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  1. But they are prepared for the release.. right XD I see how they are prepared
  2. Stuttgart germany for me =D 09:24 am here =D
  3. Still waiting for the release. I hope they dont have any Problems that delays the release too much
  4. I was wondering if anybody could explain how flap vortices arise or what causes them =)
  5. Nope. Those would be the analog ones : http://www.b737.org.uk/images/engineinsts_200adv.jpg and those are the digital ones: http://lessonslearned.faa.gov/BritishMidlands092/displays_small.jpg
  6. Hey i was just asking myself if we get the option to choose between the two different engine gauges you have in your 737. Since i dont really like the analog ones it would be awesome if we can change them as we like =) sorry if that has already been answered =D
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