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  1. I imagine a large number of people here know about Star Citizen. If you don't it may be of interest to you as a wing commander / elite type pc space sim being funded for completion in 2014. It's currently being crowdfunded both direct on the RSI site and also on kickstarter. Funding goals have been exceeded, so the game is being made, but I thought I would mention it as it's in the last 4 days to go on the funding for stretch goals and an opportunity for people to get in early and grab some early funder bonuses (in game digital as well as hard format rewards). RSI Site: http://www.robertsspace
  2. I have started up a blog to document my build. http://www.chubbyaviator.co.uk/blog/
  3. Kesomir

    Saitek X52

    I've had an X-52 rising 5 years and it still works.
  4. Had a play with a new app I bought. Gives a 360 panorama. http://360.io/ZrfSNc
  5. Just a small update with the yoke and throttle. Lots of work to do on the MIP and also shell assembly.
  6. I use the x737 with plugin disabled for the flight model and use project magenta to simulate the systems, displays, cdu, mcp, etc which run on networked computers.
  7. Latest update now I have relocated and started re-assembling and adding new parts Progress should pick up a bit over Easter I hope.
  8. Thing I hate most about 3d panels in x-plane are those that do the 4:3 and widescreen support and place you between the pilot and copilot seats, perched up on the throttles peeking out the middle of the wide window with all the instruments in front of you. A 3D pit places you properly in either left or right seat.
  9. Looks nice - there's also flight gear if you're looking for an open source flight simulator.
  10. The aero soft one comes in a metal tin
  11. Any reason for going IIS and ASP.net over an Apache/PHP/MySQL stack?
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