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  1. New blog is up on the subject of Lateral Navigation (LNAV). As you can see, we are not cutting any corners.. http://www.ixeg.net/blog/item/24-navigation-polar-cosines-and-newton-rhapson
  2. Rhydian, What mainly limits texture detail in an aircraft is the necessity to keep VRAM consumtion tolerable for the target range of hardware setups. The ability to use 4096x4096 size textures may allow for slightly more efficient texture layouts (fewer textures for the video card to switch between) but it does not change the artistic possibilities much. M
  3. Yeah, foreign bad equipped trucks is a huge problem here during winter. Most of them from eastern Europe. The clog up the main roads by getting stuck all the time. Some other recent ones.. http://www.fjuken.no/index.cfm?event=doLink&famID=232278&frontFamID=84050 http://www.vg.no/nyheter/vaer/artikkel.php?artid=10040931 http://nrk.no/nyheter/distrikt/nrk_sogn_og_fjordane/1.7948477 http://avisenagder.no/index.php?page=vis_nyhet&NyhetID=14785 http://www.nordlys.no/nyheter/article5954758.ece http://www.varden.no/nyheter/trailer-pa-tvers-uten-kjetting-1.336789
  4. I added a couple of overview shots from the overhead to the IXEG gallery (bottom two). As most of the shots they are 100% unedited in-sim v9. If you right-click them you can get even higher res. 90% of what you see is done and fully functional. Note the switch guards are back in and fully functional and animated. At the moment we are doing final tests on the hydraulics - which we also are simulating to an extreme. More details on that will follow in a blog. Other than that, we are working on the 3D and texturing, FMS etc etc. http://ixeg.net/gallery OK, back to practicing approaches with
  5. Yes, we use a plugin to improve the ground model. Especially in steep turns and asymmetric thrust situations you'll notice this. A lot can also be done to improve ground handling with conventional methods. Most XP aircraft could be far better with a bit of tuning and the use of custom gear spring constants etc. This is especially important in crosswind conditions where a lot of aircraft get more or less useless. With the 737 you'll find that 30kt crosswind is a non-event with a bit of practice. In other words, with this aircraft you'll finally start enjoying realweather a lot more because
  6. Yea, was in FRA this weekend - freezing - great to be back in warm Norway again W
  7. Done http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?automodule=downloads&showfile=15388
  8. Ok, uploaded a B747 pack with 10 livery's, get it here http://forums.xplane...0953#entry70953
  9. Ok, you got to try this; http://www.ixeg.net/files/XPFWAI.zip It's 3 highly modified B747-400's. (only livery is different) Add a bunch, like 10-15 of them as AI aircraft. Then try with the same situation with the same amount of the default 747 United aircraft. Personally I get about DOUBLE the framrate sitting on the rwy at KSEA on my iMac (i5), but I guess that depends on alot of factors... Let me know how it goes.. Cheers, Morten
  10. 20% increase.. pretty good I think I can shave them off a bit more as well
  11. Ok thanks, I'm also tailoring the "AI flightmodel" a bit to match the "AI logic" a bit better. M
  12. Someone at XPFW said he now could have 12 AI aircraft instead of 4 earlier.. ! Anyone getting similar results?
  13. Hi guy's.. I need you to try something for me Below is a file containing a collection of older XPFW aircraft (15 types to be exact). These aircraft I have upgraded to v10. Further I have removed all non-essential files, panels, sounds, and other stuff so that the aircraft should be is gentle as possible to your hardware. Left is only the basic exterior and flightmodel. The hope is that more people will be able to enjoy AI traffic in v10 and that these aircraft can get a new life. So, what I want you to do is check if these aircraft will give you better framerates than the default ones (in A
  14. Yeah, this is early work in progress, so don't look too closely M
  15. New blog is up. http://www.ixeg.net/blog/
  16. http://www.ixeg.net/blog/item/3-air-conditioning-system http://www.ixeg.net/gallery
  17. Thanks Another blog (AC-system) is up and a couple of more pics at ixeg.net M
  18. Our website is now up http://www.ixeg.net/ It contains a blog, gallery and other information which will be update on a regular basis. You can also ask questions on the commenting system there and get in contact with the rest of the team. We will offcourse still keep you updated here in the forums as well. M
  19. I'll just add that we offcourse are making a custom autopilot which is about 50 times more advanced than the default one, CWS modes etc..
  20. Yepp, with each purchase we'll include a bag of sauerkraut, bratwurzt, mustard and coffee you can toss under you desk. Most realistic effect is after about a week.
  21. Update from the 3D department Will show you an in-sim shot soon.
  22. It is, the real manuals are a couple of thousand pages long and making something like that would delay the project significantly. Hardcore simmers and real pilots we recommend getting the real manuals which are publicly available for an in depth understanding of the systems (link earlier in this topic). In addition to a manual with brief descriptions of the systems and avionics, we will make samples of real normal flights step-by-step from dark and cold to shutdown. You are gonna love those. Also more systems video like the one above to give a basic understanding of how they work
  23. There will be more system video's - in random order M
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