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  1. I see they set up a deal with Navigraph too. I am getting dangerously tempted to buy this first day.
  2. I've followed this project since 2012, and it is my pleasure to wish the whole team my heartiest congratulations, on what has become a very fine product. I hold the belief that no other developper (Except Laminar of course!) has ever put so much passion and time into shaping the future of X-plane, and FS for that manner. As many have said, this will be a game changer for flight simulation as a whole. Congrats IXEG, Kells
  3. I don't see anything either. I think they've pretty well moved everything here.
  4. I remember from a while back. Jan compared IXEG with the default XP10 747. To everyone's surprise, the 733 performed BETTER than the 744. I wouldn't anticipate any issues. Regarding a PC build I'd go looking in the Hardware section of the forums. I just did one last September so feel free to PM me for my specs. Kells
  5. While that's a great idea, I would have to agree with @Litjan on the fact that there are simply no significant updates. The work I believe is going on now is highly technical and is best shown in the irregular posts they've been doing. Regards, K
  6. I'd say about $75-$100. It's how much you're paying for a top of the market FSX add-on, as well as what most of us would be prepared to pay for "Recreational Software" as I like to call it . However if I may say so, price is not a super big showstopper at this point for a lot of us. If IXEG wants a little bit more for 5 years of hard work and many more continuous updates, so be it. I think it's gonna be a little bit longer before they divulge the true price. It's this kind of suspense that keeps people on these forums five times a day. K
  7. We also oughta stick an extra fuel tank in front of the pilot and give him a periscope to see. Then we can do real transatlantic ops!
  8. All to many times I've forgotten to engage ALT SEL for descent on the Q400 and gone to read a book. I'm sure IXEG will introduce many such mistakes.
  9. I think that's really the argument against doing an airbus. Even the A320 would take thousands of hours to develop to this level. Plus I think they'd have to find a new test pilot
  10. Are realistic RAs actually modelled!!?? Or is this a limitation you simply cannot bypass? EDIT: Question answered in another thread. Thank you.
  11. On that note, how well have you guys modeled flight into icing conditions? I personally find the default one lacking. i.e I can set percip to severe along with "sticky zone" temperatures, ignore the anti-ice and still fly by all normal ref speeds with minimal impact on flight performance. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.
  12. Yeah, I'll probably take it on a short hop from Renton hopefully in a bare metal livery up to my preferred "extreme" testing field: CYVR.
  13. A TR deployment in flight. Would a recovery be possible?
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