.72 CLB constraint it had set.
  3. I just noticed something and was wondering if this is intended behaviour of the plane. I was doing a normal flight from Baltimore to Austin planned FL 360. Everything went normal nothing unusal. During the climb i made an error however and set the cruising alt in mcp at 35400. This went unnoticed to me. So i am cruising along and then i noticed that i am flying a little bit slow (.72) i look on the display and CRZ is displayed. So i go into the CRZ page and see that the crz speed should be .75, i change the value the fmc accepts it but nothing happens. Now i am really wondering and tr
  4. no, i have a 500gb ssd where currently everything is on. Now i am buying a 10TB HDD for ortho. Of course i can keep x-plane on the SSD, but the speed benefit you get in x-plane from a SSD is mainly from loading the orthos, scenery and mesh (that what takes 90% of the loading time). If i move it to a HDD then the speed benefit will be gone. SO for maybe 30 seconds loading time (instead of 4 minutes) that i would save when i use the dual solutions (SSD +HDD) it is not worth it to use the space. (Especially if you dont have alot in the first place. When the sim is running you will mainly ac
  5. thought about it aswell, but since it is a ssd, i would loose all benefit of the ssd, since the bottleneck is ortho loading. Rather install other stuff on the SSD then
  6. I finally ordered a 10TB hdd for my ortho fix, and now will move my complete x-plane installation on that disk Now if i move the x-aviation planes with the folder, i know that the DRM will kick off. Since i will add a HDD into my PC anyway, i assume that i need to reactivate all planes regardless. What is the best way to do it ? Uninstall all planes before, then reinstall afterwards ? Or can i simply let it reactivate ?
  7. you can also just buy one update every half year or so. that usually works also quite good if you are hardpressed for money
  8. i know xp11 is not supported, but i thought i might aswell post about it. sadly i didnt take a screenshot because it was right before approach, but i will try to describe what happend. Tomorrow i will be able to try to reproduce it but maybe someone else can try it in the meantime. here is the flight i did: ROUTE STATUS: active Using version: 1.1 DEPA: KSNA ARRA: KSFO CRUISE: 36000 PERF: Data is complete SID: HHERO1 SIDT: IKAYE START: None STAR: SERFR2.28R APPT: None APP: ILS28R DEP Rwy: 20R
  9. use the manual fixes described in the first post.
  10. So its a stealth Saab340B ?
  11. since Ben mentioned that you will be able to deactivate licenses in future gizmo updates, you need the new version of Gizmo even in XP10 since it will decrease the workload quite abit and make your life easier.
  12. well then you are lucky. I still think getting two flight attendants would be cheaper in the long run than the maintenance cost of my gf
  13. Well you can wait for Black Friday, if it is not on sale you can still buy at full price or wait for christmas and hope for chances there But it gets hard to resist getting the plane
  14. I think as a german, maestro should be enough as it is basically the "ec-karte" in germany. Allthough paypal does offer "lastschriftverfahren" and other wire methods. I guess the reason he asks is because it is rather hard to aquire a credit card in germany if you are under 18 and in general they are not really that popular as in other countries of the world.
  15. Awesome shots, with the analog guages you really start to realize that the 733 is not that far away from the 732, with the digital panel you tend to forget that
  16. i think he used the contact link at the bottom of the site. http://forums.x-pilot.com/index.php?app=nexus&module=support&section=new I guess people dont immediately recognize that x-pilot is a different site than x-aviation.
  17. That sounds very plausible, i am using saitek thottles aswell. might be the common ground from everyone experiencing the issue
  18. i think he means virtual memory, back in the old days you could set that to fixed sizes to keep bloating up the HDD.
  19. i think this is the work of google translate
  20. The developer of UHD Mesh clearly states that you should not even try using them with less than 16gigs of ram as it is just a guess if or how it will run. The Malpensa Airport is on the border of the alps and will crush your PC with the UHD Mesh Secondly your 760 will probably have 2gig of ram at the most. Using the Saab, UHD, and Photoscenery will get you swapping sooner than later. My guess is that your GPU will start swapping and everything goes down from there. Try looking at your vram usage with nvidia inspector.
  21. yeah i try to find spots away from the gates aswell as it makes it easier got thinking mainly because of an youtube video of the estonian saab340 and they preformed a powerback. at the 5 minute mark you can see the manover. it is still frightening however to be so familiar in the cockpit when you watch a video
  22. Maybe i am the only one that needs to reverse the plane at a gate How does everyone else reverse the plane when they sit at a gate ?
  23. Is it possible to power back in the Saab ? I have seen videos of the Saab doing it in real life but for some reason it wont work in x-plane. The reversers will stop my plane but never reverse it. I am unsure wether this is possible at all or there is some issue on my part ?
  24. just to chime in, i have had this problem a few times ( 5 times out of 100), but sofar it is not reproducable for me. i do everything by the checklist and then i start the engine and the temp starts rising to 30 degree and just stops but the sound will continue and then stay at a constant level, like there is no fuel injection though. this happens to always one engine not both. I stop the start procedure and the other engine will start normally. However the faulty engine wont start no matter what i try. I have to reload the airplane and it will work 100% everytime. It does happen very rarel
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