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  1. Those big glass windows would be a perfect opportunity to do some interior modeling and open them up.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Cameron. For those of us running newer versions of OSX (and therefore new versions of Safari), the new way to clear your cache is Safari>Reset Safari>Clear History. If you don't want to lose your browser history when you reset, go to Safari>Preferences>Advanced and turn on the developer menu. Then go to Develop>Empty Caches. Something I discovered in the new forum software: if you want to split a post you have quoted into two quoted posts, put your cursor where you want to split and hit return twice. Much easier!
  3. Kaphias

    FLL Works!

    "q" and "e" keys to rotate, I believe. That and other great info should be in the help file.
  4. Kaphias

    FLL Works!

    I agree Chris. I haven't used WED since the ability to edit the DSF was added, but I always found Overlay Editor to be extremely intuitive and easy to use.
  5. Kaphias

    FLL Works!

    Or overlay editor.
  6. Exactly. I've used WinterWorld for a long time, but just wondered if there was a little plugin or something that I had missed to enable this auto turn-on feature.
  7. Could you explain this? I never saw this in any version of X-Plane 8 or 9 I used.
  8. Just following the example set by a few seemingly respected members of this community. If things are changing, that's wonderful and I'm very much looking forward to it. On the 787 page: Un-capitialize "Resolutionary" Capitalize the p in "X-plane" Try "The 787 is also equipped with" Un-capitalize "Pushback" Capitalize "over" Don't put the download thing in all caps Capitalize "the 787" Capitalize "there" On the 767 page: Capitalize "boeing" No period after sounds On the About Us page: Remove any reference to the past, shutting down, etc. If you don't want people to hound you for it than you need to forget about it. Out of sight, maybe out of mind one day. Change to "two new people" Un-capitalize "While"
  9. Learning to put a period at the end of a sentence is a fairly basic English skill...
  10. Nice design, but several grammar/punctuation issues and the continual mentioning of Michael's checkered past need fixing.
  11. Watched the ANA 787 take off from KSEA yesterday. Beautiful machine, and very quiet too.
  12. I think it should also be noted that the -F designates a plane that was built at Boeing as a freighter, while the -BCF aircraft are former passenger planes that have been converted to freighter use by Boeing (Boeing Converted Freighter) or by Bedek (Bedek Special Freighter), which have the -BDSF tag-on.
  13. What aircraft(s) are you seeing this with? Do you have all of the failures turned off? Weather set to non-freezing conditions? Will the autopilot still control the plane?
  14. From what I've read the plane is just sitting there rotting away, so it wouldn't surprise me if they've been removed. Edit: 3-view:
  15. I started this flight, TXKF-KLGA, knowing full well what I might encounter when I was ready to land... let's just say it was quite a battle! The landing actually ended up better than I was expecting while on approach. Came close to running off the side of the runway but didn't. Enjoy!
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