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  1. Hello Ixeg Team and Community! I hope, this is the right part of the forum to get support. If ly the 737 since the first Version. Sometimes I got Problems and crashes, but mostly I solved the Problems. But now, with the Version 1.0.7 I got heavy Problems. I am not able to finish a flight. Does not matter which route. X-Plane crashes. The Problem is the 737, cuz wehen I fly the same route with another aircraft I don´t have any Problems. If you need some more Information, please tell me. Thank you for your help! Greetings Lance
  2. Give us more please! It´s so fucking amazing
  3. mpedroni: You request the Food, but you have to offer it. I´m sure it will work better: So to the full Develop-Team: Come to Germany. I invite you for a dinner. I will cook "Bregenwurst mit Grünkohl"
  4. I will try it with PayPal. It really looks very easy! Hope it will work! Thank you!
  5. Jup. Okay I´m not under 18, but usually I don´t use PayPal or any creditcard. I use my bankcard or Transfer the Money per bank. Now I have a Little Problem, because I have to think about my Options to pay.
  6. And the Problem with the real 737, the flightattendants want Money, my girlfriend not
  7. Ho Ho Ho, I´m not Santa Clause. But of course I hope Santa Clause can bring me the 737 . But how can he pay? Will it be possible to Transfer the Money per bank? Maybe ist possible to release the plane in a german store like simmarket? Greetings from Germany! Lance
  8. Which of These Engine Gauges uses Lufthansa?
  9. In 2016? Only 10 per month? Jan, we are friends.........if you know what I mean
  10. What means "I´m on the list for the airplane"? Do I have to be on a Special list to buy this bird? Greetings from the snowfull Germany
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