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  1. Hello, after several tests i always experience ctd with xp11.41. But il works fine with 11.50 b9(8?) no ctd. Blue sky
  2. Thanks for anwsers. I have 15872 mo vram and 16 go ram. I will try without some heavy scenery. Regards
  3. Hello, i experience ctd after 5 mn. I install last gismo (beta) same ctd after severals minutes. i tried to get out my plugins, same thing, ctd. i run xplane 11.41 windows 10. By advance thanks for your help Regards Log.rar
  4. Strange forum here Worst way to support ever seen you are right cheetha349 http://forums.x-pilot.com/topic/6238-silverlining-crashing-my-flights/page-9 i don t need more tests I go to fly others products FF JAR FJSIM PMDG F1 (i fly also fsx or fs9)
  5. Hi, I don t use google translate. It s me only me. Initially i set my vram to 16 go instead of 8go next i will extend my RAM to 16go. of course i don t run plugins or addons all together Kind regards
  6. sam13

    Sound conflict

    Hi Just for information i have no knobs sounds when groundhandling (last A332 JAR pluggin) is in my pluggin file. My PC windows 7 64 xp10.36. Kind regards
  7. thanks for awnsers. i set my vram to 16 go before upgrading my ram up to 16go too. i continue to test but only with two plugins or addons (plane and w2xp or photoscenery) i will tell you result kind regards
  8. Thanks Cameron, lastest drivers, gpu is ok so vram : what s about vram amont ? For now is 8GO. Kind regards
  9. I use to run xpx (10.36) with plugins : uhd mesh v3, w2xp, some photosceneries, xnoaa, some airport and xsb (vatsim). all together or with only one of their with a plane like Saab 340, Beech 1900 CAR, JAR (A332) for exemple. All settings of skymaxx are at lower positions. yesterday i tried to fly LFML LIMC fith times, i only succed one after uninstall skymaxx Skymaxx can t work with those plugins xpx stops to run (black screen), or some diamond with colors like rainbow. My PC is not bad : i7 3.4, 8GO RAM, GTX760, SSD. So sadly i decide to uninstall skymaxx. i wait for next version which il hope will be compatible with my plugins (or some of them) best regards
  10. my remark concerns video of this topic i have no problem with power back, idem with fms or gps
  11. yes, that's video shows. that's the topic for your second part, i know xpilot saab 340. i enjoy flying with but it is out of this topic
  12. Video shows honeywell fms Can you recognize it ?
  13. Fine ! honeywell fms isn't it ?
  14. ok, GTX 760 353.06 drivers
  15. ok during flight on ivao after 1 h 30 screen became black but xpx doesnt shut down, just blocked sometimes, very few, i can see that cpu or gpu values were very high. after screen became black xpx was blocked and i closed it kind regard
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