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Gizmo 10.3.4

Ben Russell

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Gizmo 10.3.4 is now available for download and install.

Gizmo is a sim-level plugin. You should install the Gizmo.plugin folder into X-Plane/Resources/plugins/.

Move the entire Gizmo.plugin folder, please do not play with the contents.

For those who like to keep things simple we have prepared some software bundles.


Download: Gizmo-Win-10.3.4.zip

You will also need to download and install the OpenAL client libs if you haven't done so before.

Download: Creative Labs OpenAL Client libs: oalinst.zip


Download: Gizmo-Mac-10.3.4.dmg


Linux version pending final beta tests internally. It builds and it will ship.

For those who prefer doing it all by hand instructions and per-file downloads are available here.


Curious? Intrigued? Good. ;)

This is one reason you might want to have Gizmo installed.

There will be many more. ;)

Gizmo is a smart plugin and will only light-up for "Gizmo-enhanced" aircraft packages. You will start seeing these soon.

Without being an approved developer there is not much you can do with the Gizmo plugin.

You can read the Scripting API though, if you'd like.

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Please accept my apologies.

The version of Gizmo as shipped -does- cause issues. This has been acknowledge elsewhere, it's an OpenAL thing.

As author of Gizmo, my recommended course of action for now is to simple disable Gizmo by renaming or moving the Gizmo.plugin folder after your registration has been completed.

There will be a new verison of Gizmo shipped soon that has resolved the sound and performance issues.

It has been heavily debugged and tuned for use at Oshkosh and is currently getting hammered every day. Trial by the hottest of fires.

Sorry for the hassle. I hope to release some updates soon that will make up for any bad impressions Gizmo has made on people.

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