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    I think I can vouch for that. I purchased FSGRW earlier this evening and after a bit of confusion over what version I received, I believe I got it work and may I say i am rather impressed how the weather (as it was being injected), faded in, instead of popping in, as I was used to before. I don't say this often, but I am very impressed so far with the performance. unfortunately, my evening is coming to a close and I still need to grab the update to SMP, but with running the previous version, the performance and visuals are awesome. :)
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    Just to clarify again, you can set a decision altitude (height above mean sea level) in the Hotstart TBM, but you can't set a decision height (height above ground level). AFAIK the latter would be required for CAT II approaches, for which the TBM 900 is not certified anyway. So IRL it would add bit of safety but that's about it, in Sim it doesn't really matter.
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    I would have to concur that after a couple of months using SMP w/RWC, I see a noticeable difference in my visuals. I admit that I currently use ASXP with it, but I might just go ahead and purchase FSGRW as an alternative, since Cameron shed some light on how well SMP/RWC/FSGRW work together. I have yet to upgrade to the latest build of SMP, but I suspect it'll be the perfect polishing to a great weather add-on. A thank you goes out to the team at Sundog for continuing with great success. Thanks.
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    OK, so I think it's saying that you do indeed have a 2GB video card. It may be that an X-Plane update, an increase in your monitor resolution or anti-aliasing settings, or something else caused X-Plane to start using a little bit more VRAM, and that didn't leave enough for SMP to work with. Laminar recommends 4GB or more for X-Plane 11. Updating your video card would be money well spent, but failing that, there are some things you can try: - Try lowering your monitor resolution, and disable any anti-aliasing your video driver may be set for. - Assuming you can get to X-Plane's graphics settings, turn the quality down such that HDR is not enabled. Also disable any anti-aliasing for now. - If at this point SMP will start up, disable any SMP features you don't need that consume more memory. Mainly, turn down the "cloud area" setting as far as you can tolerate, turn off cloud shadows, turn off cloud reflections, and set terrain blending to zero. If that gets you up and running, you can start re-enabling the features most important to you until stability is impacted.
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    Version 1.0


    Delta_Who Liveries | HotStart TBM900 - Pure metal v1.0 | N422AZ To Install -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Simply place the folder "Delta Liveries - Pure Metal v1.0" into the liveries folder of your Flightfactor A320 Liveries folder 2. That's it...easy right? NOTES : I'd say for the first time ever for one of my liveries, PLEASE READ THIS! :Delta - A disclaimer on registration fonts. This livery comes pre-installed with a registration... which uses a different font than provided for accuracy. The reason why I cannot insert the exact font is due to licensing issues. I cannot distribute a commercial font. The version of Galactic Vanguardian provided... is the non-commercial variant and is appropiate for distribution. Please keep this in mind if you decide to apply your own livery. - This livery is based on a TBM 850 livery... and is technically fictional. You've been warned. The registration is already pre-made, but you can use the existing registration editor to tailor the livery to your liking! Version Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + Special thanks to Cessnarox for the paintkit, and my congratulations to Totoritko and Goran for an amazing aircraft + This is a highly extensive and customised livery. + All chrome PBR application + Custom heat discolouration + Normals remade to make leading edges (de-ice boots) more glossy + Custom tinted windows + Custom dirt + Custom window trim Creative rights go to Delta_Who. Logos and branding are associated with their respective copyright holders. If you are a fan of my work and wish to support me, feel free to send me a donation here : https://bit.ly/2H4uGhZ. Donations are never mandatory or demanded, but are appreciated ❤️
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    Well that's odd - your METAR.rwx file is actually empty of any data at all! I think maybe ASXP wiped it out before you were able to grab a copy of it. However, I just now tried KPDX with ASXP and fortunately similar conditions still existed there. I think I might know what's going on. Do you have your overcast representation in SMP set to solid or broken procedural? If so, cumulus (broken) cloud layers that intersect the overcast layer are suppressed in SMP, because having these two different representations of cloud types overlapping each other looks weird. The issue isn't that the broken layer is low, it's that it's too close to the overcast layer. If you change your overcast representation to something else, like "Soft HD", you should see both layers appear. Although, they are close enough that they can be difficult to distinguish - but they are there. Our clouds tend to be larger and taller than default clouds, so visualizing distinct layers that are close together can be tricky at times. Anyhow, I hope you just had overcast set to a procedural setting and that's all it is.
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