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The B737 Classic Project

Morten XPFW

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Hi all,

I'm VERY happy to get the honor of announcing this  project which I know many have been waiting for :)


(In-sim shot, not a render)

A new team called IXEG - International X-Plane Engineering Group has been formed to make this

wonderful classic aircraft.

The team is handpicked for the job, and, as the name indicates consists of mainly engineers which also

have very long experience with X-Plane.  In addition we have an in-type captain as consultant.

I'm sure the Boeing 737 Classic needs no further introductions since most of you probably have

been in one.  To be a bit more precise, it will be the B737-300.


It will have it all, FMC, full plugin driven systems, and the most accurate flightmodel ever made for any heavy in X-Plane.

Visually it will be state of the art, so will also the 3D panel with manipulators and whatever v10 might contain of new features.

The answer to the question most of you probably are thinking of right now ...

ETA is Christmas 2011 :)


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Looks wonderful, you know we were all expecting the NG when you said 737 though.  :)

Regardless, I hope this expands to include the -400 and -500.

With gauges and quality like that, be thankful for the 300. Cmon, give em a chance to get one up and running. Can't wait!

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Ok, a few more preview shots.


All panel and gauge moving parts will be represented by modelled and animated object

geometry and, naturally, be manipulated to match all functionality of the gauges found in the real 737-300.


One should not only be able to take basic actions like setting barometric pressure but also, for instance,

move the white airspeed bugs on the ASI and switch the target airspeed bug (amber one) between manual and auto mode.


Since X-Plane 10 will most likely offer new and more potent ways of lighting geometry in the sim,

it's too early to show exactly what panel lighting in the IXEG 737 Classic will look like.

This pic is a prototype showing one possible approach to night lighting.

The light effects in this pic are "baked" into the object texture and no rendering tricks have been used."

We'll upload more previews soon - so stay tuned ;)


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